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My name is Mariana and as a member of YES Team I will be your host for this YES Blog. My journey of self development towards optimum health and anti aging, as well as inspiring others through my knowledge started in the year of 1996. I have spent decades on natural scientific research, study, testing, direct experience and experimentation of the multiple ways to bring this about. I have succeeded in conquering many unbalances in my own health first and transformed them into my lasting Victory. This has then opened the door to even Greater Knowledge and much Greater Scientific Possibilities, through my own health developments. Through these Tools of Wellness, I have learned how to heal myself first, and prove to myself first the Power of Nature's Science, which I call God's Gifts, and which are always revealed to those that choose to live in accord with Nature's Laws, regardless of human dogmas and any limited opinions. In this way, by applying these Tools, I have succeeded in things that most people would say would be impossible, yet with the correct knowledge, its application, and God's Grace all good things are always possible!  I have experienced a lot of life's challenges, which to me were only the opportunities to turn them into Victories of Light. I have seen and experienced many things that in this world would be called Miracles, which then have led me to my current Service to Life. have a background and hold many Diplomas and Certifications, as a Certified Cosmetologist, Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Reiki Master, Holistic Nutritionist, Master Herbalist, Master Plant Based Food Formulator, Voice Sound Healer, etc. Since the year of 2007 I have studied Science of Nature's Alchemy with one of the world's top scientists of all time, and which has also led me to incorporate certain selected information and knowledge from other respected Teachers. Through that Knowledge, I have earned my way to start Developing my own unique ARP Tech Products for Supreme Health and Anti Aging, here at Youth Eternal Supreme (YES).  
However, I do not identify myself with any worldly Titles, nor take any credits for my contributions to the scientific work at YES, since I know that all of my skills belong to the Source,and are God's own Gifts flowing through this outer self. To me, this is where all constructive ideas come from, anyway!  
I acknowledge that all Life is one, only individualized in many, and that we are not separate from our Creator, but a part of that Supreme Divine Perfection, and Its Presence in each one, which gives us life and beats our heart, can be reached and expressed through each individual more and more as one decides to embark on that path towards Divine Perfection. It is that Divine Presence and Kindness that each one needs to express more and more, in every aspect of ones being if we wish to return Heaven on Earth. It is That Presence of God which is my only scientific Guide in all of my creations and activities. That Presence makes no mistakes, only humans do, and the closer one is to that Supreme and Divine Intelligence, the better. I am Grateful for all of my life experiences, since they have all led me to this point of developing many amazing skills, even though most of them I no longer practice professionally at this point. My focus is now directed towards developing and sharing the most effective healing Developments and Information to help humanity be raised out of suffering, to cleanse, to purify and heal from within and so without. I am enthused about bringing forth only the purest and natural life style solutions to reverse dis-eases and deactivate aging, in a way that was always the original Divine Plan, and in a way that I have tested and proved on myself first, and my clients in order to create the most amazing health ever on all levels of ones being: Physical, Mental and Emotional. I am an advocate, inventor and an innovator for all good things needed to help us achieve an Inner Emotional Harmony and Peace, as a primal Foundation to ones own Divine Plan's Fulfillment.
Over 75% of dis-eases originate on the emotional and energetic level first, before they solidify or out picture to the physical state of matter, as a so called dis-ease. Once you rebalance the cause, the effect is gone. After all, we are so much more then these physical bodies, and we need to pay close attention to every aspect of our Being, all of our choices, as well as to look at life more from an energetic point of view, beyond our physical senses. Besides sharing Articles about healthy and harmonious life style to reverse aging and end dis-eases, my unique Recipes on Super Nutritious and Super Delicious Plant Based Delights, I will be sharing about the Ancient Wisdom of the use of the Universal Laws of Life in order to inspire you to live the life in a way that can enable you to-if you apply it- fulfill your Divine Plan in this embodiment without fail, help purify any negative energetic accumulation from your past lives embodiment (etheric records or karma), which is crucial in order to create more Harmony and Joy in your life.






You will find the plant based Recipes here that are made of only the purest and the most natural ingredients of the highest standards that are not only good for your body and your taste buds, but nourishing to your soul. All of these recipes are my own unique creations, created over many years of quest for the best health ever.

I would like to become good friends with you for many years to come and keep inspiring and supporting you into Divine Way of Life full of Happiness, Peace and Harmony here and now, if you choose to. I will share with you, the Knowledge that has been shared with me, and which has never failed to amaze me in its accuracy and Divine Power. It is so beyond what this world has offered so far only in fragments, as the spokes of the wheel, but not the whole wheel.... I was gifted this Knowledge on the inner before I found 1/4 of it on the outer in a written word and will share with you, where you too can find that in a written word for your own experimentation. 

I will teach you how to Bio Activate your foods, your water and how to bring in more healing Life/Light Force Energy into your dishes, and therefore your cells!

I will teach you about important ways of how to protect yourself from EMFs, ELFs, projected negative energy, and many things in this world that are actually masquerading as good, yet wolves in sheep's clothing, in the exact Way that the Beloved Host of Light has revealed this Knowledge to me. We will focus our attention on the most powerful solutions, only.

We will talk about life here in this world and how to return this world back into Heaven on Earth, starting from within ourselves first. 

