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How to heal loss of smell and taste naturally? (Dr. Mariana Light's Protocol)

How to heal loss of smell and taste naturally? (Dr. Mariana Light's Protocol)

I got so many emails asking me how to correct this issue since so many people still need help with this whether during or post COVID infection.

The loss of smell and taste is due to the damage of the nerve receptors, which also indicates that one's nervous system needs to be addressed and supported as well.

My Nervous System Formula rejuvenates and nourishes the nervous system, very effectively and it was designed to regenerate and restore, as well as to maintain its optimum function. It helps with many nervous system disorders.
The therapeutic doses of B vitamins are necessary, but they need to be a natural source, not synthetic. 
The best natural source is found in our plant source Ashitaba Powder  and our Bee Pollen and they need to be combined together. 
Our Ashitaba Powder is produced via a unique patented method that preserves the enzymes and nutrients and prevents oxidation. 
Our Bee Pollen is the only one that OSU tests free of pesticide residues in random testing, and it is free of heavy metal pollution.
Although Ashitaba Powder is rich in B12, besides other B vitamins, you would need to supplement additionally in order for your nervous system to repair properly.
In cases where one has been exposed to more environmental stress (various pathogens, environmental toxins, emotional and mental stress, etc.) and has various nutritional deficiencies, additional B12 is always a great buffer for the nervous system's health and protection, besides its nutritive everyday value.
Additionally, extra Magnesium is needed to facilitate the repair of the nerve receptors and works in synergy with the above.
Our Magnesium Orotate+ is truly the most absorbable and bio effective form, unlike many that have limited absorption capacity. It's reinforced with trace minerals for better efficacy and it is bio activated via ARP Tech in order to increase the bio photon action.
Please note: the dosages listed below are general. Some may require longer and some shorter duration to heal. 
3 caps 3 times per day (Morning, Afternoon, Evening) with 6-8 oz of water.
Take at least 30 minutes before meals, or 1 hour after.
Do this for at least 2 months, even when the senses come back fully and then lower on maintenance 2 caps, 2 times per day for another month.
If you have chronic weakness in nervous system and wish to support your nervous system daily 3 caps a day are great as an herbal ally. 
Do the Therapeutic Dosage: 1/2 teaspoon 2-3 times per day for at least 3-4 weeks, until the nerves repair fully and the senses are recovered. 
Then lower to Maintenance dosage 1/2 tsp a day as a daily nourishment necessary for everyday health.
Best taken with food. Can be put into smoothies, soups, juice, or simply in water.
Do 1-2 Tablespoon a day for at least 3 weeks, and then can lower to 1 Tablespoon a day as a daily requirement for healthy nutrition.
Best taken with food. 
Can be put into smoothies, soups, juice, or simply in water.
1 lozenge per day, sublingually.
1 teaspoon 3 times per day with food or in water, or smoothies or in juice for at least 12 weeks in order to regenerate, and then can lower to 1 teaspoon 1-2 times per day.
Be invincible and unconquerable in your health,
Dr. Mariana Light



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