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PET C60 Oil CONCENTRATE 99.99+% SOLVENT FREE 1 oz (30 ml) H2 Reinforced and ARP Tech Bio Activated

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Our Pet C60 Oil CONCENTRATE is the only Oil on the market that is formulated from the highest Isolate of 99.99+% raw C60 Fullerene that has never been processed with any form of Solvents from th begging to end of the process. It is the only Concentrated version of C60 Oil ever made for animals’ health, period, and the only ARP Tech Bio Activated and Molecular H2 Hydrogen Bonded for DOUBLE ANTIOXIDANT ACTION. This has never been done before and thanks to the proprietary methods of our ARP Tech, this Oil will not only deliver the scientifically proven benefits of C60 Fullerene, but the additional health benefits of Molecular, H2 Hydrogen. With many years of Research and Development in this field our YES! Scientific Team has delivered the most potent and most effective C60 Oil ever available, and which you will not find anywhere else. 

Dosage a day keeps the Vets Away!

This is the only CONCENTRATED version of C60 Fullerene with 25 grams of Carbon C60 per Suggested Serving. This is a big difference from 0.01mg-0.6 mg which is a norm on the market, and plus not to mention the lower grades (anything that is lower then 99.99+% C60 Isolates which all other companies use due to the lower cost) that have gone through the mixing with Solvent method. It is suited for all animals and the results will astound you!


  • Increase the Life Span (study on rats shows over 90% Increase)*
  • Reduce Inflammation*
  • Increase Immunity*
  • Brain Support*
  • Skeletal Support*
  • Increase Energy*
  • Increase Endurance*
  • Enhance Hair/Skin Health*
  • Increase Vitality*
  • Eye Support*
  • Speed up Recovery*

The Double Antioxidant Action

The Double Antioxidant Action of our PET H2 C60 Oil CONCENTRATE is achieved by reinforcing it with and binding it permanently with Molecular H2, Hydrogen. It is bio activated via ARP Tech naturally in order to raise its voltage and cellular efficacy. Simply put it is the most amazing Gift of Health that you can treat your Pets to better the quality of their life while with you!

It is specifically designed to help all animals of this world from so many toxins indoor and outdoor-daily and which are mostly bio accumulative and to which animals are more prone to be exposed to. In this way by the use of PET  H2 C60 Oil CONCENTRATE daily they can detox safely and live out their lives in a supreme health and happiness eliminating so many health issues and the high Vet costs of today, while improving their quality of life and therefore helping humanity become happier and much more stress free.

Serving Size: 8 drops
Amount Per Serving: 25 mg of 100% Solvent Free Raw 99.99+% C60 Fullerene  

Servings per Container and Dosages:
over 16 days supply (36-38 drops)
X Large Dogs:
over 42 days(14-16 drops)
Large Dogs:
over 49 days (12-14 drops)
Medium Size Dogs:
over 59 days (10-12 drops)
Small Size Dogs:
over 73 days (8-10 drops)
Cats and smaller animals:
over 73 days (8-10)

The best results are achieved if taken daily as a Supplement.


We have been working on this Oil since the year 2015 in R&D and were fortunate to encounter many pet owners who wanted to participate in the study and help us determine the best dosage and Concentration for many different types of animals. We saw that the Concentration of 25 mg per our Serving Size of Oil worked best for all animals, from little hamsters to cats, dogs and even to largest horses and settled on that particular dosage and Concentration. 

Our choice of 99.99+% C60 Fullerene Isolate is another plus for your Pets, since all other lower Isolates are lesser in quality and efficacy. They cost much, much less to produce, too. We did experiment with many grades and mixes, before we invested in the production of our own C60 Fullerene. We have seen that in the case of animals this Concentration and this particular methodology and our C60 Isolate has produced the most satisfactory results. Another benefit, that you will only find in our unique Pet C60 Oil and which we had to test before our theory has proven to be correct, is that it is reinforced with Molecular H2, Hydrogen Gas, which is one of the elements that we offer in most of our YES! Health Products for health and vital longevity. There are over 700 peer reviewed medical studies done on the benefits of this Medicinal Gas and what we have found is that C60 has a great affinity to it and can enhance and prolong its effects in the body, and vise verse. This breakthrough binding was made possible through our ARP Tech, which also further bio activates both H2 and C60. 

How to serve

Put the Recommended Dosage on their food daily.

Certified Organic Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil, 99.99+% Isolate of C60 Fullerene, Molecular H2 Hydrogen Gas.

We hope you and your pets will love it  for the Happier and Healthier World! 

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