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Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology

What is the Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology (ARP Tech)?

The Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology is a proprietary, 100% natural system, developed by our YES Health and Science Team from the three aspects of Space Age Plasma Technologies, Resonance and Radionics into a one system for the purpose of reversing diseases and aging.

ARP Tech is the only such system in the world and it is produced exclusively by YES Lab, USA for our innovative products and formulations. We produce many elements, compounds, molecules, etc. in their plasma state, as well as in their bio activated state for research, educational and experimental purposes only. 

Plasma is the fourth state of matter and we utilize an advanced proprietary system for the bio activation of all of our products (termed sacraments to God in Jesus Christ name), via free flowing plasma electrons which create the ARP Tech Energy Fields specific to all of our offerings. These electrons hold the "Resonant Frequency Charge" bio activating all atomic structure by raising its vibration into more rapid action, which in turn increases the amount of bio photons or light/life force within all physical matter. 

The more bio photons are present within matter, be it liquid, solid or gas, and which also includes the atomic structure of ones body, the better the chance for optimized cellular efficacy for health and slowing down or reversing of aging and beyond.

All of our products and formulas are bio activated for the optimum efficacy and carry the ARP Tech's harmonizing electronic charge with the high amount of bio photons, making them more bio active.

For some this concept may be hard to grasp. We ask those individuals to try to look at all matter from the perspective of densified state of energy, frequency and vibration. Within all atoms is the energy and the points of Light, whose intensity of expression determines the vibratory rate of the atomic structure, no matter what it is. All matter is energy at a particular state of frequency and vibration. Even if one does not see the energy, one can still feel its effects. For an example, you do not see the energy coalescing around the electrical copper wires, but you do see and enjoy the effects of this in your electric appliances, etc., correct? Same is with our products. They are permanently qualified with specific ARP Tech Energy Fields that optimize the bio photons and their efficacy. The effects of the beneficial element or compound depends upon their vibratory state, which is qualified by the amount and the intensity of bio photons, or light/life force. If the frequency of the physical or atomic structure, including ones own body holds more bio photons or light/life force, then one will be much closer to the expression of ones true and optimum health potential. 

All of our products are meant to expand the bio photons within ones physical body, besides their unique benefits and properties. 

YES Lab makes many advanced products through our unique system of  the ARP Tech, including the bio activated Carbon C60, 24K Gold in plasma state. The ARP Tech bio activation is specifically designed into all of our products, devices and formulas.

Our scientific health and experimental resarch journey started in the year of 1996 and has continued to expand unto new levels of discoveries for the purpose of offering the most advanced health tools for the continual benefit of all mankind, Nature and all life.

Our developments are simple and easy to apply and their effectiveness speaks for themselves in many life changing testimonies.

ARP Tech is ahead of its time and always keeps expanding unto greater. This is the Law of all Life, to keep expanding into greater.

How does ARP Technology work?

It works via the sum of energetic and vibrational waves of plasma electrons which have an interactive self selective and self sustained superconductive Energy Fields of Resonant Plasma Energy of the Pure Universal Electronic Light Force, which can be permanently qualified and charged into any physical substance be it solid, liquid or gas, and therefore consequently raise its frequency by raising the intensity of bio photon fields.

Our unique ARP Tech's developments are harmonious and health supportive to all life forms, including the plants.

Photo to the Left:

In this experiment we simply wrapped a Fig Tree with our ARP Tech and without any additional fertilizing observed the amazingly positive changes in the harvest, proving that the ARP Tech Field is tangible and real and it acts in its own unique way. Not only did the tree set its fruit two months earlier, but it has given us the fruit the size of an Avocado. The mineral content of fruit was much higher and the taste was out of this world delicious. The yield was four times higher and the size was also four times bigger then when previously grown without the ARP Tech. This and many other of our successful health developments are demonstrating again and again, that our Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology delivers its own unique, tangible results.

We invite you to start benefiting now by utilizing as many of our health products as possible and do not miss out on benefiting from these extraordinary health and longevity gems!

Thank you kindly and God Bless you, 

YES Team