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Plasmatic Ionic Liquid POTASSIUM (8.70 oz)

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PIL Potassium=1500 ppm=7.5mg per one teaspoon, yet energetically 100 times more effective then those numbers will ever imply, due to its high electrical charge. 

This is why one may need less of our Minerals yet accomplish more with much better results! This is the best form of Potassium in the world, period.

Experience much better results and absorption then any other forms like: Potassium Chloride (poor absorption), Potassium Bicarbonate (poor absorption, too much salt effect), Potassium Citrate (not recommended) or any other Potassium compound; even any other Angstrom Size Ionic Minerals on the market, which are in general the most absorbable minerals, and one of the best Elemental Minerals can not compare with our Plasmatic Ionic Minerals, since the natural methods of ARP Tech's System through the energetic charging raises the voltage within these minerals, taking them to a whole new vibratory level and cellular bio activity, like we have never seen before.

Servings: Over 120

Serving Size: 1 teaspoon for adults, 1/2 teaspoon for children

Ways to take:

  1. Sublingual (under the tongue) wait 10-30 seconds and swallow the rest.
  2. In recipes with healthy foods, drinks, smoothies, and natural juices.
  3. In our YES Healing Drink (best and most practical way). Book available soon.
  4. Best combined with all of our other Plasmatic Ionic Minerals and the Plasmatic Essential Mineral Mix, due to the supporting synergistic effect. 

For Therapeutic Dosage: Depending upon ones deficiencies one may need to take more servings throughout the day. It is better to take more frequently throughout the day for the desired therapeutic effects then to take more at one time. This is why we have developed YES Healing Drink, which only takes 3 minutes to make each day (Book available soon) and is the most practical way of taking your Minerals, Mineral Compounds and Herbal Remedies in a specific way we developed for the best absorption and synergistic effect, through the ARP Tech, which will be explained in the Book. Look for it soon!

Remember this: All food and all nutrients are essentially "information" necessary for the perfect work of the body temple and all of its organs and systems. We are electrical in nature, and the higher the voltage of our bodies or the nutrients we intake, the higher the vibratory action, or the "Light" within the points of Light within ones cells. This is why our Plasmatic Ionic Minerals are beyond the measures, far ahead of their time and much more effective on all levels then any other minerals to this day. 

Our Plasmatic Ionic Liquid Minerals are the only Angstrom Size Ionic Minerals on the market that carry an extra electrical spark charge, or rather "Light Substance" within its structure due to the Permanent Bio Energetic Charge achieved through the proprietary methods of our ARP Tech's enhancements. This means more bio activity, more bio availability, more bio energetic action within the cellular permeability, and therefore more efficacy! We are going to be displaying the image photos that show the Energetic Imprints that prove this fact (coming soon), so thank you for your patience.

You simply won't find anything like this available, anywhere on the market, period. Due to the ARP Tech's Resonance, our Minerals are not limited to addressing only the physical aspects of our being, but the emotional as well. Most people do not realize how important is the constant sustenance of Harmony in ones own feeling "body", since over 75% of most diseases originate there and condense into the unbalances on the physical state. This is why our ARP Tech is so important to humanity. In every product you use from our line, you will be instilling more and more Peace and Harmony into your feeling world, which is such an important aspect in your being daily. This will enable more health and creativity, which is the Divine Way of living and everyone's birth right, endowed by our Creator. We invite you to use every single one of the Plasmatic Ionic Minerals we offer, because they are all very crucial for the ultimate health plan in today's day and age of toxic environmental pollution and depleted agricultural soils, and therefore depleted mineral reserves in the food supply.

Mineralization through our line of minerals is a crucial step in rebalancing and regenerating your health, vitality, stamina and vigor.  
Our mission is to help humanity, through our products, as much as possible to Harmonize the inner feelings, as well as to nourish, purify and strengthen ones physicality, creating a better world for everyone to live in. 

Besides the Permanent Bio Energetic Charge every one of our single Plasmatic Ionic Minerals has the 0.01% of over 72 supporting trace minerals and micronutrients necessary for any one of these minerals' best efficacy. This is something that none of the other minerals on the market have, yet a crucial and very necessary component. 

They are 100% Natural and have no Expiry Date. Which means they last forever! 

They are free of any and all synthetic substances, glutens, nuts, corn, alcohol, GMO's, preservatives, pesticides, colorings, and all animal products. 

Benefits of our Plasmatic Ionic Potassium

  • Ph Balance for Blood and Tissues 
  • Alkalizing Mineral that reduces acidity 
  • Essential Electrolyte
  • Muscular Support
  • Natural Diuretic 
  • Blood Pressure Lowering Support
  • Essential for the Cardiovascular System (together with Magnesium)
  • Works great for balancing Angina, Arrhythmias, Congestive Heart Failure 
  • Essential for mental illnesses and addictions
  • Nervous System support 
  • Cellular integrity support 
  • Emotional support
  • Stress support
  • Blood Sugar and Diabetes support 
  • Headaches support
  • Stamina and Strength support
  • Hypoglycemia support
  • Adrenal Glands support
  • Essential for the sufficient breaking down of the foods in ones body, and without it the foods can not be broken down into the proper compounds.