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HealMat™ Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology (WHOLE BODY SYSTEMIC HEALING)

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What are the main functions of the ARP Tech's HealMat?

It is designed to lessen pain and an overall body inflammation, help our cells to repair and rejuvenate much more efficiently, support the unobstructed meridians' energy flow throughout the body, to balance out all of our bodily systems' functions, including our emotions, as well as to biologically protect and help detox the negative radiation (EMFs, ELFs, nuclear) every night for eight hours as we sleep. This is accomplished through the Resonant Plasma Fields generated within it (extend up to 3 feet in all directions) via proprietary Resonant Plasma Seed within the HealMat, which is the supreme conductive substance that corresponds in a harmonious way with the electronic force within our cells, raising our bodies' vibratory action, or voltage in a gradual and balanced way. This in turn expends the Life Force Energy on a cellular level, enabling much faster recovery and more efficient rejuvenation.

ARP Tech Resonant Plasma Fields within the HealMat™  have demonstrated the following (tests started and still continuing, since November of 2015):

  • Anti-pain and anti-inflammatory
  • EMFs, ELFs and nuclear protection (not via shielding, but via biological pathways) 
  • Detoxification of negative radiation
  • Antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-all pathogens (via higher vibratory frequency) 
  • Extremely rejuvenating to all bodily cells and organs
  • Balancing for all bodily functions, especially the overall metabolism
  • Revitalizing to the endocrine and nervous system  
  • Gentle daily detox to the lymphatic pathways
  • Nourishing to the cells
  • DNA Repairing 
  • Lengthening the Telomeres (youthing)  
  • Anti-cell mutation
  • Emotional and stress support, promoting peaceful emotional state
  • Better elimination
  • Blood sugar balancing in over 65% of the cases
  • Quicker muscle, joint, and tissue repair
  • Muscle and joint strengthening
  • Chronic skin conditions improvements
  • Balanced weight management (weight loss, gain per need)
  • ADHD support and calming
  • Concentration and focus improvement

Note: Above are not health claims, but a collection of anecdotal reports from our customers and our own test studies, which we value the most. 


Dimensions: Length 60" X  Width 26.5 " (152.4 cm x 67.3 cm)

Material: Non off gassing, non toxic nylon 


The best way to enjoy your HealMat™ is under your bed sheets, or a thick pillow top while you sleep. The Resonant Plasma Fields are effective even up to 3 feet in all directions, with the strongest at the closets proximity to its Source or the HealMat™. You can place it under a bed pillow top cover-even up to 3 inches thick (7.6 cm), and then your bed sheet over it and it will still radiate the strongest Fields into your body. We enjoy it in this way and use organic cotton and wool pillow top cover over ours.

The applications are endless: wrap the body parts that require healing, use it under your yoga mat to deepen your practice, or on your office chair, under your computer for EMFs Protection Fields (not as a shielding, but via internal biological pathways), under your plant starts to speed up the production, or on your car seats, etc. The uses are only limited to your imagination!  

Who is the HealMat™ for?
The Harmonious Life Force Energy generated via the HealMat™ is great for every living being that wants more emotional peace, vitality, strength, rejuvenation, and health support. It works for all ages. It even benefits and is loved by pets and plants, which grow much better when placed on the HealMat™. 
Is it comfortable to lay on? 
Absolutely! It is very comfortable and very soothing. In fact many people report that they can not wait to go to bed and lay on the soothing energy of their HealMat™.
Does it require any special care?
No. You can just wipe it off from time to time with a wet towel. That's all.

How long does it last?

The HealMat™ will last you forever, since the ARP Tech's supreme conductive substance within it never loses its effects and its electronic force is indefinite. 


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