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Patented Bio Active Nattokinase Enzyme (Naturally Coated) 50 grams

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The only Nattokinase Enzyme in the world with the Patented Natural Coating Technology to prevent it being damaged by gastric acid. It is systemic and crosses the BBB.

The only Nattokinase Enzyme in the world that is naturally Bio Activated  for better cellular efficacy.

 The world's most pleasant tasting, most effective, bio activated Nattokinase.




Studies show the following benefits:

  • Degrading to Spike Protein*
  • Optimum Circulation*
  • Cardio/Blood Pressure *
  • Memory Support*
  • Bio Film Dissolving*
  • Fibrin Dissolving*
  • Uric Acid Dissolving*
  • Lymphatic Flow*
  • Skin Health*
  • Flexibility*
  • Fast Recovery*
  • Immunity*

Serving Size: 1/4 teaspoon
Serving Amount: 1000 mg
Servings per Container: 100

How we use: 1/4-1/2 tsp daily in our YES! Health Shot, morning and evening. Can be used in YES! Health Smoothie, YES! Health Drink, daily or with water, or juice. It is also a part of our YES! Enzyme Therapy.

In Acute cases one may need 1/2 tsp 4-5 times per day. 
Unlike any other Nattokinase Enzymes, the taste is very pleasant.

Ingredients: 35,000 FU/gr Nattokinase made with non-GMO Soy (grown beyond organic methods, without the use of any synthetics).

Free of: Sugar, anything artificial.

What is by Beyond Organic?

Due to the weakening of Organic standards ever since governments have taken control of the regulations, in which certain unnatural compounds can still be used in a minimum quantity, and due to the fact that this has become a certifying business, many of the Organic Standards have been compromised in purity. We work with the farms that do not use any synthetic, chemical pesticides and no synthetic fertilizers, and therefore could easily be Certified Organic. However, rather then spending resources on Certifications, we are focused on investing into producing the most effective and purest products).


Keep in cool room temperature away from direct sunlight.No refrigeration necessary. 

Make sure you close it tightly after each use since it is highly hydroscopic!