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Optimum Herbal Medicine Formulas

Welcome to the most potent Herbal Medicine Formulas for Optimum Health!

Our Formulas are the only Herbal Medicine in the world that have been Bio Activated via ARP Technology for better cellular efficacy.

This means that all of the Formulas are charged via natural energetic imprints of harmonious to health and specific for each bodily need Frequencies through the proprietary means of our ARP Technology

The ARP Technology can harmonize the atomic matter and add needed energetic imprints of Frequencies to anything that it is applied to. In this photo, you can see how ARP Tech has restructured the water element in the frozen water. The frozen water on the right is the water that has not been charged and on the left is the same water only ARP Tech Bio Activated. The same principle applies to our Herbal Extracts and Health Superfood Powders.  

After many years of testing, R&D, and experience we have seen that with this method we were able to enhance atomic matter of water, various health food powders, as well as the Herbal Extracts in order to raise the Voltage of those compounds, which made them much more bio active and therefore cellularly more effective then when in their non bio activated state. 

All of our Herbal Extracts are made in higher then standard ratios, depending upon the Formula and its constituents. This is just one of the reasons why they are so successful in giving your body what it needs to selfheal.

They are the most effective Herbal Formulas on the market, and we ourselves use them continuously every day for Health Maintenance. We have been in the Health Field since the year of 1996 and we know most of what is available to date, so we say this with utmost confidence. All of our Formulas have been in clinical trials since the year of 2002, and have a proven record of efficacy.

Our raw material Herbs are all grown in the most pure organic soils and by higher then organic  standards and many are wild harvested on our own Organic Research Farm and Forest at their prime harvesting time for its medicinal values.

Our final Formulas are designed to address most health challenges in a Natural and Safe way, and are made through the knowledge of our YES! Master Herbalist Team; and we are finally ready to offer them to a larger group of people on the Internet. However, we will be adding many more existingFormulas throughout the coming months/years so please check back often if you are not finding your particular health need at the moment. You can always email us if you have a particular need, and we can evaluate your need and see if we can offer any of our Formulas that are currently not listed on the website.

Our Formulas are not evaluated by the FDA and are all custom made and meant for personal research use only. As a company that wants to spend our time and resources for developing the purest and most effective products that can actually make the difference and are certain to work, and not be vulnerable to a current system that needs so much restructuring anyway, we trust that those that "have eyes to see" will know and will be guided to try these incredible Gems of Light and experiment with our products.

You will not be disappointed!

Each Formula comes with the Instructions on how we would use it, and will take you to a new level and many steps ahead your journey of "Health Stairway", plus if you have purchased our ARP Tech YES! Custom Optimum Health Protocol you will receive how they are used together with an entire Dietary Plan (in a much more simplified way) and much, much more which is certain to change your life to a whole new self. How do we know this? We are aware of what is curently available in the outer world, and we know what is missing and how to accomplish what is necessary. You will not be disappointed. 

All of our Formulas are made to be energetically balanced for all Doshas, as we follow the Ayurvedic Principles in Herbal Medicine.

They are the safest and most effective way to help boost your health, or to reverse a condition, and maintain the best health ever; which is your birthright given to you by your Loving Creator God. If you stop and think about it for a moment: What loving parent would ever create their children to suffer in pain, limitation or in ill health? None. So it is with our Creator God, who is all Love and is Divine Perfection. So why do people get sick and experience limitations, then? This is where the Higher Divine Guidance comes in to Answer, yet is too long of a subject for this Page. We will be offering more Wisdom on this subject in the future...

Herbs are one of God's best Medicines and Nature's science of pharmacy

We only use the most effective, sound science proven herbs, as well as the 100% tested for Purity Herbs. We do not use any Herbs that are mind altering nor any ones that are able to weaken your energetic fields, like the plants in Allium Family, Cannabis, etc. in any of our Formulas, since we follow the Instruction and Wisdom of the Ascended Host of Light which are of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness and which have come to bless mankind through many Enlightened Teachers, like Beloved Jesus, Beloved Mother Mary, Beloved Buddha, Beloved Saint Germain, plus many Others who have been mankind's Benefactors since the beginning of times, yet of whom humanity is yet to learn about, and Who have come throughout the centuries to Lift and Purify and Illumine humanity and still are to this day, so that mankind can Free one selves; so we will only offer the plants that are approved by the This Conscious Wisdom of our own Healing Guides.

Since our Beloved Cosmic Teachers are working to return mankind and this world to God and the Divine Truth and Way of Being, They have warned us which those plants are, and as it has been revealed some can damage ones body, mind and soul, and prevent one from fulfilling ones Divine Plan of Destiny of ones embodiment here on earth, by coating the pineal gland and not allowing for ones Higher Self's intelligence to be developed and shine through. People are yet to learn about the depth of these subtle things and there are many well minded but not fully aware Herbalists, who do not know about the Spiritual imprints of plants, and therefore use and recommend what never should have been used if one wants full healing.

All of our Herbal Extract Formulas are designed to be able to be used daily in therapeutic or maintenance dosages, and they were specifically chosen for their clinically tested efficacy, as well as for their safety for an every day use as long as one needs and wants to support ones health through them.  

All of our Formulas are 100% plant based, proudly made in USA and are of Premium Quality! We do ship them worldwide and we take great care to wrap them in a protective shield when shipping Internationally in order to protect them from negative X-rays. We dos that for all of our products that require protection.

This world needs to return back into Purity and Harmony of God, from within and so without, and the only way that can happen is for humanity to learn how to take care of their bodies naturally and safely and not only on the physical, but energetic levels, too. This is why we offer these amazing Products and Knowledge here at YES! 

Come and enjoy the best health ever for yourself and your family with our 100% pure Formulas of Nature's Best Ever!


We wish you all the Blessings of Divine Well Being here and now!

~YES! Team