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Vitamin K2 Spectrum Powder 100% Natural (40 grams)

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Bio Active MenaQ7® VITAMIN K2 Spectrum Powder

Serving Size: 1/8 teaspoon
Servings of K2 Spectrum: 316 mcg
Servings per Container: 126
Ingredients: ARP Tech Energetically Bio Activated K2 Spectrum as MK-7, MK-6, MK-9.
Derived from fermented chickpeas.

How we take it:

We use it daily as a part of our daily H2:K2:D3 Restoration Health Protocol and for every one of 10,000 IU we use one of 1/8 of the teaspoon of Bio Active MenaQ7® VITAMIN K2 Spectrum Powder.

How to use:

Can be mixed in water, juice, soups, and smoothies. Best taken in foods with healthy fats.