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Patented Champion C60 WS™ (Water Soluble C60) CONCENTRATE 4.50 oz (133 ml) ARP Tech Bio Activated and 100% Solvent Free

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The only patented bio activated water soluble C60 in the world that is 100% pure and made without the use of any solvent!

The only water soluble Carbon C60 in the world charged with The Crystal Resonance of the ARP Tech! 

Our Lab's method and effectiveness can never be reached nor duplicated!

NUMBER#1 Antioxidant ever created!

NUMBER#1 Anti-aging tool!

NUMBER#1 Daily Health and Athletic Performance Enhancement Ally!

NUMBER#1 Immunity Booster and Pathogen Avoidance Tool! 

NUMBER#1 All bodily Systems and Functions Support!

YES Lab is the only producer of the ARP Tech Bio Activated, patented C60 in water soluble concentrated state, made with via patented method invented and tested over three decades by our science team without the use of any solvents from the beginning to the end of our production.

The ARP Tech Bio activation is an energetic, proprietary procedure and as with all of our products it holds the indefinite resonant charge which acts to expand the bio photons in all of our products and formulas for the purpose of intensified efficacy.

What are the health benefits?

In short, our Champion C60 WS™ CONCENTRATE is literally one of the most potent antioxidants ever found to date exhibiting the ability of scientific phenomenon called “self-selective consciousness”, which means it is able to neutralize those exact free radicals that cause stress, aging and diseases. It will contribute to the life expansion like nothing else can ever even come close to.

It enables particular self-healing and rejuvenating mechanisms in the most efficient way possible throughout the bodily system and it does cross the BBB (blood brain barrier) enabling the rejuvenation of its antioxidant benefits to reach the brain structure for multiple health benefits on cellular levels. It helps to strengthen and rejuvenate cells, organs and systems of organs, and it will enhance any and all good nutrients that one takes by multiple fold, due to its ability to make them more conductive and therefore more effective. It can restructure the water and enable its higher bio photon expression, making it a much better hydrating agent within the cells.

Health benefits (from published research, clinical trials and case studies) demonstrate that it may help with the following:

  • Enhances all the nutrients by deeper cellular delivery by multiple fold and can restructure any water into more cellular bio availability. *
  • Brain Health Optimization. *
  • Gut lining restoration at the most potent efficiency. *
  • Digestion aid. *
  • Memory restorative effects. *
  • Protective and enhancing to the liver's performance. * 
  • Cellular detox without healing crises. *
  • Enhances the bile production. *
  • Regenerative to kidneys' function. *
  • Nervous system buffering and health. *
  • Top antioxidant, stronger than any kind-to date-stronger and more cellularly efficient than any oil based C60 formula (due to its aqueous nature). 100-1000 times stronger than vitamins Е and С, and all natural carotenoids and flavonoids. *
  • Neutralizing to the free radicals that cause aging and diseases. * 
  • Detoxing on cellular level without the detox crisis. *
  • Enhanced Longevity with life expectancy doubled according to the animal studies. *
  • Enhanced vitality and endurance. *
  • Prolonged athletic performance with more strength and stamina. *
  • Top adaptogen-over 50 times more powerful than any apoptogenic herbs (helps the organism adapt by enhancing healthy immunity despite various stress conditions, like toxic chemical exposure, EMF's, ELF's, ionizing radiation, pathogens, etc.). *
  • Proven cell protection from toxic chemical exposure and ionized radiation. *
  • Anti-pathogenic, through the pathways of cancellation. *
  • Rapid cell restoration and rejuvenation. *
  • Cellular health and rejuvenating qualities for skin. *
  • Cardiovascular support. *
  • Blood pressure support. *
  • Blood glucose support. *
  • Harmonious state of mind support. *
  • Eye health support. *
  • Endocrine protective properties. *
  • Metabolism rebalancing support. *
  • Mental and emotional balance support. *
  • Gut Microbiome rebuilding. *

Oxidative Stress

As a rule, various pathological processes and adverse stress impacts do increase the level of free radicals in the organism. The ischemic cardiac disease, atherosclerosis, oncological diseases, hypertension and many other diseases occur because of an oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is caused by environmental toxins like pesticides, herbicides, synthetic chemicals in homes, furniture, petrochemical fragrances found in laundry detergents and in unnatural hygiene products, heavy metals, alcohol, smoking, undigested food particles, unhealthy sugars and fats, hard to digest proteins of wrong source, EMF's, ELF's, ionizing radiation, bio accumulative metabolic waste due to inadequate metabolic rate, etc., demineralization, pathogens, dehydration, and most importantly emotional and mental tension-which is always induced and many time caused by any one and all of the above. 

