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Ideal dosage for D3 to stay ahead of infections?

Ideal dosage for D3 to stay ahead of infections?

Here we cut to the chase on the ideal daily doses of D3/K2 needed to take for invincible immunity and avoidance of infections. 

Based upon this and many other published studies, research and analysis you can learn just how important is to keep the adequate levels of D3 and K2 in your system to prevent influenza and other viral infections. 

In this research the conclusions of D3 deficiencies states: "SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is becoming the second breakthrough in the history of vitamin D3 association with disease (after rickets), and we have to ensure that full advantage is being taken of its medical properties to keep people healthy. The most life-threatening events in the course of a SARS-CoV-2 infection are ARDS and cytokine release syndrome (CRS). It is well established that vitamin D3 is able to inhibit the underlying metabolic pathways [83,84] because a very specific interaction exists between the mechanism of SARS-CoV-2 infection and vitamin D3..." Read the entire Article here.

D3 and K2 need to be taken together in order to potentiate each one's efficacy, as in the absence of each the end result can not be optimal and do act as your immunity's own precursors to prevent various infections, including the SARS-CoV-2.

How much D3 do we personally take on regular basis: The adult's preventive dosage that we take is 30,000IU's (3 small scoops-provided) on a daily basis. If there's a need for addressing an infection one can take 50,000IU's or more for 3-7 days, or as long as it's needed. For every small scoop/provided of D3  we take 1 of the 1/8 teaspoon of K2 Spectrum as per the label. 

How did we chose those doses: After researching over 3,000 studies on D3, and K2 as well as our own personal and clinical experience, we have concluded that the governments' RDA numbers are not adequate and can be misleading, and leave it up to you to decide as to why? Perhaps you can understand why most people are not getting enough for their optimum immunity and health.

About the Quality of our D3 and K2: We not only have the best in the world form of D3, which is naturally ARP Tech bio activated for its maximum potency, but we have made it the most fairly priced for the amounts and efficacy you are receiving, as well as the Full Spectrum of K2 necessary for its maximum absorption and activity. Our D3 is plant based and made of Lichen (instead of the chemical methods of lanolin derived from sheep's wool) and produced through the highest purity standards from the beginning to the end of its processing; while our plant based K2 Spectrum is made of the non GMO chick peas, grown without the use of any synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. 

How do we take our D3 and K2? We take them always together and always every day. We either mix it with other of our developments in our morning drink for the synergistic effect or in our ideal breakfast, YES! Health SmoothieIt can be taken in smoothies, with food, and or any other of the healthy drinks, elixirs and supplements. 

Why should it be taken daily? Because your immune system needs it for its optimum performance in order to keep up with warding off the many pathogenic intruders and stressors of this world while keeping your body in optimum health avoiding infections, inflammation and many culprits of aging.



~ Dr. Light and YES Lab Team



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