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Bottle of Health™

Bottle of Health™ is truly a unique development through the Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology. The only vessel in the world that will physically and notably restructure and enliven your water into a much smaller subatomic clusters which can fully penetrate and truly hydrate your cells, while energizing them with the vibratory action of its components of Natural Quartz Crystals and the Healing Plasma Fields of 24K Gold, which has the highest vibratory action for healing, period.

It is a water apparatus which is capable of harmoniously restructuring the water molecule clusters to the finest degree of subatomic state and charging it with the concentrated fields of the Resonant Plasma Life Force Energy which in turn enables the water to be easily and quickly absorbed by all the bodily cells, hence their efficient metabolic function, hydration and regeneration.

The water charging is done through the outer wall surrounding the tempered glass drinking chamber, which can be used for hot, and or cold beverages. The Technology components include: proprietary proportions of subatomic 24K Gold (not monoatomic, not ORMUS-we get this question a lot), so the actual 24K Gold is transmuted into its subatomic state, etc. and the essence of over 360 ingredients consisting of Natural and Pure subatomic particles of Minerals, Nature's Medicinal Herbs and Flowers in their subtle ratios and primal subatomic state, specially selected Harmonious for Health Hz Frequencies (permanently infused through the proprietary method), and the specially prepared Natural Quartz Crystals in either Amethyst or Clear.

In the subatomic state, the vibratory energetic action is such that your own body's self healing and self selective intelligence will match the energetic imprint it needs from any and all of the ingredients, whether in their concentrated or essence form. The outer chamber of the Bottle, which houses the Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology  is made of BPA/BPS free plastic, and insulates the inner glass (lead free) drinking chamber. The silicone pressure relief valve on the inside serves for hot drinks and it is a food grade quality. 

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How does this Technology work through the Bottle of Health™?

The water on the inner drinking chamber is Harmoniously influenced by the strong Resonant Plasma Energetic Fields without the direct contact, whose powerful action causes the water molecules to vibrate. These vibrations will produce harmonious waves and cause the water molecules to start restructuring, expanding and culminating the Plasmatic Fields of Life Force, while transferring its vibratory imprint and the synergistic effect of the sum essence of all the Technology components into the water, within the drinking chamber, thus reorganizing, restructuring and harmonizing the water, or any liquid within it making it become much more Alive, changing its surface tension into a more balanced and much more bio available liquid which enters the cells much more freely and provides not only the maximum hydration, or bio activity of the particular liquid being charged, but also bringing in the purifying and regenerative properties of its subatomic constituents. This is how any water, or liquid including the best spring water on the planet can be enhanced into a much more of a Life Force giving powerhouse. Unlike every other vessel, your water will become more ALIVE the longer it sits in the Bottle. In fact in every other vessel, water looses its Life Force the longer it sits. The opposite is true for the Bottle of Health™. It will take at least 10 minutes to charge your water in it, yet the longer it sits the more Life Force will compound, and continue to do so.

Absorption Ability

Water charged in the Bottle of Health™ has exceptional micro absorption ability enabling it to hydrate and penetrate deep into the nucleus of all the cells, crossing the blood brain barrier, saturating the dermis of the human skin, generating longer lasting peripheral hydration, therefore body's balanced heat from within, while activating more of the Life (Light) Force within the cells, and causing it to expand and in turn raise the vibratory rate of the atomic structure in a balanced and gradual way. Due to the many important components, especially the higher vibratory action of the subatomic Plasma Fields of 24K Gold, the awareness/consciousness may expand, and more alertness and clarity is the natural effect.  

Waves of Vibration

All objects are comprised of molecules. All molecules are comprised of Energy, in a particular vibratory action which is determined by the Life/Light's intensity in a particular vibratory action. In short, all matter is a condensed energy at a particular vibratory action.

The Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology is housed in the outer wall of the Bottle. Its Resonant Plasmatic Fields of Energy are in an indirect contact with the water molecules. However, due to its constant Waves of Vibration, which can be measured up to 3 feet in all directions, the Bottle of Health™  produces the most harmonious restructuring of the water into the precisely and fully bio available plasmatic state. The inherent vibrations among the water molecules will become stronger and more expansive on a continuous basis infinitely, as long as they are exposed to this Resonant Plasma Field, and as a result will provide the impetus to increase the Energy Life Force in the molecules. This means that the longer your water sits in the Bottle of Health™ it will have stronger and stronger Life Force, which can never reach a saturation point, due its nature of the compounding plasmatic effect.

The harmonious raising of the vibratory action, which is essentially Life/Light Force within the molecules will produce:

1. Bio-Thermal Effect: enables the body to withstand cold much better, etc.
2. Active and Expanding Energy of pure Electronic Life Force which is balancing and harmonizing to the physical, mental and the emotional states.

