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Golden Radiance H2 C60 Fullerene FACE CREAM (60 ml)*Beyond Organic. ALIVE!

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Beyond Organic in Purity Standards for every single ingredient!

Golden Radiance FACE CREAM is made with a super concentrated C60 Fullerenes in water soluble state and H2 in plasma state for the top antioxidant action, and is now upgraded with our therapeutic and food grade Pine Needle Oil and Cultured Ginseng Root for more incredible skin health benefits!

It will take years off of your face naturally!

Hydrogen H2 and C60 Fullerenes Active. Enzyme Active. Probiotic Active. Beyond Raw and Beyond Organic in Purity Standards. ALIVE and blazing with Harmonizing Life Force Energy!

Makes your skin soft and silky, lifts and tightens, lightens the wrinkles and age/sun spots, works on warts, skin tags, skin fungus, stops itching and helps relive pain, too. There is nothing so amazing as this Cream, and you will know it once you try it.

There are over 800 peer reviewed medical studies that prove the effects of Active Hydrogen, H2 for health and our patented solution of C60 super concentrate in its water soluble state. Now you can enjoy these benefits on your face and skin in its far superior plasma state as well as the top antioxidant action of our C60 in water solution!


The Advanced Resonant Plasma Energy Fields that radiate from the Golden Radiance Face Cream are very soothing and harmonizing to ones emotional and mental state of being. 

Though the ARP Tech's Power of Harmonious Energy which the GR Face Cream Radiates, you will be giving your skin and your soul (emotions) the best nourishment ever!  

100% Vegan. 100% Natural and Beyond Organic. 0% Stabilizers and 0% Synthetic Chemicals! 

Made with the Purest and Beyond Organic Plant Based Ingredients through the natural ways of our Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology.

About its use

2-3 month supply with regular use twice a day, morning and evening. Little goes a long way!

Apply gently and rub it in circular motion every morning and evening and feel the long lasting moisturized, hydrated and nourished skin all day and night.

Works for all ages and all skin types!


Supreme Antioxidant Action!*

  • Moisturizing.*
  • Hydrating.*
  • Rejuvenating.*
  • Positive Reports on: burns, blemishes, bruises, infections, pain/inflammation, dermatitis, eczema, rosacea, acne, skin cancer, and more.*
  • Repairing.*
  • Collagen building.*
  • Tightening and lifting.*
  • Wrinkle and Age Spot softening.* 
  • Healthy Skin Glow and Radiance.*
  • Relieves itching.*
  • Gently Detoxing and Repairing the dermis cellular structure.* 
  • Removes skin tags.*
  • Naturally Antiviral, Antibacterial, Anti fungal, and Antimicrobial.*
  • Reduces Muscle and Joint Pain.*
  • Works for back pain.*
  • Helps speed up healing of injuries.* 
  • Relieves itching.* 


  • ARP Tech Filed protects from the EMFs, ELFs and ionizing Radiation via biological pathways (not though the shielding process).*
  • Emotional Balancing.*
Bursting with the Healing Life-Force and Beyond RAW, it is Alive.

It is Literally the Light Substance in the form of Face Cream! To know it is to experience it.

Purest Ingredients Organic and Beyond Organic:

Water Soluble C60 Fullerene, Plasma state of 24K Gold, Active H2 (plasma state), Natural Rose Quartz Crystals, Rose, Myrrh, Frankincense, Silica, Organic Sulfur MSM,  Acerola (Vitamin C Complex), Argan Oil, Enzymes, Probiotics, Hyaluronic Acid, NAD+, NMN, Plasma of Minerals, Trace Minerals, Therapeutic Grade Pine Needle Oil, Cultured Ginseng Root, Harmonious Hz Frequencies and Love.

The only face cream in the world that can not only nourish and regenerate your skin, but helps radiate more peaceful and harmonizing energy into your emotions naturally, as well as protects your brain from negative radiation of EMF's, ELF's, ioniozing radiation-via ARP Tech Fields. 

Housed in a reusable food grade silicone containers, which allows the Energy Life Force to expand.



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