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ARP Tech YES! OPTIMUM Health Consultation (1 hour)

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PLEASE NOTE: Right now we are experiencing higher then usual demand on Dr. Mariana's amazing ARP Tech Health Consultations. If you want to purchase this Consultation please email us at: and we will put you on a waiting list. Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The ARP Tech YES! Health Consultation is an one hour maximum phone Consultation and Education available only to USA and Canada customers. If you are interested in this Service and live outside of this territory, please inquire and we can asses if we can help via other means of communication, so please inquire first before purchasing this Service. 

Once you purchase your space, you will be contacted by one of our ARP Tech YES! Health Team members and you will be sent a Questionnaire to fill out first. We will also send you a Form of Consent that you will need to sign prior to scheduling your appointment. In that form you will consent that you know that all information shared is for educational purposes only and that you are solely responsible for all your actions towards your health, including the implementation of our services, products and resources, and that you will not hold YES Co. nor our health educators responsible in any shape or form.

Dr. Mariana will be your holistic health guide. She has over 24 years of experience in natural nutrition, healing and pastoral science and medicine and is Licensed for this service. She is also an Energy Healer and you will be receiving the Energy Healing Activation while on the phone and at the end of your one hour Session. 

By purchasing this Consultation you are consenting to all of our TERMS OF SERVICE AND CONDITIONS.

Once you purchase your Consultation, we will also send you a schedule. Normally, Dr. Mariana is booked 3-4 weeks in advance, however please read the note above, where we are starting to updates on her schedule.

Dr. Mariana will be offering trainings in her ARP Tech Protocol System to Health Professionals and those that would like to learn more in order to receive the training in the YES! ARP Tech System of natural Health Rebalancing and Enhancement. We will be updating you on this, through our Newsletter so please be sure to Subscribe. If interested to be put on a list for more info please email This will be the Training that will offer Certification and Licensing in the ARP Tech's Holistic Health.

Whether you want to discuss taking your health to a whole new level or you need rebalancing of the seeming condition that you are currently experiencing or have been experiencing for a while, our YES! Health Team is here to help.

This Consultation does not include the ARP Tech YES! Custom OPTIMUM Health Protocol, which you may or may not need depending upon your unique situation and as you chose. It does not include any of our Products, Protocols and Formulas.

This Consultation offers an Education guidance and which steps you need too take to your invincible health and transformation.

Purchase this Consultation only if you are ready for change into a whole new level of your well being!

We wish you Optimum Health and Well Being! ~YES! Health Team

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