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YES! Master Matcha 30 grams (Premium Ceremonial/Medicinal Grade, Certified Organic and Bio Activated)

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There is literally no Matcha that compares in quality, taste, aroma and efficacy, anywhere in the USA!

Our Matcha is very rare and you will never find a comparison anywhere on the USA market, because this type Matcha is not commercialized on a wide scale.

Serving Amount:

30 grams (makes 30 servings when using 1/2 teaspoon per serving).

1/2 gram = 1/2 rounded teaspoon.

Our Matcha is harvested only once in spring to preserve the highest nutritional value, not up to three times as the regular ceremonial Matcha. It comes from a single family owned farm that has been cultivating it for hundreds of years in Japan for its medicinal purposes. There has never been any chemical pesticides or fertilizers used on this land and the bushes are grown under the shade of trimmed up conifer trees instead of under the commercial method of plastic shades.

Our YES! Master Matcha is truly the best of the only Premium and Medicinal Ceremonial Grade Matcha for your optimum health, mood, and longevity. 

Simply put, we wanted the highest quality for the medicinal purposes for ourselves and then made it available to you. 

Here at YES! we will never be without it.

It is Certified Organic, grown in natural setting at the farm that dates back to over 300 years in cultivation of the Camellia sinensis plant.  

It has been energetically and naturally bio activated via our technology for the best efficacy, which no other Matcha in the world will ever match! We will be posting photos of the energetic frozen imprint of this please check back often. 

The color is the deepest green and the taste is sweet, delicious and truly "out of this world". You can drink with just water, no sweeteners, unless you like it sweeter, or mix with plant based milk of your you can make delicious food creations and desserts with it as well, as we do not recommend any type culinary Matcha, which are simply lower grades, not even for your food creations, because why settle for less?

When you start drinking our YES! Master Matcha daily, you will never be the same, we know, and you will observe incredible changes in your health and vitality, like you have never experienced before. 

Are you ready?

  • High in Antioxidants.*
  • Brain boosting.*
  • Energy boosting.*
  • Cancer avoidance and treatment.*
  • Weight management.*
  • Eye health.*
  • Liver health.*
  • Brain fog buster.*
  • Skin beautifying.*
  • Helps burn belly fat.*
  • Rich in the most powerful catechin is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).*
  • Reduce inflammation.*
  • Reduce and reverse heart disease.*
  • Nero-protective.*
  • Boost mental alertness.*
  • Enhance relaxation.*
  • Improve mood, memory and concentration.*
  • Reduce mental decline.*
  • Hormone balancing.*
  • Boost Immunity.*
  • Anti-viral.*
  • Stress relief.*
  • Longevity.*
  • Heart Health.* 

Matcha drink can be prepared in several consistencies:

  • Usucha (thin). This thinner version uses about 1/2 teaspoon of matcha mixed with 3–4 ounces (89–118 mL) of hot or warm water. 
  • Standard. Most people mix 1 teaspoon of matcha powder with 2 ounces (59 mL) of hot or warm water. Dr. Light mixes 1 teaspoon with 4-5 oz of semi hot water.
  • Koicha (thick). Sometimes used in Japanese tea ceremonies, this thick version uses 2 teaspoons of matcha per 1 ounce (30 mL) of hot or warm water. 

You don’t need special equipment to make a good cup of Matcha. A cup, a teaspoon, and a small whisk will do just fine. If you do not have a small whisk, you can simply take a small glass Ball jar, place your desired amount of YES! Master Matcha Powder and pour the water (warm, hot or cold) over the powder, close well with a leak proof seal and shake vigorously until foamy or mixed well, or you can always blend it if you prefer. We shake ours in the Ball jar as taught by Dr. Light. 

Hot Water temperature range for best YES! Master Matcha Experience: 

When deciding how hot to have your water for the hot version, keep in mind that you do not want to have it hotter than 170F, and definitely not the boiling water temperature. The optimum temperature range for brewing Matcha is between 155F (68C) and 170F (77C). For warm Matcha, or cold Matcha this does not apply, of course. 

How is YES! Master Matcha different?

YES! Master Matcha is made through a small and detail oriented production through the centuries old family farm in Japan, without the use of any synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. 

It is grown under the shade of the trimmed conifer trees rather than the plastic shades. It is Certified Organic, stone ground, and truly the Premium Ceremonial Grade, making it Medicinal in its quality. It has been bio activated energetically and naturally via ARP Tech (life force has been enhanced), which makes it higher in photons and cellularly more effective. The new growth tender leaf tops are harvested only once in spring, rather than up to three times in most Matcha’s commercial production. This means less profit, but better and unique potency and quality. It is screened for purity and lab tested. 

It is stored in a Glass Container, rather than in tins since Matcha shows no reactivity with inert glass. Most producers store in aluminum tins for the transportation convenience, and to be able to store longer, but the aluminum is not the best when it comes to the reactivity of the Matcha powder, and by that we mean that Matcha acts differently when it touches aluminum and when it touches glass. It can actually lose some of its potency when stored in aluminum tins, but most people do not pay attention to that detail, since glass is much riskier to transport in. We can actually detect the difference in taste in our own Matcha when we stored and tested it in aluminum tins, and that’s why we decided to take the riskier yet better for quality route. 

We are the only ones that offer this kind of Matcha on the USA market, period, yet we decided to make it much more affordable, as this grade and potency would probably be twice as much for what you are getting. You are welcome!

There is only one YES! Master Matcha!



"I have been recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Heard about Dr. Light's work from a friend that was able to get me to experience her healing sessions and purchase this matcha she recommended before it was on the web, truly a blessing. Started on one tsp with warm water after breakfast morning and most days early evenings. Surprisingly it did not affect my sleep negatively even though I felt energetic but quite the opposite I started sleeping better. After only couple of days I noticed my energy stabilizing. Four weeks into it and I can now take only one tsp daily most days and no longer have any energy lows at all, no more brain fog, depression, mood changes and pain in my back. Thank you Dr. Light and team for all you do! " ~ Danielle

Please note: Our Matcha will give you A LOT OF SUSTAINED ENERGY throughout the day, but we do not recommend drinking it after 7PM, unless you work and nightshift and need to be awake. It can give you so much energy that if you drink later in the night, like most people you would probably not be able to fall asleep for a while. This person above is a rare exception, though. Not saying it's impossible, just making sure that you know. Be well, YES Health Team

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