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Health Fountain™ Portable Hydrogen H2 Water Generator with ARP Tech, SPE/PEM Tech

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Generate up to 3200 ppb of Therapeutic H2 Hydrogen in just 9 minutes, or up to 2400 ppb in 3 minutes with our Health Fountain's Cup and enjoy the best health ever!*

  • Upgraded system with micro H2 bubble.
  • ARP Tech bio activation for higher efficacy.
  • No waste water chamber, due to upgraded technology.
  • No ozone, no chlorine production.
  • Latest SPE/PEM membrane technology. 
  • Portable. Rechargeable. 
  • Comes with its own BPA/BPS free 10 oz capacity cup.
  • Can be used for higher oz capacity (store bought water bottles with wider neck, like Evian, etc.)

Health Fountain is the only Portable H2 Water Generator in the world that has been enhanced via ARP Tech in order to Bio Activate the H2 water and make it more effective. 

H2 Water is the most Therapeutic water and at YES Lab we solely drink this water charged with our ARP Tech for better efficacy. The ARP Tech enlivens the water and restructures it into a Living Life Force. No other H2 device in the world has this feature and therefore can't compare with its benefits. 

Even the H2 water if it sits in any device for a certain period starts to become lifeless, but not so with our devices that have the ARP Tech cells installed within, which contain the superconductive substances that harmoniously charge the H2 water with Life Force Energy. 

All H2 water crosses the BBB and already posses the anti radiation qualities, however, through the ARP Tech's Bio Activation it has demonstrated a much stronger efficacy due to the reinforced action of its Life Force Energy. 

Enjoy the Elevated Energy, Better Mood and Enhanced Vitality with Health Fountain's use daily!

Drinking the H2 Water solely, instead of any other water may assist with the following:

  • Helps support better rejuvenation and improve all eleven bodily systems, including the emotional health.*
  • Selectively remove the harmful disease-causing free radicals.*
  • Neutralize nuclear radiation within the cells via Resonant Plasma Fields.*
  • Provide the body with more energy (according to many published medical studies H2 fuels the ATP engine that powers every cell in the body, Resonant Plasma Energy may increase the Life Force Energy within the cells).*
  • Help maintain the homeostatic levels of body’s own antioxidants.*
  • Improve cellular function and health of every single organ.*
  • Assist in the removal of heavy metals and synthetic chemical toxins from the blood, lungs and brain structure.*
  • Help the body cope with the hormone disrupting xenoestrogens.* 
  • Help in balancing the overall metabolism.*
  • Assist in burning excess fat.*
  • Support the protection and rejuvenation of the DNA for its cell signaling, cell metabolism and gene expression.*
  • Anti-inflammatory/anti-pain (silent killer that causes many chronic dis-eases).*
  • Modulates Th1 and Th2 cytokines to reduce inflammation/pain.*
  • Detoxifying to the cells by converting the harmful hydroxyl radicals in the body into water.* 
  • Increase the blood circulation.*
  • Enhance the nutrient absorption and digestion.*
  • Improve the muscle and joint function.*
  • Reduce and help avoid the constipation.*
  • Aid in lowering of the bad cholesterol.*
  • Improve the hormonal function.*
  • Aid in a workout and injury recovery.*
  • Lubricate the joints and muscles.*
  • Improve the skin’s health and hydration.* 
  • Hydrate all the bodily cells.*
  • Crosses the blood brain barrier with its Antioxidant Action.* 
  • Helps lessen the headaches and chronic migraines.* 
  • Improve and help support the healthy memory, concentration and alertness.*
  • Used for cancer adjacent treatment erasing the harmful radiation side effects.*
  • Helps slow down the aging process.*
  • Act as an anti-obesity and anti-diabetes support.*
  • Boost, protect and regulate the immune system.*
  • Balance and improve the endocrine system, including the Thyroid Gland function.*
  • Enhance the athletic performance by reducing the lactic acid and increasing the Energy.*
  • Help support the rebalancing of blood sugar.*
  • Help support the balanced blood pressure.*
  • Support the healthy cholesterol level.*
  • Reduce the lymphocyte proliferation and over excretion of antibodies in the autoimmune conditions.*
  • Support and strengthen the nervous system.* 
  • Calming and peace promoting to the emotional state of being.*
  • Calming to the Nervous System.*
  • Healing and Purifying Effects upon the brain structure, especially for the cleansing of the pineal gland and decalcification.*
  • Helps to support the eradication of the addictions for drugs and alcohol by rapidly detoxing the addictive compounds from the cells.*
  • Faster Wound Healing.*
  • Helps to greatly Increase the Longevity.*
  • Powerful Skin Cleanser for the healthy and clear complexion.*
  • Important Solution for the Cardiovascular System, especially for those that are office bound and may not get enough physical activity or exercise.*

We invite you to start benefiting right away from our Health Fountain™ Portable Hydrogen H2 Therapeutic Level Water Generator, which can be used individually or for the whole family! Our units operate on the rechargeable battery (use port) and the charging system is compatible everywhere in the world.

Enhanced Therapeutic Levels of the Hydrogen H2 Water achieved through the unique and one of a kind system in two choices: 3 min or 5 min!

Our Health Fountain includes the BPA/BPS Free Cup with 10 oz water capacity which can be removed to fit up to 50 oz store bought bottle of your choice and still achieve the highest Therapeutic Hydrogen H2 Concentration Levels enhanced via the ARP Tech's Cell within the unit for the most beneficial effects possible! No other unit on the market has this capacity!