An oxidative stress takes away several decades of life from an individual. It is considered as one of the main factors of aging.

In normal circumstances, which can only be maintained under the controlled environment in a Lab at this point of humanity's history, one's own antioxidant system should maintain a physiologically expedient level of free radicals; however it is noted that most of populations health systems are under multiple stressors, and therefore noted to fail in their optimum efficiency. For an instance, ionizing radiation during radiolysis of body's inner waters results in an avalanche of free radicals, as well as the chronic toxic chemicals and heavy metals exposure. The latter are found in many aspects of food chain, in the environment in air, water and soils. In this case, with bioaccumulation of toxins, body fails to cope on its own with the overwhelming oxidative stress. 

This causes damage to cellular structures and development of many chronic and acute diseases. Antioxidants are used for reducing the oxidative stress levels.

The action of the most known antioxidants is based on that one antioxidant molecule neutralizes one free radical. In so doing, determining the optimal antioxidant dose is a challenging task. A big dose will reduce the level of free radicals to an admissible one and the body will attempt to neutralize the antioxidant. Should there be a lack of an antioxidant, the body will fail to cope with its task.

When determining the antioxidant dose, one should account for the body’s own antioxidant state, it being hard to take into account the incidental adverse effects and the environmental stressors and their bioaccumulation levels.

With our Patented Bio Activated and one of the kind, Champion C60 WS™ Concentrate everything is much easier!

It is a universal antioxidant, which demonstrates reasonable activity by independently controlling the number of free radicals!

A spherical water cluster provides conditions for approach of free radicals. When two free radicals meet, they neutralize each other to form a neutral compound.

The antioxidant effect of our Patented, Bio Activated Champion C60 WS™ Concentrate increases with an increasing number of free radicals.

This is the reason why a spectrum of protective properties of our Champion C60 WS™ Concentrate exists.

The antioxidant effect of our specifically made water soluble C60 concentrated water solution decreases with a decrease in the number of free radicals to a normal level. In so doing, the level of free radicals does not drop lower than that required for the normal functioning of the body. This phenomenon is called "self-selective consciousness", which is something that we also observe in H2 Water, yet in a lower expression than with our Champion C60 WS Concentrate, which has an even stronger impact on cellular pathways, and is also capable of coalescing with H2 in order to enhance its functions. This is why we always mix our patented Champion C60 WS Concentrate with our H2 Water made from any one of our special H2 water generator devices. Through the Advanced Resonant Plasma (ARP Tech) Bio Activation effects are multiplied and you have the best scenario of combining the two most potent antioxidant agents to date in their further enhanced state for your bodily system's optimum health. 

In contrast to any typical antioxidants, which are spent on neutralizing free radicals and function until they are depleted, there is nothing spent in our patented Champion C60 WS Concentrate. After its daily intake, the protective action can be preserved for up to a week, however due to the fact that the body is under multiple and constant pressures from the environmental toxins, like synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides (even when you are committed to eating the purest foods, there are still traces that are toxic and do bio accumulate), EMF's, ELF's, pathogens, heavy metals in food, air, water, and the ionizing radiation, etc. we personally take our patented Champion C60 WS Concentrate daily morning and evening for helping our bodies cope with and stay ahead of all the stressors which can cause a constant energetic friction from within the body and therefore rapid aging. Even one's own thoughts and feelings which are not harmonious and if stressful can cause an energetic friction within the body, which in turn causes the free radical formation and oxidative stress.

If by any reason, be it bad quality food, alcohol, smoking, electromagnetic radiation of household appliances, X-ray examination, a solar burst, an airplane flight, an accident at a nuclear power plant, inner and outer tension and stress, plus many other factors, an oxidative stress will occur and our Champion C60 WS Concentrate will help your body cope with these factors independently and automatically.

The antioxidant activity of our Champion C60 WS™ Concentrate exceeds by over 1,000 times that of any typical antioxidants, like vitamins Е and С, and all natural carotenoids and flavonoids. This is not to say that these nutrients are not necessary when using our Formula, because those have other crucial functions in the body, but it is to illustrate the antioxidant angle of this particular function. In fact, our Champion C60 WS™ Concentrate will enhance their and other nutrients' effectiveness by a multiple fold, as it has the ability to act as a natural catalyst to all nutrients for their proper absorption. 

