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Plasmatic Ionic Liquid ESSENTIAL MINERALS Mix CONCENTRATE (4.50z)

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PIL Essential Minerals Mix CONCENTRATE=50,000.00ppm=250mg per one teaspoon, yet energetically 100 times more effective then those numbers will ever imply, due to its high and permanent electrical Life Force Energy charge. 

This is why one may need less of our PIL Essential Minerals Mix CONCENTRATE, yet accomplish much more with better results! This is the best form of the sum of all Essential Minerals, Trace Minerals, and Micronutrients in the world, period.

It contains all the major minerals, most trace minerals and micronutrients necessary for the Optimum Health.

Experience much better results and absorption then any other forms of Minerals! 

Servings: Over 50

Serving Size: 1 teaspoon for adults, 1/2 teaspoon for children daily. More can be taken per need and throughout the day. We spray this Formula on all of our prepared food in order to enhance them with minerals, since most of the agricultural soils in which all of our foods are grown are depleted in many Major Minerals, and especially in Trace Minerals and Micronutrients (so crucial for myriad of bodily functions, as well as the absorption of Major Minerals), so it is a must to add extra Minerals to all of our food items, and our Essential Mineral Mix CONCENTRATE is the Perfect Solution!  It tastes wonderful in foods, and does not take away, but only enhances the taste of any of your foods!

Add it daily into your drinking water, your green smoothies, herbal teas, herbal lattes, soups, salads, salad dressings, or any and all main dishes of your choice. We would not be without this Gem of Wellness, not even for a day. It is an important part of our dietary regimen and our every day food preparation. In this day and age of rampant Mineral depletion in our foods, it is a must for everyone devoted to prime health, vitality, longevity and deep healing.

Did you know? Every single disease, and we mean-every single one- including minor and occasional depressions, and all the mental illnesses can be linked to some Major Mineral and Trace Minerals depletion.

Our bodies are constantly under the outer and for many inner "pressures"(exposure to synthetic chemicals, EMFs, ELFs, heavy metals, emotional trauma, etc.), and therefore the Mineral Reserves are constantly used up by the body to try to keep up the balance within the self healing and self regenerative bodily system, with which it has been created with. However, most peoples Mineral Base is so already depleted, and not able to keep up with all the "pressures" in order to keep regenerating the cells and therefore the bodily system and functions, and let alone the fact that even the best Organic Foods are still not 100% mineralized with the adequate numbers of crucial Minerals and Micronutrients; so it is imperative to use effective Mineral/Trace Mineral/Micronutrient Supplements in order to keep fueling the body with what it needs for its optimum functions, for Perfect Health and Vital Longevity!

Our Minerals are crucial and a must for daily nourishment and detox!

Ways to take:

  1. Can be taken in sublingual form. Take 1 teaspoon under the tongue and wait 10-30 seconds, swallow the rest.
  2. 1 teaspoon per serving depending upon which variant you have and the size of your dish, as well as how much you wish to mineralize your dish, in recipes with healthy foods, drinks, smoothies, natural juices, etc.
  3. In our YES Healing Drink (best and most practical way). Detailed Book with Instructions will be available soon.
  4. Can be combined with all of our other Single Plasmatic Ionic Minerals if needing to add more of any particular Mineral for deeper healing or remineralization or simply their healing properties.
  5. For Therapeutic Dosage: Depending upon ones chronic deficiencies and "pressures" that one is under, one may need more servings of the 1 teaspoon throughout the day. It is better to take more frequently throughout the day for the desired therapeutic effects then to take more at one time. This is why we have developed YES Healing Drink, which only takes 3 minutes to make each day (Book Available Soon) and is the most practical way of taking your Minerals, Mineral Compounds and Herbal Remedies in a specific way we have developed for the best absorption and the most synergistic effect, through the ARP Tech, which will be explained in the Book. Look for it soon!

