YES Presents simple and effective Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology Solutions for Health

Where to start?

Number #1:


This an excellent Health development, developed by Dr. Mariana for harmonizing of all of the systems in the body. It works for the lack of energy and stamina. It enhances the longevity and vitality, and helps daily to gently detox the heavy metals, including their nano state. Due to its unique sequence it can neutralize many synthetic chemical pollutants, specifically toxic pesticides including Glyphosate and 2,4-D (sprayed on lawns, landscapes, roadsides, commercial agriculture crops, forestry after clearcuts, yet most people do not even know that they are constantly exposed to these intruders, which even in trace amounts are very toxic to the body, especially the endocrine systems, gut health, etc.). It works by enhancing the life force within the bodily cells for expansion of the bio photons within the cells and for cancelling the negative radiation, EMF's ELF's. It does work for the neutralizing of the GMO's. It was originally developed  for the cancellation of the pesticides/herbicides, which are nowadays imposed upon humanity and found mostly in air, foods that are not Organic and their by-products are found in the rain water samples all over the USA. It works great for canceling disease-causing pathogenic expressions even in their nano states.

Make this a #1 health ally on your list and by its use, you will create a bio shield through your bodily system that will be neutralizing to all negative radiation, regardless of its source. It will help to protect your DNA/RNA from all of the above-mentioned discordant creations, and it will help in the reversal and avoidance of the DNA/RNA mutations. It dissolves nano metals, metals, polluting substances in the body on the cellular level, including the Aluminum (known to cause dementia if located in the brain structure). It is highly anti-inflammatory and great for bodily aches and pains, especially the ones caused by negative radiation and neurotoxins. It is excellent for the peaceful emotional states of mind and emotions. It raises the frequency of the body for the higher atonement with your Higher Intelligence that beats your heart and which is always available for your guidance, via your heightened intuition (higher dimensional sense).

It helps your body to do what is designed to do: selfheal. It helps your body regenerate and renew and it is excellent to combine in foods and drinks where you want to add more life force energy. When you put several drops into the seeds of the water where the seeds are soaked prior to preparing into meals (process that activates proliferation of nutrients), like before cooking beans, or rice, etc. the GRLL Concentrate can cancel the GMO patterns within the seed in less than 6 hours. Even though we only use Organic seeds, we like to be sure and use it in this purpose as well as in food prep. It does help to germinate seeds much faster, too and therefore speeds up the process of sprouting and growing, too.

We take 1/4 -1/2 tsp once a day, depending upon the need. Certain conditions that need a lot of rebalancing may take 3-5 times a day, depending upon one's unique need. Can be taken in water, juice or sublingually.

Number #2:


This is the only and the most effective bio active C60 in the world in its water soluble state ever made to date. Our team of scientists have published the scientific research and are respected internationally. It is made in the purest and most pristine patented technology that is unique to our team's incredible accomplishments. Soon we will have a book available where you can learn more.

It is an anti-inflammatory and has been studied to prolong the life span of animals by 90% (this research was not done through our team, we do not do animal studies). 

This is the best anti-aging and vitality and athletic performance formula on the market, period. There is nothing that even comes close to our work in this gem, due to the purest and most innovative technology that our team has invented. If you want the best and most effective and the purest C60, then this is it, in its ARP Tech bio activated and water soluble state, which is the most cellularly active state to take these incredible anti aging and top antioxidant C60 Molecules.

It is also excellent for the cellular detox of radiation, nano pathogens, including influenza viruses of all strains (due to its structure and size) and it is one of the top antioxidants and anti aging Molecules ever discovered to-date.

It's excellent for the joyous mood and helps to rebuild your digestive system systematically. We have so many people who were not able to enjoy eating beans due to indigestion and leaky gut and now thanks to the use of this gem, their digestive system is in excellent health.

It is the top choice for your brain optimization and rejuvenation. It can cause rapid recovery in memory recall and dementia, unlike anything we tested.  

 And so much more...

Make it your #2 health ally and use it daily without fail and you will be most happy that you do!

