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The Healing Light Service Crystals (57 grams)

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The Healing Light Service Crystals are a Tremendous Divine Gift to all humanity and Nature of the Ever Expanding Blessings of the Light of God that never fails to this world. They have brought and continue to bring Divine Solutions, Healings and Illumination wherever they are used and spread; and little goes a long way.

Spread them where you need God's Miracle Hand, Healings, Resolutions and Invincible Protection with Prevention of all wrong; and become a witness to This Great Light...

Package size: 57 grams

They are multiple tiny Amethyst and Clear Quartz Crystals, also termed by the Great Host of Light as "Crystal Seeds". They have been in our Healing Light Services, daily for many years and are now Permanently Attended to by the Cosmic Christ Light Beings for the Healing and Freedom of Earth and all upon it into the Eternal Harmony of the Great Divine Plan’s Fulfillment, Sustenance and Expansion for the Return of God's Victory of Heaven on Earth here to stay Forever! 

They have the Divine Healing and Protecting Quality that comes from the Highest Realms of God’s Perfection, which we are Calling forth daily into all on the earth, in the earth and in the atmosphere of the earth for the Freedom of all life out of all discordant human creations generated through wars, selfishness, etc. throughout the centuries; and which needs to be Divinely Purified by the Cosmic Light in order to Stop and Prevent any further desecration of God’s Gifts of Life present and future… 

We have many, many stories of Miracle Accomplishments and Manifestations of Light that are taking place wherever these have been spread or seeded and one day will share with all that are interested to hear so many of these Sacred Experiences of Healings, Illuminations, Solutions and Resolutions of making the so called impossible-Possible- God’s Way in order to offset the causes, effects, records and etheric memories of that which is not of the Light, but for now we must keep it in Silence as we are being Guided by the Great Host of Light: “to know, to do, to dare, and to be silent”.

They can be spread anywhere where the Victory of Light is needed present and future, as well as to dissolve all the destructive etheric records from the past, which are the cause of so many obstacles to actualizing that which is good. 

They Radiate Cosmic Peace of the Great Solar Quiet, Prosperity, Protection and the Strength of the Light of the Cosmic Christ Beings of Light, Who do and will be Pouring Forth through them hourly Infinite Indestructible Charge of the Sacred Fire Freedom and Victories of Light for the raising of humanity into their True Selves of their own Christ Divinity…

We hope you can help us in this Mission of the Healing Light Service and be a part of this Mission with us by helping us spread them wherever your Higher Self guides you. 

This Cosmic Christ Light’s Energy Charge can never be requalified in any bad way, cannot be broken and cannot be distorted by any one human being or all of humanity put together, therefore this Blessing and the Will of God will continue to Act, until Earth is Purified and Free from all human discord and Peace Reigns Supreme, Forever!

The Heaven on Earth starts and expands from within each one and then without.

How did this Sacred Service started?

This Sacred Cosmic Healing Light Service and Mission started after the Christ's Instruction given to both Dr. Light and her husband at the same time, although individually, the Revelation was exactly the same. Each one shared their Revelation of Instruction to the other of what needs to be done and how to do it, and it was precisely the same. They started on this Journey and became the instruments and witnesses of this God's Working Miracles of Light... At the Divine Timing we will Reveal more of this Story... We do not mean to be mysterious in any way, as that is not a natural way of being humble servants to the Light, but want you to know that we will be sharing more in time to come...

In the Instructions on how to spread, which come with the Crystals we will share more about the stories and what we have received from those Angel Friends that have been helping us in this Sacred Healing Light Service Journey.

We Thank you and Love you and Bless you, Forever!

Dr. Light and YES Lab Light Team