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Bottle of Health "Blue Ray" Amethyst Quartz

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What is the main purpose of the Bottle of Health?

The foremost purpose is to energetically and tangibly restructure your water or any other healthy liquid into its subatomic state and a living energy life force in order to make it more bioactive, more bioavailable and truly hydrating to our cells. The life force is measured by the intensity of bio photons and Bottle of Health can restructure any liquid with a resonant or harmonious energy that raises the frequency and intensity of bio photons. Bio photons are points of light within all matter, and the higher the intensity of light within the water, the better the cellular hydration and cellular health. 

Why is this important?

Since over 68% of our body is water and the healthy state of our physical bodies depends deeply upon proper metabolic function within the cells, which further depends upon proper hydration for its regeneration and the metabolic waste management this is a crucial step. Besides the properly hydrated and healthy biological terrain of our inner waters the healthy physical state of being depends closely upon the balanced emotional state, since over 75% of every dis-ease is connected to our emotional state of being. Emotional state of being is closely connected to the state of the water element in our bodies. Bottle of Health's ability to energetically enliven any liquid and have a scientifically measurable and tangible effect upon them via the specific Resonant Plasma Fields, and therefore a peaceful and a calming impact upon the one who consumes the water or that liquid thus charged is an important and supportive step in anyone's healthy lifestyle, and or any healing protocol.

It has proven itself over time, and can help so many who drink the waters, or any other healthy liquids thus energetically charged within it to cope with the daily stress, in a much more peaceful way. This "Energetic Life Force Field" created within the water has been demonstrated visually, too and is no figment of anyone's imagination. The highly conductive ARP Tech's Resonant Plasma Seed Substance located within the Bottle's outer wall in combination with the specially prepared crystals has a measurable Electronic Force that causes the tangible, visual change within any liquids placed within the Bottle.

Some people have a hard time believing in what they can not touch or see. We like to help them by asking: "Do you see the ENERGY that flows through the copper electrical house wires?" No. Right? But you do see the EFFECT of that ENERGY in your room's lights, appliances, etc., correct? Yes. Then, there is an "invisible" Life Force Energy that we can all feel the positive effects of. The same is with the Bottle of Health™ and all of our other ARP Tech products we produce! 

Bottle of Health™ will make any water much more measurably and energetically ALIVE, more BIOACTIVE and BIOAVAILABLE by reducing its surface tension, charging it with the Life Force Energy of its Resonant Plasma Fields, restructuring your water into a Living subatomic Liquid and therefore enabling it to truly hydrate and charge all of your cells with more Energy, Endurance and Vitality.

To the left is a photo of a close up view of this Resonant Energy Field Captured in a frozen water for the visual. This water was frozen in the Bottle, the outer shell broken and discarded, so we can show the visual proof of this Energy as it is releasing its constant Resonant Plasma Fields which has caused the water to restructure in this way.


Why is restructuring and charging of water, or any other healthy liquid needed?

This is more needed then one may think, because the optimum cellular hydration is an important component of the proper cells' metabolism, regeneration and waste elimination necessary for every bodily function and an overall health, and is measured by the level or intensity of the Electronic Force within ones cells. If the bodily cells are not fully hydrated, due to the too large of the water molecules, too hard of the water surface tension, etc. (even the best spring water's ability has been altered trough the eons of time, due to many humanly cased factors and has been found that it can not penetrate 100% deep into the cells), then the cell's Life Force, or the pure Electronic Force, which in reality is Light or what one may call electricity, within the cells starts to "dim" per say, or rather loose more of its "electrical charge" and the degeneration and dis-ease on all levels, and aging are an inevitable result. This is something that open minded scientists are slowly starting to realize; that all matter is a condensed energy at a particular vibratory rate, or vibratory action, or frequency, or energetic quality, measured by the intensity of Light/Life or the Electronic Force within it. The more Pure Electronic Life/Light Force within the cells, the less dis-ease on all levels, and this gradual expansion of Light within ones cells is what it means to raise ones "frequency", or ones "vibration" by simply Purifying it into the higher vibratory action. 