Number #3:

ARP Tech Bio Activated H2 Water and Breathing (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) 

If you are not solely drinking H2 Water that has been bio activated with our ARP Tech for the higher potency, then you are really missing out. This water is an excellent anti inflammation tool, prim for vitality and ant aging and there are over 800 peer reviewed medical studies and articles that provide the proof of its efficacy. Our ARP Tech is installed in all of our devices in order to move the H2 into its plasma state (4th state of matter) which means that it is more conductive and more effective. No other H2 Water Generator on the market has this feature and the effectiveness. Remember, your body is filled with conductive light points and the more conductive and the more expanded the bio photons in your body, the lesser frequencies of discordant substances and energies can not affect you. 

 We drink this ARP Tech bio activated water daily and solely. We do not drink any other type water, and why would we be drinking any other water, since this is the healthiest water that is not only concentrated with H2 healing properties of antioxidant action and myriad of other health benefits for very single organ and systems of organs and benefits all functions in the body, and plus this water is made alive and perfectly structured by the ARP Tech, just as if found in the most healing H2 water springs on the earth, something that no other H2 water device can ever offer you.

Make it your #3 ally and drink this water only and your health and vitality, will soar!

Number #4:

Correct Protein Peptides for Cell Restoration (CLICK HERE TO VIEW). 

This is truly the most assimilating protein you will ever find anywhere in the world. It is in the form of isotonic capable peptides and the only protein on the planet that can actually assimilate up to 98%. Other isolated proteins can be somewhat hard on the kidneys and liver, and hard to digest, even if the enzymes are added to the finished product, but in the isotonic capable form like our our patented process Peptides, your cells can easily absorb and utilize it for regeneration and repair. It is the only protein that mixes well with fruit in smoothies without the clashing of enzymes for the good food combining experience (when foods are not combined well they can cause bloating due to the fermentation that causes alcohol formation).

Our Protein Peptides can be mixed with fruit and vegetables and will never cause boating, unlike other hard to digest and hard on kidneys and liver isolated proteins. Our Correct Protein is made on temperatures lower than 118 Degrees Fahrenheit preserving the enzymes in tact, naturally.   

It helps to rebuild your cells the most effectively. It's excellent for the cell regeneration and building of the muscle, stamina, energy and it is very tasty, too. It is excellent post and pre workout food. We love it in hot chocolate and our homemade raw cereals. 

We also use it in cooked soups, salads, smoothies, etc. It's very mild in taste, and since it combines well with fruit, unlike any other proteins which as mentioned above will cause the fruit to ferment and turn into alcohol. You can easily use it in as many recipes as you can imagine without concerns of how it will combine.

Make it your #4 daily ally and  you will have excellent results.

Number #5:

My Peak Performance Chocolate (Immunity) CLICK HERE TO VIEW:

For those of you that want the Chocolate that will jump start your day and will not tax your adrenals (due to the synergy ARP Tech effect) with only 1 tsp a day, this is it!

It tastes delicious and it will keep you energized, as well as in a joyful mood.

This chocolate is designed to boost your immunity daily in an innovative and tasty way. It has so many incredible nutrients, that you can view by clicking the above link, and a myriad of health benefits, besides the immunity.

If you want to have a long and productive day with steady energy throughout the day, then look no further. 

Make it your daily #4 friend and celebrate life to the fullest with this health gem!

Number #6

YES! Health Drink Education (CLICK HERE TO VIEW):


This Educational material teaches you how to make my YES! Health Drink, which is a must for anyone who wants to have a daily discipline in giving your body all the nutrition it needs to thrive and soar into invincible health, longevity and age reversal. So many of our clients are enjoying this drink daily with incredible results. We are yet to transfer so many Testimonies we receive in our mailbox with letters of gratitude.  

We have so many New and Incredible Surprises coming soon, too that we know you will love. 

We will be adding more products to our Advanced Oral Care Line and our Eagle Eye Care Line, and soon will have a Hair Care Line.

We will also be adding to our Skin Care Line as well...and can't wait to reveal new secrets about what is to come for the Plant Based Cheese Line....and so much more.

Also, don't forget to view our Herbal Medicinal Formulas and our PIL Minerals


These are excellent for specific health goals and so needed daily nourishment.

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Have a miracle and invincible health and optimum vitality and immunity and remember that you can build better and better health and vitality with every passing day!

YES Lab Health Team