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Peak Performance Rose CHOCOLATE (Happiness) (120 ml) 4.07 oz

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Delicious and Nutritious-over the Top! The best Chocolate ever! Just one teaspoon gives a burst of Sustained Energy, Uplift and Happiness, but at YES! we can eat the whole thing at once!

This Formula is Divinely Inspired by an Ancient Rose Healing shared to our Founder Dr. Mariana Light by one of her Angel Friends and Guides, Beloved Mary (Mother of Jesus the Christ). 

Uplifting health gem in a jar, loaded with incredible health benefits and the purest, most beneficial ingredients ever! 

  • Emotional Uplift.*
  • Beautifying.*
  • Harmony.*
  • Energy.*
  • Performance.*
  • Antioxidant.*
  • Brain Health.*
  • Happiness.*
  • Endurance.*
  • Nourishing.*
  • Longevity.*
  • Cardio.*
  • EMF's and ELF's Protection.*
  • Skin Health and Beauty.*
  • Comforting Feeling.*
  • Nervous System Support.*

Serving Size: 1 teaspoon
Serving per Container: 24 

Ingredients: OG Criollo Cacao,  OG Coconut, Monk Fruit, C60 WS Supreme, OG Truly Raw Almonds, Electrolytes, NMN, NAD+, Plasma of 24K Gold, 16 Probiotics, OG Vanilla Beans, Magnesium Orotate+, Silica Concentrate, OG Heirloom Rosa Damascena, Various Rose Frequencies and Divine Love.

Please note: We utilize a special preparation of the Heirloom Roses, all grown beyond Organic Standards. All Roses grown 100% naturally and with Love have the healing properties, but we believe that certain Heirloom Roses have the highest healing vibration.

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