YES Presents simple and effective Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology Solutions for Health

About us

YES Health Team is comprised upon the partnership basis by the dedicated team of innovative manufacturers, holistic health professionals, entrepreneurs with heart consciousness; as well as quantum scientists and health researchers. 

All of our products, services and resources are Sacraments to God's Eternal and Supreme Light in the name of the Ascended Jesus Christ and all the Cosmic Christ Light Beings and Limitless Legions of Light.

Our Service to life through our developments and information is geared towards advancing humanity beyond human discord/suffering on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, into more and more Harmony of Health, Youth, inner and outer Peace, which we believe we were all originally designed to experience by our loving Creator God when we live in accord with the Divine Principles of the Universal Divine Laws of Life. 
Through our Services, our commitment is and always will be to bring forth the purest, most effective, practical and natural everyday solutions to Health, Youth, and Vital Longevity, as well as for the expansion of consciousness for all mankind. 

We view life from the perspective of Energy, Frequency and Vibration, and we Bless and Call forth Freedom for all life upon the earth into ones True and Divine Self, that "I AM" Presence which beats each one's heart, into Life that is Divine Love and Perfection, beyond all human limitations. 

May all Life be Free in the Victory of Light for all!  

Through the natural and wise health developments, we are committed to offering the most scientifically advanced, purest and most effective wellness tools which we term Sacraments, and which are ahead of their time, through the ARP Tech specifically designed for the optimum reestablishment and sustenance of supreme health on all levels of one's being, as well as the expansion of one's own higher awareness.

We believe that health, vitality and longevity is and always was our God's Birthright and a natural state of being, before the humanity has deviated from the Divine Laws of Life and the Original Divine Plan, by the misuse of one's free will; and that all discord on any level (physical, mental emotional, and negative etheric records) is the main cause of many diseases and limitations in this embodiment.

We focus on addressing every aspect of one's being for the optimum results, besides the physicality, mental, emotional and spiritual, we address the negative etheric records, which must be purified daily if one is to obtain and fulfil ones Divine Plan of Life in this embodiment without fail.

May all become Heaven on Earth, from within and so without!


Thank you kindly for the opportunity to Serve you.

God Bless you,

YES Health Team