YES Presents simple and effective Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology Solutions for Health

The Natural Power of ARP Tech grown Figs!

Welcome to YES!

The official home of naturally effective scientific developments through the Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology (ARP Tech) specifically designed and developed by our YES Lab Team for better health, vital longevity and reversing of aging. 

Here you can find unique, innovative, easy to use, yet surprisingly and positively life changing health tools or products that everyone can utilize daily in a simple way and benefit profoundly regardless of one's age, and or life circumstance.

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    What can these tools do for us?

    We recommend using as many of our products as possible. All are designed with an unique purpose and compliment one another. 

    • Protect and detox your body from the negative EMFs, ELFs, negative radiation, synthetic pesticides/herbicides/fungicides, and other toxic chemicals.*
    • Balance and rejuvenate all organs and the systems of the body.*
    • Harmonize the emotional and mental state of being.*
    • Help the bodily cells repair and self heal.*
    • Rebalance the necessary precursors of the body terrain to one's well being.*
    • Revitalize all bodily systems through cellular efficacy.* 
    • Properly hydrate and purify on the cellular levels.*
    • Support the immune system in recognizing and eradicating the pathogenic intruders.* 
    • Nourish the body with proper effective and bio active nutrition.*
    • Establish a deeper connection to one's higher consciousness and inner intuition.*
    • and so much more...
    Through the innovative and good science approach of ARP Tech, and the Boundless Gifts of Nature's Wisdom, YES Lab's Health and Longevity Tools are brilliantly and uniquely designed to be used as a simple, yet very effective, practical daily Health Protocol for your active lifestyle, wherever you happen to be in your life journey and whether you are working to maintain, expand or establish an ideal health, youth, beauty, vital longevity and an overall wellness.*  
    Each one of our health products plays an important part in your daily Wellness Protocol and needs to be a part of every individual's health lifestyle while rejuvenating, energizing, reorganizing and protecting your well being on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.* 
    Each one compliments the other's efficacy. 
    To know this, is to experience this!


     Photo: Our Founder Dr. Mariana of YES Lab.

    This is what our ARP Tech does to plants. We have experimented by simply wrapping our technology around a Fig tree in spring season and its Energy Field has enhanced the yield and produced us the fruit that is four times larger than their normal size.

    We invite you to benefit from these Gems of Wellness.
    We certainly would not be a day without them!
    Thank you kindly and God Bless you, 
    YES Lab Health Team
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