Photo: Water charged with Resonant Plasma Field through the Bottle of Health™ while being frozen showing a very strong solid pillar of the energetic plasma field produced through the waves of vibration.

Photo: Close up of the above Resonant Plasma Field:

Five Important Health Functions of the Bottle of Health™:

1. Restructuring, Energizing and Enlivening of the Water Molecules Clusters

Depending upon age, the human body is comprised of over 65% water, which functions as a medium for the body cells. Large water molecule clusters have difficulty penetrating cell membranes, resulting in a poor cellular hydration and a disrupted metabolism, as well as the impaired detoxification pathways. Water charged through the Bottle of Health™ is transformed from the large water molecules clusters into much finer ones to help improve cell hydration, overall cell function, detoxification and the general metabolism, thus causing a beneficial domino effect on all bodily functions. The increased energy, gentle detox and an overall wellbeing is a natural effect. 

2. Waves of Vibration and Recharging of the Water Molecules Clusters

Improves blood circulation, energy, endurance, etc.

The effect of waves of vibration through the absorption of the water charged in the Bottle of Health™ expedites and raises the harmonious vibrations/friction of water molecules in the body, cleansing the body's glands and improving the flow of the bodily fluids. Besides the balancing of the body's overall metabolism, thus charged water enhances the enzyme cells, causes the expansion of the arteries and the improvement of an overall blood circulation. Hence, toxins and metabolic waste in the body are isolated and held "encapsulated" in a resonant plasmatic field, while being transported to be disposed of through perspiration, urine and excrement. This in turn improves energy levels, stamina, vitality and longevity, while lessening the overall pain and inflammation. This process culminates the longer you drink your water charged through the Bottle of Health™.

3. Prevents Growth of Bacteria and Viruses

Bacteria and single cell organism such as Staphylococcus Bacillus which live in the large intestine have a life cycle of between 7 seconds – 72 hours. Under the influence of our ARP Tech charged water through the Bottle of Health™ the influence of bacteria, as well as viruses will be stunted, via the resonant plasma fields. With less of the bad bacteri and other pathogens the bad body odor will lessen, and the well being expands.

4. Peaceful Effect on the Emotions

Modern Science is just starting to realize that over 75% of diseases are in a direct correlation with the stress (dis-ease) or a disturbance in ones own emotions and feelings. The emotions can be 3 times more powerful in their influence upon ones decisions then the intellect.

Much is spoken these days about how our thoughts and emotions affect our well-being and our reality, yet there needs to be more emphasis on the understanding that the feelings are actually the precursors to our thoughts.

Since all matter is energy at a particular Vibratory State, the water that we drink daily would benefit us much more if that water was also Harmoniously Resonant at a particular peaceful vibratory rate and is able to bring much more of that harmony directly into our emotions.

Peaceful emotions are generated from within the heart chakra (energetic body center located over the physical heart organ), while all negative emotions are generated within the solar plexus chakra, located around the ganglionic mass of the stomach.

Contrary to some opinions, the heart can only generate the feelings that are Harmonious, yet the solar plexus is where the unbalanced feelings originate. However, within the solar plexus area one can generate both positive and negative feelings, unlike the heart, which is the center of our physical body and the place where the spark of the Life Force of the Principle Presence of Supreme Divine Source and Intelligence abides in a permanent atom within the heart while sending this Life Giving Energy throughout the body's entire nervous system. This Life Force is our Creator's Light Force, which is what truly sustains our bodies, and the connection to Its Love, Wisdom and Power is the key to sustaining the well being of our bodily system.

The Harmonized and Restructured water, via the Bottle of Health™ is very important to reach your solar plexus where it will act to help rebalance the emotional body's patterns, and from where it will be distributed to all the parts of the bodily system. 

Bottle of Health™ is designed to transmute the water via harmonious wave lengths into the peaceful and harmonious presence. It will help strengthen your Heart's Positive Impulses and help keep transmuting the negative ones, generated at the solar plexus.

5. Deepening the Connection to Nature, Positive Effects of the subatomic state of 24K Gold and other pure and natural components

This same water carries the infused properties of the plasma state of 24K Gold, etc., specially prepared Natural Quartz Crystals, and the subtle essence of over 360 Nature's purest sourced Medicinal Herbs and non alcoholic Flower Essences, etc. in their subatomic state, as well as the fussed Harmonious Hz Frequencies, enhancing your water with the Tranquility of Nature. 

