YES Presents simple and effective Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology Solutions for Health

Return Policy

ARP Tech Electronic Products:

In order to return any of our electronic units you will need to first contact our Customer Service either at (541) 359-3227 or via email: and request an approval for return.

H2 Water Generators ("Health Fountain" and "Fountain of Health"): If any of these two electronic products are returned in the period of within 14 days from the date of purchase and the product is in its new and 100% operating state with all the items in their perfect and original packaging then we will issue a refund minus the original price of shipping and a 25% restocking fee. Shipping charges are customer's responsibility. 

If the merchandise is damaged in any way, shape or form during or before the travel back to us, including the packaging or if the return package has been lost during a travel we reserve the right to not issue a refund. The shipping fees back to our facility are customer's responsibility as are all the additional custom's fees (applicable only in international orders).  

Please note that all of the products go through a double quality check before shipping, meaning that they are checked for their performance before shipped.

Order Cancelations before the order ships and if approved will be charged 15% restocking fee from the Total Purchase Price. 


H2 Breathing Machine" Breath Of Health": There is a 35% Restocking Fee for this item, provided that the machine is approved for a return, according to the requirements described above. 

ARP Tech YES Lab Custom Products (ARP Tech Cells, Custom Special Order Items and Liquids, etc.) HealthWear, HealMat, Topical Skin Care and Oral Products:

Due to the subatomic DNA imprinting and a custom nature of these products, which many are made per order and work on the individual's energetic record bases, we are unable to allow the returns of these particular items, simply because we would have to discard them all and can not resell once the Etheric Copy has occurred. This includes any and all YES Lab products that are also a part of the electronics mentioned above and whose cost will be deducted from the electronic unit in question.

ARP Tech H2 C60 Oil: 

In order to return this product you will need to first contact our Customer Service at (541)359-3227 or via email: to receive an approval and return instructions, first. The original seal and the product must be intact and it must be sent for return within 5 days maximum of the date of the delivery. There is a 15% of Restocking Fee on this item, provided that it is in its original and new state; and the shipping fee is customer's sole responsibility and cost. We reserve the right to not issue a refund if the above is not followed. 

ARP Tech Custom Herbals, Superfoods, Enzymes, Probiotics and Mineral Formulas: 

In order to return any of these products you need to first contact our customer service at (541)359-3227 or via email: for an approval and return shipping instructions. If the product has not been opened and has its original seal it can be returned in the period of maximum of 5 days from the time you receive it. There is a 15% Restocking Fee and the shipping fees are customer's sole responsibility. 

International Order Returns:

Please understand that any and all additional Custom Fees are not in our direct control. These Fees will be subtracted from the Total Cost (minus the Shipping Charges) prior to the Restocking Fee for any of the above applicable for return items. If the Custom's Fees sum of the returned package/s exceeds the cost of the package/s, our company is not responsible for those fees and we will not accept the package and the refund will not be possible.

Tracking Number for all returns:

Customer must email the Return Package Tracking Number to: Failure to do so will only delay the reimbursement to the customer, provided it is even applicable as per above statements.

Lost Return Packages:

YES is not responsible for any and all lost return shipments and any and all shipments held in customs causing delays and or any additional fees. Such items may not be eligible for reimbursement if the Custom Fees accede the total Reimbursement Amount minus the Restocking Fees.   

Thank you for your understanding as our goal is to cooperate in a just and honorable way, 

YES Health Team