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DETOXXX C60WS Nano Silver CONCENTRATE (1.22 oz, 36 ml)

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Specifically designed to detox Cross Domain Bacteria, which is a culprit of so many health issues, including abnormal blood clotting, and which entire humanity has been contaminated with through aerial geoengineering sprays

Who needs this detox?

There's nobody that does not need this daily, since the entire atmosphere has been sprayed with these toxins for over 3 decades through the covert programs.

The ARP Tech C60 WS Nano Silver CONCENTRATE is a special synergy created from ARP Tech charged Nano Silver in 3600 PPM concentration and the specific  concentration of our water soluble C60 WS as the only bio activated and potentiated nano scale silver that is a must for anyone wanting to avoid health challenges which  are sure to come with the environmental, food, vaccine, PCR test exposures, the genetically engineered Cross Domain Bacteria that has been secretly imposed upon humanity for many decades and especially in recent years, since 2019. 

The special instructions Protocol comes with the product. 

The taste is pleasant and neutral.

Ingredients: Nano Silver, C60 WS Supreme Concentrate and Purified H2 Water.