We wanted to bring more of the Energetic Essence of Nature and its Tranquility directly into your hands, so that you can feel more connected to It in this world of natural environments, boarded with EMFs, ELFs and other unnatural states to our inner being, as well as a constant pull of the outer world or rush and fast pace living, enabling you to feel more peacefully centered and more inspired. We know that nothing can replace Mother Nature, but with the Bottle of Health™ charging your inner waters, you will definitely feel that Rejuvenating, Peaceful Force very, very strongly and tangibly, every day.

More then just the Bottle....More uses for your Bottle, plus Aromatherapy! 

1. Besides drinking water or any other healthy liquids from the Bottle of Health™ one can inhale the Resonant Plasma Charged Air inside the empty bottle into your nasal passage (excelling through the mouth) or through a straw via mouth (exhaling through the nose) to benefit and purify your brain structure, and the entire cardiovascular system.

2. Holding the Bottle of Health™ in your hand while meditating, reading, studying, riding in a car, sitting in your office, while on computer, etc. will harmoniously charge every organ of your body through the corresponding reflexology points on your palms and fingers of all the organs in your body. You may want to try this 5-10 minutes each day.

3. Just having your Bottle near by while on computer has been demonstrated to have a Protective Resonance Plasma Field which extends up to 3 feet (1meter) and reduces the negative effects of EMFs, and ELFs radiation. 

4. You can apply the Aromatherapy Oil of your choice on the outer silicone ring of your bottle near the Bottle's mouth and enjoy the Natural Fragrance daily.


    • Inside drinking chamber is made of Lead Free Glass for healthier drinking instead of hormone disrupting plastic and or metals 
    • Lead free glass is tempered allowing for hot/warm/cold serve 
    • Outside of the bottle is made of BPA/BPS free plastic 
    • Plastic chamber protects the inner glass chamber in case of fall
    • Double wall insulating property keeps your desired temperature longer
    • Food grade silicone on the inside of the bottle's cap serves as a pressure relief valve for hot drinks and is a safe seal that will not leach unhealthy chemicals
    • Exclusively made to house the ARP Tech which radiates the Harmonious Charge into your liquids without the direct contact.
    • Holds up to 14 oz of liquid.
    • Well made and designed to last.
    • Great for serving water, vegetable or fruit juices, herbal infusions, teas, tonic elixirs, etc. 
    • Great and safe for all ages.

    Care for your Bottle

    Clean with a regular gentle bottle brush and pure ecological soap. Not suitable for dishwasher. Follow these easy steps:




    Traveling with your Bottle via Airplane: 

    In order to Protect your Bottle from the airport X-rays, you need to wrap it into an aluminum foil. The wrapping in the Aluminum Foil is necessary in order to protect the living crystals. The X-rays will not damage it, but will temporarily weaken it. Just think of it as with your own living body, which truly does not benefit from any X-rays.

    Color Choices: "White Ray" or "Blue Ray" Each one is charged with the specific Rays via Resonance Technology. "White Ray" resonates the energy of Purity and Clarity, "Blue Ray" vibrates Protection and Divine Powers.  

    Crystal Choices: Specially Prepared Resonance Crystals: CLEAR OR AMETHYST QUARTZ.

    Each one has its physical, mental and spiritual properties.

    Natural Clear Quartz Crystal has been recognized for clearing our minds, our emotions and attuning our intuition. Its Energy compels us to reorganize and purify our lives on all aspects of our being, not just our health. Crystals are not inanimate objects, but they are truly Living Creations of God's Nature and serve a definite Purpose for the Earth. Clear Quartz also assists us in expending of the Light Substance within all the cells of our body and consequently Raising of the Vibratory Action of our bodies while attuning our inner Awareness and Consciousness into a much deeper connection to our own Higher Self, our Divine Aspect, the one referred to as: "an image and likeness" of our Divine Creator. It radiates Clarity, Purity and Strength to all of our bodies: Physical, Mental and Emotional, as well as our Etheric Body (the one we use while out of the physical body during the sleep). 

    Natural Amethyst Quartz Crystal holds the energy of Divine Consciousness of Transmutation of all lesser or negative energies. It can harmoniously help to dissolve and transcend the energies that are vibrating at a denser or rather non harmonious frequencies, while gradually Raising the undesirable tendencies of ones lower human self into the finer and Higher Vibratory rates of ones own Divine Self, which is always Harmonious and again is the one referred to as: "an image and likeness" of our Divine Creator. It strengthens and amplifies all the constructive qualities within us, while compelling the Purification on all levels of our being: Physical, Mental and Emotional, as well as our Etheric Body (the one we use while out of the physical body during the sleep). 

    We invite you to start experiencing and benefiting from the Bottle of Health™.

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