YES Presents simple and effective Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology Solutions for Health

YES Lab Carbon 60 Fullerene (99.99+% Carbon Isolate) ARP Tech Bio Activated and 100% Solvent Free

Isolation % numbers and 100% Solvent Free Purity matters the most.

There is a big difference between the lower isolation percentages of 99.50%, 99.80%, 99.90%, 99.9+%, 99.95% versus YES Lab's highest isolation of C60 of  99.99+%!

  • We are manufacturing one of the purest forms of Solvent Free C60 products in 99.99+% Isolation form and permanently bonded with H2 in all of our C60 Fullerene Oil based products.
  • YES Lab is the only manufacturer that offers the ARP Tech Bio Activated C60 Patented Water Solution in concentrated form, under our new brand name, Champion C60!