Within all Life is consciousness and the higher the ones awareness and connection to the Source of Creator's Supreme Intelligence, which is always all Harmonious Infinitely Expanding Perfection, the more youth, vitality, and peace is within that ones being and ones reality or world. Each one is a Co-Creator with a potential to keep expanding ones consciousness and the use of ones faculties, ones brain potential, and ones higher intelligence according to our level of awareness and use of that higher consciousness, which is always available to all from within. The higher the vibratory action within ones cells, the higher the connection to ones higher self (which is our higher discerning intelligence) and the Source of all Perfection. Health, Vitality, Youth, Beauty, Peace, Harmony and Happiness are all just a by product of ones inner state of being. Aging and dis-ease were never part of the Divine Plan. It is the humanity that has made it a reality by wrong choices, thoughts, feelings, concepts, etc., sometimes unknowingly, or other times not obeying the simple Universal Laws of Life. Now, the time is here to retract and start returning to ones true Divine Being, Health and always expanding full Potential, but that can not be done if one is stubborn and wishes not to look deeper into life and if one is only focused on the physicality of the five senses. Life and Health is so much more beyond the physicality and this is what the science of today needs to understand...  

Bottle of Health™ is an Advanced Resonant Plasma-Life Force water Restructuring Device, that was designed to transmute your drinking water or liquid to act harmoniously on our emotional bodies, while truly hydrating our cells as its primary focus; and therefore act positively on the physical body, since over 75% of our overall health depends upon our emotional state of being.

Most people notice right away that they are able to cope with the daily challenges in a much more harmonious way from utilizing the Bottle of Health™ as a daily drinking vessel! 

Water element within our bodies is closely connected with our emotions. Since our bodies are mostly water, then that water needs certain Harmonious and Peaceful Qualities in order to restructure our inner waters of our body terrain from the both physical and the emotional aspect. All negative emotions are generated within the solar plexus, and that is where the Harmonizing and Balancing needs to start as well. This is why drinking from the Bottle of Health™ is very helpful, as it enters the solar plexus to Harmonize and then gets distributed throughout the body.

Technical Info: 


IMPORTANT UPGRADE NOTE: Please be advised that we no longer use water as a medium for our Resonant Plasma Seed. We have advanced the Bottle as of August of 2017 beyond that need!

Outer Food Grade Silicone Ring around the glass mouth is designed to receive the Aromatherapy 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (only use those that qualify for Internal Use) and emanates Aromatherapy while Drinking.

Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology within the Bottle of Health™ consists of the self sustained highly conductive subatomic plasma substances, whose energetic fields are created through the subatomic 24K Gold, CO2Zn, Natural Quartz Crystals, selected subatomic particles of certain minerals, non alcoholic Flower Essences (selected to promote more inner Joy and Happiness) into a substance which we call an Advanced Resonant Plasma Seed located within the Bottle's outer wall, specifically chosen for their Harmonizing, Purifying, Rejuvenating, Peaceful and Protective Wavelengths charging your water and therefore you bodily cells with a peacefully Harmonizing and Balancing Force.

Delivering effective and tangible health results that no other Bottle has ever done!

Documented benefits after prolonged use are listed below.

NOTE: These are not health claims but actual documented cases that have been studied since the year of 2015. The depth of the results vary for each individual. In most cases we have noticed that the Emotional State of being is better in almost all cases and the longer the use. However, since the healthy state of being is achieved not only through drinking of the pure water transformed into the best HARMONIOUS and Truly LIVING WATER via the Bottle of Health, which is one of the supporting and important steps, but a holistic and balanced Health Protocol, discipline in a proper and pure diet that detoxes and remineralizes body daily, pure lifestyle on all levels (physical, mental and emotional), and the healthy exercise program, the results for each individual will always vary. To get the long lasting health benefits from drinking of this BIOAVAILABLE water is one of the very important steps! Besides choosing the purest water charged into the Living, Subatomic, Harmonious to emotional being water, via the Bottle of Health is to utilize the Molecular H2 Hydrogen Water Generator from any of our drinking water Fountains of Health (Portable or Counter Top Unit), which make the top quality, on demand and the highest therapeutic levels of the antioxidant Molecular H2 Water!  Charging that H2 water via Bottle of Health will make it even more effective by moving it into the Plasma State. Utilizing as many of our Products and Health Protocols are all part of the health maintenance and restoration; and that is why we are making it all available, so humanity can heal, and this world can become healthier and happier place for all future generations! 

