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ARP Tech YES! OPTIMUM Health Consultation (1 hour)

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The ARP Tech YES! Consultation is a 1 hour maximum phone Consultation available only to USA and Canada customers. 

Once you purchase your space, you will be contacted by one of our ARP Tech YES! Health Ministers. These are the Certified Health Professionals who have been trained in the YES! ARP Tech System of natural Health Rebalancing and Enhancement. 

Whether you want to discuss taking your health to a whole new level or you need rebalancing of the seeming condition that you are currently experiencing or have been experiencing for a while, our YES! Team is here to help.

This Consultation does not include the ARP Tech YES! Custom OPTIMUM Health Protocol, which you may or may not need depending upon your unique situation and as you chose. It does not include any of the YES! Health Products and Formulas.


We wish you Optimum Health and Well Being! ~YES!  Health Team

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