You will learn how to make my Healthiest plant based Cheeses, Baked Goods, Healing Soups, Healing Drinks, Elixir Drinks, and just about any recipe in a vegan style, but with the utmost attention to only using the healthy ingredients that can contribute to raising your awareness, while avoiding the ones that are not suited for ones own inner Harmony. There are many "traps" in this world, and those "traps" are in the certain so called healthy ingredients, I will Teach you about what has been revealed to me.

This knowledge I will share originates in the Wisdom of the Great Host of Light, about Whom most of mankind are yet to learn about, yet are the Source of all Help and Divine Perfection that has been outpouring here to correct mankind's mistakes and suffering. This Knowledge has been shared with me and my YES Team throughout the course of many years and through my own experience via the application of these Divine Laws. According to Their Guidance we have performed much scientific testing of many man made substances, and even certain plants found in Nature that are not suited for neither short, nor long the term human consumption, yet sadly used so widely in this world, even in so many Vegan dishes, recipes and products, which are suppose to be a healthier choice. No wonder why so many people have all kinds of dis-eases.... I will explain and share that knowledge here.

This YES Blog is Protected by the Angelic Host of Light, who are more real then humans, since they are in Their Eternal Bodies, and Their Healing Love and Radiation will go forth to all that contact it! It has been created upon Their request, as well as at the repeated requests from our YES Team, many of our customers, friends and family, especially when the latter have loved our natural plant and whole food based healing dishes, got inspired by the knowledge we share, and used our life changing health products to better their own life experience. 

We have heard from many of our clients how they can feel the Radiation of Light and Love from our products, besides their effectiveness and how even just by coming to our YES Website, they feel uplifted. There is a definite and a tangible reason for this. When your attention connects with our offerings of Light, these Gems of Wellness that are overseen by the Great Host of Light, you do connect to that Divine Energy, with your own Life and will receive Their Divine Blessings. This is no figment of anyone's imagination, and it will act only for those that are open to its Cosmic Blessing and a Living Flame of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power. All Life is ONE, only individualized and They are here to Guide us all to return back into our Original Divine Selves, never to fall back into human discord again; and yes eating a plant based whole food diet, while avoiding certain plants is just one of the very simple and first baby steps towards ones own Victory. 

I am privileged to offer you the knowledge that was shared with me by the Great Host of Light, who are the True and only Masters of this world, and who can Help those that are aware of Them and who sincerely ask for Their Help, Guidance and Protection. 

Without These amazing Benefactors to humanity, no human being would even live passed 12 years of age, since They keep Radiating Their Love, Life and Light into this world, constantly dissolving and consuming mankind's energetic collective accumulation of discord (God's Pure Divine Energy wrongly qualified by human qualities), and which comes back to mankind in the form of wars, dis-eases and sufferings.

They are Teaching us that if mankind wants Peace in this world, the first step is to stop killing animals for food. Animals' suffering and fear does record itself energetically into animals' flesh when their lives are taken, and this fear is what people are taking into their own bodies, when they eat flesh based foods, thus unknowingly radiating that fear, anger, discord upon ones own cells, atmosphere, and collectively upon the atmosphere of the earth, which presses heavily upon Nature, too. This then accumulates and returns back to mankind in the form of wars, natural disasters, etc., They say.

This is why mankind needs to learn about how to free oneself from this accumulation individually and therefore as a collective whole. Mankind needs healing and purification the most, at this time; but mankind needs to be willing to change first, and the correct knowledge will be drawn to those that wish to free oneself from hypnotic inertia that mankind has drawn itself into, and all individualized past karmic accumulations from all the past embodiments. Everyone here in this world needs physical, emotional and mental purification and cleansing in order to become more like Them, Wholly Divine, or rather as we were originally designed to be, before the fall of mankind into degradation, by deliberate misuse of ones own fee will. The Divine Creator has never created His/Her children so that we would be limited in any way, but so many limited conditions, including aging is what humanity is now experiencing and has willingly accepted as inevitable, yet are completely unnatural, and were never a part of the Original Divine Plan of Life. In the beginning of our creation we were all using 100% of our brain potential, and by the misuse of our own free will, those Divine Gifts have lessened throughout the evolution of time. This law is called the Law of Action equals Reaction... But, we are not without Help, and Divine Love, Wisdom and Power is God's Love, Mercy and Forgiveness, loving us all back Home to our True and Divine Selves. One must return to Divine Life and Love, for the Love of Light alone. From limited human into unlimited Divine! This is possible and this is what is ahead for humanity. This is what many, many true Teachers, including Beloved Jesus have come to demonstrate and teach humanity about everyones individual potential to obtain Divine Consciousness to become a Divine Eternal Being Ascending into Ones own True Divine Self, and therefore escaping the wheel of birth and rebirth. In many centuries past, this knowledge was shared only in the Retreats, but now this knowledge is available to everyone who chooses to apply it. 

I do not channel any information. 1/4 of my Knowledge comes from my Teachers' written words and Their Original, unadulterated Teachings and Instruction available to all mankind (which I will direct you to as well, so you can start benefiting right away, if you choose), and the 3/4 comes to me directly from my own Source of Life, my Higher Self and my I AM Presence of God that beats my Heart, as well as the Great Host of Light, through the Direct Radiation. 

This is my Introduction Letter. There are no Blog Posts yet, since those are being prepared at the moment.

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Thank you for your patience as we build and expand this YES Blog into a Divine Perfection.

Are you ready?