YES Presents simple and effective Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology Solutions for Health

Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology

What is Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology (ARP Tech)?

Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology is a 100% natural system, developed by our YES Team from the three aspects of Space Age Plasma Technologies (Keshe Technology, Plasma Fusion, Plasma Etherealization), Resonance and Radionics Technology into one system, like it has never been done before for the purpose of reversing dis-eases and aging.

ARP Tech is the only such system in the world. We combine it with many patented proprietary and advanced technologies for the most effective ways of utilizing the Molecular Hydrogen H2 Gas Therapy devices via H2 Breathing, H2 Infused Water Drinking and more in order to amplify the therapeutic potential of the Hydrogen Gas for Health. It is often combined with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine through the subatomic particle of the herbal extracts, mineral formulas, natural Quartz Crystals, etc. At this point we utilize over 500 different medicinal plants, minerals, trace minerals and all amino acids in their subatomic state in our Health Wear and Golden Ray Liquid Light Formulas, etc.

We utilize thousands of Harmonious for health Banks of Radionics Hz Frequencies in combination with the Resonance Ray Technology, through our uniquely developed proprietary system which are permanently programmed into our Wellness Tools.

Most importantly ARP Tech specializes in utilizing the Therapeutic Plasma Fields of the pure subatomic particles of 24K Gold in its most potent state for the purpose of reversing diseases and aging, as well as for harmonizing of the emotional state of being.

Plasma Fields of pure subatomic 24K Gold are generated for every one of our product developments in certain proportions and have the highest vibratory action for healing, not just for the physicality, but for the mental and emotional state of well being, as well as for the expansion of ones consciousness into a deeper connection to the Fundamental Source Principle of all Life's Perfection and Harmony, helping one not only reach the more balanced health, longevity and vitality on the physical levels, but on the spiritual levels as well to transcend ones own lower human tendencies into ones Higher Self, which is of Divine Nature. This is a true science with a Heart and led by the Higher Intelligence, which is of reverence to the One Source of All One Life.

ARP Tech has demonstrated that it can reorganize, harmonize, positively enhance and expand the energetic Life Force in any and all substances such as human bodies, plants, liquids, all solid substances, as well as gases with its Resonant or rather Harmonious Fields of Energy. In the case of food and drink items, regardless of the temperature they are processed with, ARP Tech Fields have proven to make those substances more Alive, more Bio Available, more Bio Active, more Energetically Balanced, and therefore more useful in their medicinal or nourishing values. This in turn has a much greater impact.

ARP Technology has taken its full form in the year of 2015 when we mastered and utilized an aspect of Keshe Plasma Technology and decided to advance it to a whole new level in combination with our previous knowledge of Plasma Fusion, Plasma Etherealization, Harmonious Radionics and Resonance Technology, which we originally started developing and utilizing to charge our custom medicinal herbal/mineral extracts in order to render them more cellularly effective.

Our scientific research, study and journey towards all purely natural modalities and technologies for self healing and anti-aging, or rather vital longevity, has started in 1996 and expanded to a whole new level of discoveries as the new potentials kept opening throughout the years. 

Besides our Team's knowledge and experience in various natural approaches and healing modalities we acknowledge deeply the Light's Principal Source or God's Nature's Principles behind all constructive science, as our ultimate scientific guide towards all of our health developments. These developments may look simple and easy to apply, but their effectiveness speaks for themselves in many life changing testimonies. Isn't the Supreme Truth, or Divine Truth always simple? Isn't the One Source of all Perfection and Life in the entire Creation, the greatest scientist then all mankind put together? Mankind is yet to learn to use its free will only constructively for the benefit of all, as well as how not to make mistakes, but This Source of all Divine Science is always the Limitless Source of all Perfection and exactly where we seek and find our Answers first. This why ARP Tech always keeps expanding unto greater. 

How does ARP Technology work?

It works via the vibrational waves of interactive and concentrated self selective intelligence, and self sustained Fields of Resonant Plasma Energy of the Pure Universal Electronic Force of Life/Light, which can be permanently qualified through the medicinal properties of the specific vibratory rates and concentrated into a certain vibratory action necessary for the rebalancing and self healing of the entire body's biological terrain, mind and the emotions.

Our unique ARP Technology developments are harmonious and health supportive not only to the humans, but to all life forms, including the plants.

Photo to the Left: We simply wrapped our Fig Tree with our ARP Tech Health Wear  and without any additional fertilizing observed the amazingly positive changes in the harvest, proving that this ARP Tech's Energy is real and it Acts in its own unique way. Not only did the tree set its fruit two months earlier, but it has given us the lovely fruit the size of an Avocado. The mineral content was much higher and the taste was out of this world delicious. This and many, many other of our successful health developments are demonstrating again and again, that our Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology delivers its own unique, tangible results.

We invite you to start benefiting now by utilizing as many of our offerings as possible. 

Thank you Kindly, 

YES Team