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YES Vegan Creamery

 Welcome to our YES Vegan Creamery

This special and delicious Corner of our Website is dedicated to all of the wonderful and unique gifts from this amazing and treasured Tree which we wish to bring forth for your benefit and enjoyment.

Our inspiration and dedication for this Yummy Corner comes from our deep wish that has sprung up many years ago to bring forth the most Heavenly Tasty Coconut Cream and Coconut Products that are not available as such anywhere and that can be the most delicious alternative to dairy, as well as to add the whole new approach of enhancements to these products with the Life Force Energy through the Energetics of our natural ARP Technology.

These specially selected products support the Organic Agriculture and the Fair Trade across the Asian Countries of the small farmers that we have partnered up with in order to bring the freshest quality and the purest products we were craving for ourselves, and then to all.

Since our Organic Research Farm and our YES Team has embraced a whole food plant based life style since 2011, and have been vegetarian since 1996, we have gave up owning our own milking cows and the entire infrastructure that took us many years to build after so many Live Cell Analysis in our Yes Lab, as well as our own personal experience has proven that dairy even when 100% Organic and Raw, even when cow's milk was a certain "correct type" and in its purest standards did not serve our health in the optimum way and the full potential that we were after. 

Besides our YES Team's passion for developing many new and innovative health developments to serve humanity through our unique ARP Tech, we are all avid chefs and love creating the most delicious and nutritious foods ever! Our unique recipes are always a part of our Health Protocols we have developed for rebalancing and optimum health; and after so many years of enjoying the best dairy home grown, home prepared yoghurts, kefir, cheese, whipped creams, milks, butter, etc. we needed to find the most nutritious and delicious dairy alternatives. So we set out to find the best tasting Coconut Cream, and had no idea, how hard it was to find the neutral tasting, Xantham Gum, Guar Gums, etc. (gut irritating) additive Free Organic Cream that can not only fill in the void and be amazingly nutritious, but full of Life Force Energy, too, which we were used to with our Organic Raw dairy products.

If you can't find it, then create it.

So we did. We searched to find and Universe has answered our Calls. We have co created partnership with several Organic Coconut Farms that utilize an innovative technology that can keep the freshness and the taste of a Coconut Cream in its best neutral and sweet taste, without the use of any additives, and then after that we can use our proprietary energetic system of the ARP Tech to bring more Life Force into this Cream! The result is a Heavenly Coconut Cream, and we can not wait to share it with you.

It is so delicious and nothing on the market compares. Now we can all make the healthiest, most delicious, nutritious non dairy ice cream, whip cream, kefir, milk, yoghurt, butter, cheese cream, milk shakes, chocolate ganaches, chocolate truffles, creamed soups, creamed sauces, etc. without the nuisance of any additives, plus energetically charged, bursting with Life Force! Yumm! Possibilities are endless and we can't wait to share many "out of this world" recipes with you!

Important check marks


When it comes to our expectation, we proudly admit striving towards Perfection. Not only that the product must be 100% Organic and Fair Trade. The Process of harvest and the entire experience needs to be honorable and harmonious to Nature as well. But we do not stop there. We are inventors, innovators and expect more ever expanding perfection out of Life, as a part of the one Grand Divine Plan of Harmony. So naturally, as our ARP Tech can energetically charge all substance, from water to all solid substance into more harmonious and more life force expression in order to radiate that to the end consumer, of course we had to charge it with our ARP Tech.

So there we have it, the most amazing Coconut Cream filled with Life Force Energy, the best tasting neutral taste to make myriad of recipes, and Free of any additives! 

Let's bake some Healthy, Refined Sugar Free, Sprouted Flour, Plant Based Cup Cakes and top it off with our Heavenly Coconut Cream or what ever else you like!