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Eagle Eyes FORMULA 2 (120 Caps)

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Custom Formulated Natural Support for Optimum Eye Health-Advanced Resonant Plasma Bio Activated. 

Our 100% Natural and Custom Eagle Eyes FORMULA 2 utilizes the ancient herbal wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda Herbal Wisdom in combination with ARP Tech's Life Force Energy Bio Activation for the optimum function and maximum efficacy. It is the only Herbal Eye Health and Support Formula on the market that carries an extra electrical plasmatic charge, enabling for better cellular absorption and much better results! All ingredients in this Formula were individually and carefully chosen herbal extracts, and are all organically grown without the use of any pesticides and or synthetic fertilizers; proven through time and science of many medical and case studies to support the eye health. They have been used for thousands of years as traditional herbal remedies grown by Mother Nature for our endless benefits, without any side effects. Besides the primary medicinal properties, the secondary benefits of this Formula will also support other bodily functions and organs (liver, brain and nerve health). Simply put, this is the best and supreme Supplement Formula for the eyes and in combination with our Eagle Eyes FORMULA 1 it is the most complete Eye Health Protocol one can treat oneself to daily.

Note: All Herbs and natural nutrients have their Primary, and Secondary properties and Functions. In Nature the combination of all these is very important for their synergistic and culminating health effects. If an herb is primarily used for Eye Health, or any other organ's Health you can count on the fact that it will have many other supporting functions.

  • Supports an overall Eye Health as a Primary Function.*
  • Supports Liver, Brain and Nerve Health as a Secondary Function.*
  • Prevents and reverses optic nerve damage.*
  • Supports and Improves Vision as a daily Supplement, results culminate in time and daily use is the key.*
  • Protects Eyes from Environmental Pollution.*  
  • Cataracts Prevention and Recovery support.*
  • Macular Degeneration Prevention and Recovery support.*  


Servings per Container: 120 Vegan Caps

Ingredients (all ARP Tech naturally Bio Activated):
100% Natural and Organically Grown Proprietary Herbal Extract Blend of Euphrasia officinalis, Chrysanthemum, Lutein (from Marigold Flowers), Poria, Rehmannia, Lycium, Dioscorea, Bilberry, B. Currant, Cornus, Paeonia, Alisma, Rhodiola rosea. 
Other Ingredients: None.
Free of: Corn, Soy, Gluten, Nuts, GMO’s, Artificial Coloring, Preservatives, Lactose, all animal products, Wheat, Pesticides, BSE, Yeast, Sodium and Alcohol.

Directions: Therapeutic Dosage: 2-3 Vegan caps, 2-3 times per day preferably with meals. For best results take morning, afternoon and evening for as long as needed, or best taken in our YES! Health Drink daily with other synergistic components. Our YES! Health Drink is the most practical way to take all your herbs (Info coming soon).
Maintenance Dosage: 1 Vegan cap, 2 times per day. Increase to 3 times per day per need, as directed by your health care practitioner, or our ARP Tech YES! Health Minister.

Important Notes on Results and Timing: Herbal Extracts are not the same as regular herbal powders. They are much more concentrated and therefore in most cases much more effective. Unlike synthetic drugs, they are safe and natural compounds that focus on correcting the underlying causes, rather then on covering up the symptoms, which is the correct approach to address any health unbalance. For this complete healing to take place, time and your patience, persistence and perseverance is the key, and the rewards for that are simply wonderful! When it comes to complete healing and retaining that healing in years to come, it is also important to understand that our bodies are not only physical, but in fact we are all multidimensional in nature, which includes emotional, mental and etheric "body" (the one your consciousness enters while asleep), and besides the herbal remedies, proper dietary plan, as well the emotional healing approach (see our other products which do address that) and beyond, must be applied for complete healing to take place. We will offer further Knowledge in these subjects through our books very soon. Going back to this and our other herbal remedies, it is always best to use them for their primary function when supporting the particular organ's health, and or recovery. The timing for healing is very unique and varies for each individual's unique situation. Generally speaking, minimum use of this Formula for the best results, on the Therapeutic Dosage is 6-8 months, and daily. Longer time may be necessary depending upon the depth (duration of the health imbalance, age, severity, etc.) of ones own unique situation. The continuation of its use is crucial in order to support the eyes and protect from pollution, but it must be done as a discipline. Our other Custom Herbal Formulas can be combined if supporting the health of other organs and or systems. This is best done through our Healing Drink (Instruction will be available for purchase soon). We can not emphasize enough the importance of the daily use and discipline as a key to ones successes. Herbs can only work 100% if used every day and in a correct sequence throughout the day and properly.

For constant support, maintenance dosage as a Food Supplement needs to be considered after a certain period of time is spent on the Therapeutic Dosage. This is the best health insurance you can buy to insure your eye health, to reverse, protect your eyes and prevent the struggle in years to come.

This formula works for both prevention and reversal!

We have brought forth the best, now it is your turn to apply it and use it daily and experience the real difference!

This Formula is a must for everyone concerned with their Optimum Eye Health!

Refrigeration: Not necessary.

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