As to its effectiveness, our Champion C60 WS™ Concentrate has demonstrated to cross the BBB and acts to regenerate the memory pathways in the examined test subjects of Alzheimer's. This is very promising for those that are suffering under memory loss, and very encouraging to those that want to optimize their brain and mind's data potential.  

Champion C60 WS™ Concentrate not only protects the body from adverse effects, it has a positive effect on all the inner waters of the body.

A human body is built up of trillions of specialized cells. Each cell is an intricate system, which can be compared to an automatic plant. The cell is bounded with a lipid membrane and filled with cytoplasm. Cytoplasm unites all cellular structures and ensures metabolism. The basic substance of cytoplasm is water. This is why our formula is so crucial for proper cellular metabolism, and much more needed than any oil soluble or oil dispersed C60. This is not to say that our oil dispersed C60 formulas are not important, but if one was to combine the two with using the 80% of our water soluble C60 and 20 % of the oil dispersed that would be an ideal ratio. With this being said we found that most people prefer to use our water soluble C60 over any other oil suspended or oil soluble C60 products on the market. This makes sense due to the fact that the water-soluble state is much more natural for our cellular structure and bodily pathways due to its higher bio availability. 

Remember, all processes in the body occur in an aqueous medium.

Water envelopes each biomolecule and cell with a very thin layer. Upon birth, our body consists of >86% of water. During our lifetime, the water content steadily falls, and in old age it can drop to 55%.

Lack of proper water disturbs the processes that ensure proper functioning of an organism. While the body copes with this by using its inner reserves we may feel ourselves healthy. However, with time metabolism is disturbed, slows down and diseases, and aging occurs.

Contact of spherical water clusters with the surface of cellular membranes restores the structure of aqueous shells specific to normal and healthy cells. Such renewal increases the resistance of cellular membranes to adverse effects, improves transmembrane transport processes and restores normal energy supply processes in the cells, and therefore reverses and or slows down the aging effect. 

How does this above-mentioned process effects conditions of the body?

For instance, this ensures protection from viral infections. The aqueous shell of viruses differs from that of a healthy cell in the body. Renewal of aqueous shells of cells hinders the penetration of viruses. Viruses cannot replicate outside a cell, thus allowing us to be healthy.

The antitumor effect of our Champion C60 WS 

The antitumor effect of our Champion C60 WS™ Concentrate follows a similar pattern. As with viruses, the aqueous shell of tumor cells differs dramatically from that of a healthy body cell. Renewal of the aqueous shells of cells hinders the emergence of neoplasia, and if they have emerged, it inhibits their growth.

Cells are the “building blocks” of our body. Renewal and proper functioning of their aqueous shells makes for the very favorable consequences for the body as a whole.

Protection and renewal at the cellular level results in protection, renewal and rejuvenation of the entire human body.

About the color and taste of our Champion C60 WS™ Concentrate:

The color of this formula is clear and it's tasteless and it is very easy to take daily. It can be either taken sublingually or in water for best effects. Each one of these options have their own benefits described in a product write up that you will receive with the product.  When you disperse it in several drops in your supplements or foods, it will enhance their nutritional value by many folds.

Technical Information.

Understanding the C60 Carbon solubility. 

The single molecule C60 Carbon, which is a starting point for our water-soluble version, in its pure and raw state is a pitch-black color of fluffy beneficial nanomaterial (not all nanomaterials are beneficial, but Carbon C60 is very health beneficial) that is neither water nor oil soluble. However, any oil can serve as a good carrier for its dispersion, since it is easily held dispersed throughout the oil for a long time, but over the certain period of time it will settle in the oil, and it needs to be shaken to disperse again. If the pure and raw C60 Fullerene powder is mixed with a toxic solvent Toluene it will form a purple color and it would totally dissolve into the oil and would not settle over a prolonged period of time. We never use any Toluene nor any other solvent in the process of generating our C60 Fullerene, but instead use the mechanical method via Carbon gas, and the specialized patented method our team has invented to make the C60 in its water-soluble state, so therefore there is no need to sublime or double oven bake a solvent out, anywhere in our process since we never use any solvents in the first place. Therefore, the pristine C60 Carbon powder is NOT oil soluble in its purest state, unless mixed with Toluene, and again that is not the process that we use. All purple colored C60 oils have gone through the solvent process to make them oil soluble. Our C60 oil-based products have not gone through this step., and when it comes to our water soluble C60 or the Champion C60 WS™ Concentrate in order to make it in the plasma water solution our team has pioneered the method that makes it a 100% water soluble and in its plasma state, through the pioneered and novel method that none can duplicate. It is 100% solvent free, since solvents were never used, and it is 100% bio activated for optimum efficacy, in the concentrated form that you will never get in any other formula anywhere else in the world. This exact and particular method is the most advanced system ever created to date.