Remember this: All food and all nutrients are essentially "information" necessary for the perfect work of the body temple and all of its organs and systems. We are electrical in nature, and the higher the voltage of our bodies through the nutrients we intake, the higher the vibratory action, or the "Life Force" within the points of Light within our cells. Because our Plasmatic Ionic Minerals do carry that extra "Life Force" that no other do, they are certainly beyond the measures, far ahead of their time and much more effective on all levels then any other minerals to this day. They do work, but you will have to determine how much you need to get back to your Mineral Base, through the remineralization process and then Maintain that Base, based upon your lifestyle and needs, in order to regain vigor, health and vital longevity. They are best combined with our Golden Ray Liquid Light Line, and soon a new surprise product that will be crucial for anyone who wants life free of disease, including aging and degradation in any way or form. 

Our Plasmatic Ionic Liquid Minerals are the only Ionic Minerals on the market that carry an extra electrical spark charge, or rather "Light Substance" within its structure due to the Permanent Bio Energetic Charge achieved through the proprietary methods of our ARP Tech's enhancements. This means more bio activity, more bio availability, more bio energetic action within the cellular permeability, and therefore more efficacy! We are going to be displaying the image photos that show the Energetic Imprints that prove this fact (coming soon), so thank you for your patience.

You simply won't find anything like this available, anywhere on the market, period. Due to the ARP Tech's Resonance, our Minerals are not limited to addressing only the physical aspects of our being, but the emotional as well. Most people do not realize how important is the constant sustenance of Harmony in ones own feeling "body", since over 75% of most diseases originate there and condense into the unbalances on the physical state. This is why our ARP Tech is so important to humanity. In every product you use from our line, you will be instilling more and more Peace and Harmony into your feeling world, which is such an important aspect in your being daily. This will enable more health and creativity, which is the Divine Way of living and everyone's birth right, endowed by our Loving Creator. We invite you to use every single one of the Plasmatic Ionic Minerals we offer, because they are all very crucial for the ultimate health plan in today's day and age of toxic environmental pollution and depleted agricultural soils, and therefore depleted mineral reserves in the food supply.

Mineralization or remineralization through our line of Minerals is the most crucial step in rebalancing and regenerating your health, vitality, stamina and vigor.  
Our mission is to help humanity, through our products, as much as possible to Harmonize the inner feelings, as well as to nourish, purify and strengthen ones physicality, creating a better world for everyone to live in. 

All of our PIL Minerals are 100% Natural and have no Expiry Date. This means they last forever! 

They are free of any and all synthetic substances, glutens, nuts, corn, alcohol, GMO's, preservatives, pesticides, colorings, and all animal products. 


  • Designed to help remineralize and rejuvenate all 11 bodily systems on cellular level and through best efficacy
  • Ph Balance for Blood and Tissues 
  • Better Sleep
  • Better Immunity
  • Better Circulation 
  • Reduces Anxiety, Stress and Depression 
  • Alkalizing Mineral Mix that reduces acidity 
  • Important for Bone Building (together with our Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, and Boron)
  • Essential for Muscle, Ligaments and Nerve support (together with our Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, and Boron)
  • Moisturizes the bowls and helps healthy bowl movements 
  • Essential Electrolyte
  • Necessary of proper and balanced  weight management 
  • Hormonal and metabolic support
  • Nourishes and Detoxes metals on the cellular level, especially in the brain structure
  • Improves joints, ligaments, muscle and tendons strength and elasticity 
  • Essential for the Cardiovascular System (together with our Magnesium and Potassium)
  • Essential for ending mental illnesses and addictions
  • Nervous System support 
  • Cellular integrity support 
  • Emotional support
  • Blood Sugar and Diabetes support 
  • Headaches support
  • Stamina and Strength support
  • Hypoglycemia support
  • Skin glow and youth
  • Teeth remineralization 
  • Adrenal Glands support
  • Essential for the efficient digestive enzymes' performance of breaking down the foods in ones body
  • Skin, Hair, Nail Health
  • Eye Health
  • Endurance and Muscle Strength 
  • Lung Health
  • Tinnitus support
  • Kidney and Liver Health
  • Digestion support
  • Spleen and Pancreas support
  • Prostate support
  • Healthy Blood sugar support 

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