YES Presents simple and effective Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology Solutions for Health

Shipping Policy

We ship worldwide!

Please make sure that you provide us a correct Shipping Address for all deliveries and that your delivery information is up to date and complete. We rely on the information that you provide and will not be responsible for incorrect address. In case of the incorrect address the additional re shipping cost will apply. 

Timing (Domestic and International)

Depending upon the contents of your order, and the custom nature of our work, please understand that it may take up to 2-3 business days to prepare your order for an in stock items. We try our best to ship most of our packages as soon as possible as the very next business day, but it normally takes two to three days to prepare your order for shipping, whether domestic or international.  

For Domestic Shipments within USA, it normally takes anywhere from 3-5 business days for the package to reach you, depending upon your location, which may vary around Holidays or unusual weather conditions.

For International Shipments outside of USA, it may normally take 10-14 business days, but since this is not in our direct control we can not guarantee this delivery time, due to many circumstances that are out of our direct control. Additionally there may be custom's circumstances that can influence the timing of the delivery, and YES can not be responsible for any of these circumstances. 

When it comes to Expedited International Shipments, again we can not guarantee any time frame delivery due to many circumstances that are never in our direct control. 

Please note: Business days do not include Saturday and Sunday.
Once the order is prepared then we issue a Shipping Slip that day and our website sends the automatic notice with the Tracking Number, which you need to look for in your Inbox. If you do not receive this Shipping Notice, you need to check your Spam Folder and mark our email as Not Spam, so that it does not go into your Spam Folder automatically, just in case.
Sometimes it may take 24 hours to reflect that the order has been scanned and entered into the system by the shipping provider. 

The Breath of Health-Molecular Hydrogen Breathing unit, usually takes 10-14 business days to reach you anywhere in the world, however in certain circumstances it may take up to three weeks. Please inquire if on a time schedule.  

Please understand that all the orders are made and fulfilled in the order they are received, however if you need the shipment to be rushed contact us at: to discuss the possibilities, before you commit to your purchase. 

If you have already placed an order and need to change the shipping into an Express Shipment, you are welcome to inquire with us at:  and see if it's possible for the shipment to reach you in your desired timing.

Additional Expedited Shipping Charge will apply and the additional $20 Rush Order Processing Fee, in order to place your order first in line. 

Please provide your order number, full name, and state your exact needs.

We will do our best to assist you.

It usually takes 3-5 business days to receive your order within the USA and 10-14 days on most of the International orders provided that all goes well and that your package is not held in Customs for any reason, which is not in our direct control, and YES will not be responsible for. 

International Shipping Pricing and Customs

We utilize the Fixed International Shipping and Handling Rates for all countries. However, there are several countries that do not always end up within our Fixed Shipping Rates. Therefore, all the orders placed from the following countries below will be a subject to an additional shipping cost if applicable.

This means that if you have placed an order from the following countries below, you will receive an additional Shipping Charge, via Direct Email Invoice that will reflect the additional charge. As of now this applies to: Africa, Lithuania, Qatar and Mexico (we can not ship any liquids to Mexico, sorry). If purchasing from any of these four countries, you are welcome to inquire about the current shipping cost prior to placing your order at:, but if you have already placed an order we will contact you for the Additional Shipping Charges. 

Some countries require that you pick up your package at your local post office, and there could be an additional Custom Charge that would apply before you pick up your package. Please understand that YES Company is not in control of this outcome, and can not request the delivery to your home directly if your Local Postal Service Provider requires you to pick up the package.

YES Company is not responsible for any delays, lost packages, damaged packages and any possible additional Custom Costs and Fees. We are not responsible for Custom Inspected packages that may have been opened or damaged in any way or form, since this is not in our direct control. Please understand that this is beyond our reach and therefore we are unable to refund or replace such packages. 

Please understand that these above circumstances and rules of Customs are not in our direct control, and although we will do our best to help you in every way needed, we will not endure any financial cost responsibilities for the circumstances that are out of our direct control. Our items are made with time and finance investment that are of a custom nature, and therefore we will not be incurring any additional costs, due to any of the above, and not limited to the above circumstances.  

Tracking your Package

YES Company provides Tracking Info email with every package that we send. Please refer to that email for Tracking of your Package. The Tracking # is found under the map and by clicking on the actual Tracking Number you will receive the current updates.

YES Company is not responsible for any lost, stollen, damaged, misplaced or abandoned packages and this is a sole responsibility of the customer. 


Thank you kindly for your support as we heal this world together one package at the time, and may God Bless your package of wellness on its way to you!