YES Presents simple and effective Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology Solutions for Health


*Disclaimer: In order to protect our sacred service to mankind from those forces we wish not to describe here we need to issue this following Statement:
*This product, statements and all the products and info on our Website have not been evaluated by the FDA. None are meant to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease, nor to act as a medical advise in any form or fashion.
All products, product's information and information on our website are meant for Research, Experimental and Educational use only, and are not meant to be a replacement for any medical treatment or advise.
It is our own inner and personal religious belief that it is not the product that does the healing anyway, but the Power of God's Grace and Perfection through your own body's God Created Higher Intelligence (which beats your heart) that does all the healing and adjusting of your body, mind, emotions, being and world once you give it what it needs and omit what it doesn't and then continue to live in accord with the Divine Laws of Life's Perfection and Harmony.
All of our products, information and protocols are a part of our own religious practice, our Registered Religious Foundation and Protected by the Freedom of Religion Act's use and by purchasing any of our products and or using any of the info we offer you are agreeing to do not take it as a health advise, remedy or health suggestion, but to take solely your own responsibility of their use.
We believe in and know the worth of our products and information offerings and use them to benefit every day; and are very enthused about their health potential, but that is not to say that they will work for you and your own unique situation, and therefore we can not and do not make any guarantees.
Our Company is not responsible in how anyone uses any of our products and or any of our educational information on our website. 

Our customers are encouraged to do their own health research, make their own health decisions on what they should or should not do, and how they should or should not go about it and therefore claim their own authority over their own lives and health, which is a Gift from Creator God to each and every one. 

The health benefits listed for any of our products are not the health claims, but are either based upon our own personal experience, research and testing, or upon other credible peer reviewed medical research and clinical trials already existing for the particular substance, element, molecule, compound, etc., and or the reports and feed back of our customers (anecdotal reports that we do respect, honor and value), depending upon an individual product.

The results will always vary, due to so many variables and uniqueness of each and every individual in your genetic make up, age, lifestyle and dietary choices, your own daily emotional state of being, and daily choices of thoughts, etc., etc.

In order to protect our work we can not make any health claims or give any guarantees, nor give any health advise. 

With this above being said, we are Humbled and Honored to see so many lives changed for the better as a result of our work and offerings.

We would never offer anything less then what we ourselves use and religiously believe in and practice every day. 

May this world be filled only with the True Knowledge on Health, and may that Divine Knowledge be known and utilized by all!

God Bless you!