Our Champion C60 WS™ Concentrate is made through the one of the kind proprietary methods which bio activates the pristine C60 Fullerene into its plasma state. Some other methods can produce water states, but not in the plasma state, and most importantly, there are some suppliers selling the compounds of unsafe solutions, like Fullerenols that can be hard on kidneys and other organs. 

How to use the Patented Champion C60 WS™ CONCENTRATE:

Please Note: There are several ways that you can use this formula, all with different effects, and we do send updated Instructions with the purchase of the formula.  

If you want the best results, please follow the Protocol (sent with the product). Otherwise, experimenting with 2.5 ml (1/2 teaspoon) sublingually (wait at least 40-60 seconds- before swallowing-the longer you wait the better) and follow with a chaser of water (minimum 2 oz) MORNING upon arising and EVENING before bedtime works great for most.

Since we are continually experimenting, researching and doing extensive testing on various health enhancements, age reversal, health conditions, maintenance and expansion, as well as the life extension and reversal diseases we are constantly updating more ways and dosages for various applications, so we have decided that in order to keep this info up to date you will receive the detailed and latest research when you purchase this formula on a paper printout.

If you are wondering how much to purchase, and how long will one bottle last you, it depends because we do not know what dosage you will start and experiment with, whether therapeutic, acute, or maintenance.

For an example, on the current maintenance dosage in its diluted state this formula can last you 40 days, but since it is better to start with the Therapeutic Dosage and stay on that dosage for at least 3 months it may last you 20 days at first, until you rebalance and reach the homeostasis. Both dosages will be effective and depending upon your bodily needs can be life changing. We will send the detailed info with the Formula with latest Research Protocols. Please stay updated on reading the Protocol print outs when sent with your order. 

No matter which way you experiment with it you will definitely want to make this formula your health ally and priority if you want to be vibrant, healthy and live a very long and happy life!

Your own commitment to using it and therefore enjoying its unique and culminating effects will be your only prerogative of great success. If you can do the Therapeutic Dosage for at least 3 months and then after moving into the Maintenance Dosage, you will have the great result. Some people chose to stay on the Therapeutic Dosage for longer than 3 months, and we personally are and have been for many years on this dosage.  We use it twice a day, morning and evening. 

We do the periodic biological cellular reset detoxes by using a 1 bottle a day, divided into 5 servings daily, for as long as 7, 21 or 40 days., depending upon a goal. We have been on this dosage for many years in a separate experiment and the more we used the better we felt and the better the results were for our test group. It all depends upon your personal preferences and needs. The most important is your use of it daily and if you can make it your number one go to formula at least morning and evening and commit to it, you will be most awarded! 


1. If we take this form of water soluble C60 do we still need to take the H2 C60 in your Omega 3 Oil?

These two formulations, although both contain C60 Fullerenes, act in their own completely unique pathways throughout the body. In order to cover the entire bodily spectrum of aqueous and lipid nature, our team use both and will continue using both for their unique benefits. However, if you are looking to do one over the other, we recommend this water-soluble formula.

2. How does it remove free radicals?

Patented Champion C60 WS™ Concentrate works to eliminate the free radicals in a "self-selective way", which means that it will never eliminate the amount of necessary free radicals in order for the body to function normally. It will remove the excess free radicals which cause oxidative stress and keep your body in a homeostasis of an ideal balance. Since everyone is under a constant stress from the environmental and metabolic toxins the consistent use of our patented Champion C60 WS™ Concentrate will ensure that your body stays in an ideal balance and free from damaging free radicals' oxidative burden. It is the top free radical neutralizer, even more powerful then H2 Water, which is the only water one should drink solely made by any one of our H2 devices. We combine our Champion C60 WS™ Concentrate into our H2 Water after its generation in order to enhance it even further. 

3. What does it taste like?

It's tasteless and colorless and easy to take.

4. Have there ever been any bad side effects?

There are absolutely no side effects nor any bad effects of this Formula. In fact we have team members that have been taking one bottle a day or more of this formula for many decades with absolutely incredible age reversal results.

Please note: We are aware that there are some unsafe products on the market labeled as water soluble C60 formulas yet are unsafe Fullerenols that are being made through unsafe processes that can damage kidneys.

Our Champion C60 WS™ Concentrate is not only safe and beneficial for all of the bodily systems and organs but proven through published clinical trials and studies to help regenerate, protect and enhance kidneys' health and the health of all bodily systems and organs. 










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