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H2 Organic Sulfur/MSM (Bio Activated, Hydrogen Ion Reinforced) 1lb (454 grams) 16 oz

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The only Organic Sulfur/MSM in the world that has not only been obtained through the Patented Distillation Process from the purest sources of Tree Lignan from the Maritime Northwest Pine Trees, but also naturally Bio Activated trough the ARP Tech and reinforced with Hydrogen Ion. This proprietary and natural process makes our Organic Sulfur MSM carry an extra Life Force charge that won't cause any electrical imbalance within the system, but on the contrary it reinforces its effectiveness by over 50%. This makes our already purest Organic Sulfur/MSM the most beneficial compound formula on the cellular level that you will ever be able to find anywhere, period. We will be posting the visual proof here soon of the Energetic Charge that our Product has that no other product can demonstrate.

  • Reduce Inflammation and Pain*
  • Skin, Hair and Nail Health*
  • Increase and Optimize Collagen Production*
  • Cell Regeneration*
  • Rebuild Collagen*
  • Muscle and Bone Health*
  • Immunity Support*
  • Digestion Support*
  • Blood and Brain Detox* 
  • Joint Health and Flexibility*
  • Allergy Support*
  • Liver Support*
  • Nerve Repair*
  • Better Athletic Performance*
  • Increased Energy* 

Suggested Use: 1 teaspoon-1 Tablespoon in a 8 oz water (preferably H2 Water from our Fountain of Health or our Health Fountain) morning and evening, since its effects wear off after approx.12 hours. Therapeutic dosage: 1.5 grams (1/4 teaspoon) per every 10 lb of body weight, morning and evening. Best used daily in our YES Healing Drink with our other supporting and bio active essential liquid minerals, trace minerals, micro nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids (soon to be finally available to all of our online customers). 


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