  • May help to elevate and her restore the balanced energy throughout the day.* 

  • Less cravings and less hunger was observed in many cases.*

  • Slight immune boost in all cases.* 

  • Improved hormonal function, PMS emotional support very evident in many cases tested, more testing needed in this field.*

  • Reduced inflammation/pain in most cases when the dis-ease originated in the emotional body.*

  • More vitality and strength in most cases.*

  • Peaceful and harmonized emotional state in every single case tested.*

  • Better resistance to stress in every single case tested.* 
  • Higher Endurance in most cases.* 

  • Better athletic performance in most cases tested.*

  • More clarity of thought and peace of mind in all cases tested.*

  • Improved memory in some isolated cases.*

  • Nervous system support (several cases of Parkinson's)in some cases.*

  • Faster recovery rate in all cases.* 

  • Better hydration, less thirst throughout the day in most cases.* 

  • Cellular detox, and in all cases purification is always observed first.* 

  • Better energy flow through the body meridians, less blockages of energy in most cases tested.*

  • More flexibility in the joints in some cases, not all. When the personality was less open to positive change and less flexible, drinking of this water helped.* 

  • Unhealthy addictions helped in many cases.* 
  • Improvements in both liver and kidney function in many cases, especially when the liver disease condensed into its limited expression from anger, and kidney disease from sadness and disappointments, more research is being done here.*

  • Deeper sleep in most cases especially when the Bottle is in the close proximity of the brain structure, due to its Energetic Fields.*  

  • Higher tolerance to EMFsELFs and radio frequency fields.*

  • Higher tolerance to cold weather in most cases tested.* 

  • Feeling more centered in all cases.*

  • Heightened awareness in most cases.*

  • Heightened inner spiritual connection and hope restored in most cases, some test subjects were specifically chosen because they were prone to depression.* 

  • Lyme disease improvement, especially when combined with YES Golden Ray Liquid Light CONCENTRATE and our HealMat.*

  • More testing is continuing...

By drinking our water from it daily our physical body not only has more vital energy, endurance and more youthfulness, but we will feel more emotionally stable, more emotionally lifted and inspired, more peaceful and more comfortable in our bodies. This is our own experience and a consistent feedback we receive. It is exactly what it was designed for! This change will come gradually in a culminating effect, and if you tune into your inner self you will be able to recognize and acknowledge its depth and what it has done for you.

As a result of a heightened wellness ones life may start changing for the better, like a positive domino effect, the more one keeps drinking this harmoniously bio activated water. Most people notice that they feel more overall peace and experience more clarity and much more connected to their Life Source. Some say that they can not recognize themselves in how they are handling stress much more easier now then they have ever done in the past. This is not imaginary, but very tangible effect that we all feel from its use.

How is this possible? 

Via ARP Tech Harmonious Energy Fields! Just because one can not see the Energy, it does not mean it is not there. As mentioned earlier, we do not see the Energy in the electrical wires, but we surely enjoy its effects, don't we? Same is true with the Constant outpouring of the Harmonious Wavelengths and Energy Fields emitted through the Bottle of Health. You can feel its Harmonizing Peaceful Energy immediately just by holding it for a few minutes.


How long does it take to Charge the water in the Bottle of Health?


It takes at least 7-10 minutes depending upon water's quality, mineral content, surface tension, etc. However, the water continues to get charged and the Resonant Plasma Fields culminate in their intensity the longer the water sits in the Bottle. This is why we recommend having two Bottles if possible so you can keep alternating them, and recommend you always refill your Bottles after you are done drinking from them, so there is more time to charge and restructure your water.  Make sure you fill your Bottles before you go to bed, and allow that prolonged time while your body rests for your water's transmutation into the most powerful healing water you can drink the first thing when you wake up to energize and flush your liver, kidneys and your whole system. We highly recommend you try this. 

Most drinking waters of today are stored in an unnatural settings while "trapped" within the water pipes and or any other water vessels. While this is necessary and convenient in our modern day living, these waters eventually become more stagnant and lifeless the longer they "sit" in this way so to speak, and they can become lifeless and harder in their surface tension.

Its Resonant Plasma Fields have shown to lessen the pain in the areas of need by simply placing the Bottle over that area and holding it there until the pain disappears. You can inhale the Resonant Plasma charged air from it by breathing the air within it via nostrils and exhaling through the mouth, to recharge and rejuvenate your entire cardiovascular system. 

You can place the palms of your hands around it and hold it, feeling the Energy recharging your reflexology points, which correspond to the whole body.

The outer ring around the Bottle's top is used to place several drops of your favorite essential oil, which will uplift you with every sip you take as you enjoy its natural fragrance. We always advice to use only the 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. 

The Natural Amethyst Quartz Crystals Benefits:

Physical: Benefits muscles, lymphatic system, digestion, kidneys and immunity.*

Mental: Transmuting to the negative thoughts, which may surface to be let go of.*

Emotional: It will assist in bringing to the surface of your inner attention the old unresolved emotions, or suppressed feelings. Be ready to welcome these stuck energetic patterns, that are blockages/obstacles to your full happiness and freedom, and to transform them Consciously into the more life affirming and harmonizing emotions.* 


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