Just charge it like a cell phone either from your computer, iPad or a wall plugin and take it with you every day to generate the most Therapeutic Hydrogen Water in the world! Under the regular us the battery charge can last you the entire day. 

Our units allow you to use any Purified Water of your choice: RO Purified Water, Distilled Water, Pure Spring Water, etc. Not only do they not produce any chlorine, metal oxides, or ozone, but they will stand the test of time and will not release foreign materials into the water, like our competitors and plus you will be drinking the ARP Tech Enhanced Hydrogen H2 Therapeutic Water that no other unit can ever deliver.

Generate up to 3200 ppb concentration of the best quality, the most purest, the most revitalizing and the most rejuvenating Therapeutic Levels of the Hydrogen H2 in your water in only 9 minutes! Or use its 3 minute cycle when you need it faster. 

Note: The Levels of the Therapeutic Hydrogen will vary depending upon the quality of your water. The more minerals in your water, the higher the Therapeutic Levels of Hydrogen.

ARP Tech's Therapeutic Hydrogen H2 Water protects, rejuvenates and improves all eleven bodily systems, including the emotional health! No other Hydrogen Water Generator will deliver this latter feature of the emotional health, from where over 75% of dis-eases originate, before they "solidify" into the physical symptoms. This is achieved via the specific qualities of the super conductive substance within the unit that qualifies your Hydrogen Water into certain vibratory action that promotes more harmony within ones feelings.

At this point there are over 800 peer reviewed medical studies that demonstrate the Therapeutic Benefits of the Hydrogen Infused Water in over 180 human diseases, while helping revitalize, rejuvenate and benefit virtually every single cell, organ and systems of organs and all important and crucial bodily functions. It crosses the blood brain barrier and it neutralizes the harmful hydroxyl radicals (free radicals caused by the synthetic chemicals and toxins, nuclear radiation, harmful EMFs, ELFs radiation, pesticides, GMO's, smoking, etc.) via its self selective Antioxidant Action, neutralizing them into H2O and quickly rendering them harmless for the body. The most practical way to utilize the Hydrogen Therapy Daily is to infuse the Hydrogen H2 Medical Gas into all of your drinking water via either one of our drinking water Fountains, and or to keep breathing it in like in our Breath of Health Hydrogen Therapy Line in order to rejuvenate and purify your entire body, your brain structure (lift the "brain fog") and helps support even in mental functions of the body; and the most importantly the emotional health.* 


You can find the most updated scientific medical studies by clicking HERE at the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation Website.


"Over 800 peer-reviewed articles demonstrate hydrogen to have therapeutic potential in essentially every organ of the human body and in 180 different human disease models."  Molecular Hydrogen Foundation.


Experience the Therapeutic Hydrogen H2 health effects in its most enhanced way like it has never been done before via ARP Tech.

Health Fountain™ 


ARP Technology with the original,patented electrolysis cell, and the SPE/PEM Tech.

ARP Tech Enhanced Therapeutic H2 Levels with Plasma of 24K Gold installed via ARP Tech Cell within the unit.

3-9 minute Generating Cycle for the Cup Size, and 9 minute for the Larger Water Bottles, while achieving the Highest Therapeutic Hydrogen Levels.
Solid Titanium Plates for the Electrolysis. 
Free of NaOH and KOH. 

not all 

Reach up to 3200 ppb in Hydrogen Concentration 

Extremely Portable charge like a cell phone.

not all 

Free of Ozone. 

not all 

Free of Chlorine.

not all 

Fits up to 50 oz store bought water Bottle (not included) and still achieves Therapeutic Hydrogen levels, after only 5 Minutes of Generating Cycle. 

Safe and non toxic for all ages, and will stand the test of time.

not all 

pH balanced water.

not all 

BPA/BPS FREE Cup (13 oz capacity).
ORP of up to -600mV in enhanced ARP Tech action.



Dimensions with the base and the water cup: Height 9'' x 2.5'' Diameter.

Weight with the Cup and Cap on: 12 oz (0.75 lb).

Color: Silver.

Voltage: Can operate 110V and 220V (needs small plug adapter for the wall socket-easily obtained).

Technology: SPE/PEM, Patented Electrolysis Cell, ARP Tech Cell installed for H2 Bio Activation. 

H2 Generation Cycles: 3-9 min (10 oz Cup included) or 9 min cycle (for larger store bought bottle up to 50 oz).

BPA/BPS Free Cup: Included.

Therapeutic Bio Activated Hydrogen H2 Levels: Up to 3200 ppb depending upon water's mineral content.

Water line piping hook up: Not needed this is a Portable Unit. Treat it like a cell phone. Charge the batteries, unplug and take with you.

Cleaning: Once a month recommended, easily done. 

Warranty: Six months from the time of purchase. 

If Testing H2 Levels: Please use only the Trustlex Meter to test the H2 Levels produced via ARP/SPE Tech of our units or the Methylene Blue Drops.

Take it with you on the go and never be without it!   

No Healthy Day is ever complete without your Health Fountain!
Pair it with any one of our Bottle of Health choices and charge your Therapeutic Hydrogen Water with even further Bio Activation and even more Life Force Energy!
Store your Hydrogen Therapeutic H2 Water in Bottle of Health and experience even greater amplifications for your health!

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