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My ARMOR (C60 Magnesium-Leave On Life Force Body Spray) 8.70 oz

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My ARMOR (C60 Magnesium Leave On Life Force Body Spray) is designed to most effectively remineralize your entire body with Magnesium in its plasma state-the 4th state of matter- the most assimilable state through the special enhancement support of the C60 Fullerene in its water soluble state, recharge your Life Force, and protect your body on the cellular level through the largest organ-your skin-from the modern day environmental toxins (hormone disrupting chemical and heavy metal pollution), EMF's, ELF's, ionizing radiation pollution, spike protein transmissions, and pathogenic intruders. The latter is established via Resonant Plasma Fields in perfect synergy with our Bio Active Water Soluble C60 Fullerene and the Conifer Needles in their plasma state.


  • Help your body remineralize and rebuild healthy levels of Magnesium reserves fast in the most effective way possible. This is necessary for the proper performance of over 300 important bodily functions. The only spray which offers the most effective absorption of Magnesium on a subatomic level, due to the plasma state-4th state of matter of Magnesium in which way it can enter into the cellular pathways in its much more bio activated state for added benefits. This is the only transdermal Magnesium in its plasma state, with all the supporting trace elements and compounds and plus enhanced with the C60 Fullerene in its water soluble state, which enhances all the nutrients by multiple fold and makes them more cellularly effective.*
  • Rebuild Essential Magnesium and Trace Mineral reserves necessary for an overall health. The trace minerals make the Magnesium much more effective and beneficial in its role of hundreds of bodily functions in addition to their own benefits.*
  • Establish MSM (Organic Sulfur) reserves and rebuild Collagen. The subatomic MSM (Organic Sulfur from Maritime Tree Lignan) in its plasma state is amplified in its functions by over 80%. The benefits are endless, however in synergy with plasma state of Magnesium and Trace Minerals and the C60 Fullerene in its water soluble state, its benefits are further amplified.*
  • ​Strengthen your Life Force Field for optimum health.*
  • Protect your cells from toxic chemicals, heavy metal pollution, spike protein transmissions on cellular level. The plasma state of minerals neutralize heavy metal trace exposure.*
  • Protect and rejuvenate your peripheral nervous system.*
  • Neutralize the health damaging EMF's, ELF's, 4G, 5G wavelengths via ARP Tech's Plasma Fields through the protective biological resonance (not as a shield). One application lasts approx. 12 hours.*
  • Support the healthy micro flora in your body.*
  • Help to activate neuro-transmitting cellular and intercellular communications necessary for better bodily functions and health, especially your immunity.*
  • Great for muscle and bone recovery and strenght.*
  • Anti inflamatory.*
  • Support your energy levels during the day.*
  • Supports the muscle relaxation and rejuvenation during the night.*
  • Lymphatic system optimization.*
  • Neutralize Glyphosate, 2,4D, Oust and other toxic pesticides' effects.*
  • Helps your body establish harmonious mental and emotional state of being, due to the correct resonant levels of the 24K Gold in plasma state, which has a very peaceful effect upon the nervous system and the feelings of your emotional being.* 

    How to use:

    Spray several times into your palm of your hand and apply starting with your feet, lower legs, upper legs, lower back and stomach, upper part of the body, your arms, and neck. If you can not reach the upper back with your arms simply spray from the sides to cover the upper back and shoulders.

    Wait for 1-2 minutes until it completely absorbs into the skin and tissues. Leave it on and go ahead and dress with 'My Armor' On.

    Note: It will take longer for the palms of your hands to absorb it, because the skin is thicker there and since you will be using your palms to apply it, so you can just wipe off the access off the palms of your hands after your application. 


    One application's Protective Resonant  Plasma Field lasts 12 hours.

    It is best to apply after your shower (if showering), and leave on a whole day.

    For Remineralization and best radiation protective effects: Apply twice a day morning and evening.

    It takes 3 months of regular application, twice a day, morning and evening to establish the homeostasis of Magnesium on a cellular level. From there you can either apply it once a day and if you want more health buffering benefits and the 12 hour radiation protection, then twice a day.

    Chemical, EMF's, ELF's, ionizing radiation and environmental exposures:

    Daily modern lifestyle and exposures to Glyphosate, 2,4D and other environmentally toxic man made chemicals, even when in trace amounts whether internally via food, air and inhalation through the atmosphere or via skin's absorption is one of the greatest challenges in this world's existence besides the depleted soils from both essential minerals and from the healthy microbes necessary for a healthy environment and therefore our optimum health. These toxic substances which enter the body via skin, air, water or food are invisible, yet very persistent intruders upon ones health and known to cause so many hormonal unbalances and challenges, including the altering of ones brain chemistry, thinking and behavior; and often one of the main culprits behind many mental and emotional ups and downs, including many addictions to alcohol, smoking, drugs, sugar, etc.

    Even if you eat 100% Organic and 100% Pure, beyond organic diet, and the lowest on the food chain, like plant based diet (lowest in impurities), which is what we recommend; and even if you sleep on all organic bedding, and let's say have organic furniture (most furniture is loaded with toxic fire retardants, etc.) you are still exposed to the persistent atmospheric toxic pesticides, and countless toxic man made chemicals that cause the free radical damage and oxidative stress as a culprit of many diseases and aging. It has been found that most rain samples in North America have traces of Glyphosate's by-products (toxic weed killer used in agricultural lands in commercial farming, landscaping, in roadside sprays across America, golf courses, etc.) and most north Americans have the Glyphosate metabolites in our urine, meaning that our bodies have been imposed upon without our consent and have to process and deal with these toxic substances and with many of their by products and health degrading consequences.

    This can be very invasive, since these toxins do kill off not only the good microbes in our soils, disabling the vegetation to uptake certain crucial for health micronutrients, and plus the same thing happens to your immune system or rather your Army of Good Probiotic Bacteria in your gut, while disrupting your hormonal balance, and causing the leaky gut, leading to inflammation and an autoimmune response, allergies and diseases, including cancer. Besides protecting yourself by eating 100% Pure and lowest on the food chain (plant based) and avoiding places that spray the pesticides to the best of your ability, everyone needs to use My ARMOR (C60 Magnesium-Leave On Life Force Body Spray) to first of all nourish you body with the most important element Magnesium, of which the food supply is very short of due to the inadequate availability in our agricultural soils, and plus protect your body and system as mentioned above, via the largest organ, your skin.

    In the wake of the latest evidence to the negative effects of the exposures to the spike protein, our team has added Conifer Needles in plasma form into this mix in order to protect us and our clients from this new threat to our health freedom. The needles we use are harvested sustainably on our own Beyond Organic YES Farm and Forest. 

    The good news is that despite too many environmental intruders upon ones health, we are not without help!

    ARMOR your body with My ARMOR (C60 Magnesium-Leave On Life Force Body Spray) every day and night and feel the true difference this will make in your daily activities and health!


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