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Magic Forest (Conifer Needle) Honey (6 oz/ 177 ml)

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Transport yourself to Heaven on Earth through this Magic Forest Honey!

Enjoy the Purest taste of Forest Magic and Love in honey form from our YES Heaven on Earth Farm, harvested without ever hurting any bees via advanced bee keeping equipment and where bees are never fed sugar for dormant months, but allowed to eat their own honey and only excess is harvested (limited quantity applies).

Pair it with our Conifer Needle Power Tea and you will be in Heaven on Earth, we promise. This is so soothing to the nervous system and very helpful during detox or whenever under stress or you simply want to bathe your being and soul in our YES Magic Forest. 

Ingredients: 100% Pure Wild Blackberry, Wild Flower Honey, Douglas Fir Needle Tips, Pine Needles Tips and Love.

Serving Size: 1/2 teaspoons Servings per container: 70

Enjoy the Forest Vigor and Bliss!


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