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Advancing our Health and Wellness on all levels above all dis-ease!*

Golden Ray-Liquid Light CONCENTRATE is amplified by 500% in comparison to our non concentrated version. This means much faster results and deeper healing on cellular level!*

Made with pure and completely natural subatomic plasma of 24K Gold, over 360 subatomic organic and wild crafted herbs and superfoods in plasma state from custom (non alcoholic) extracts, and over 1000 Harmonious for Health Hz Frequencies, including the Resonance of the healing energy of the Golden Ray for the balancing of all systemic and emotional conditions.  In the subatomic state our body will match the energetic imprints of any and all ingredients it needs through its own self selective and self healing intelligence and mechanism, bypassing the digestion system!*

NOTE: Due to the large volume of questions we receive daily about this, we are posting this here: Golden Ray Liquid Light CONCENTRATE is NOT Ocean or Sea Plasma, it is NOT ORMUS, or monoatomic Gold. Also, it is made through an entirely unique custom made system that is very different from what you can find on the web. We utilize Advanced Combination of three different aspects of the Plasma Technology, and only one of them is currently known in the outer world. The other two are not known and are not available, but through our unique developments, which also add the Resonance and Radionics aspect into our Liquids, in a very special manner that is much more complex then just exposing the liquids to the Frequencies. This is the additional Knowledge gifted to us by our Teachers and Guides; and has never been done before, and therefore the name: Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology (ARP Tech).  


The following below are not the health claims, but possible effects that we have observed in our research and testing and may or may not occur for everyone, depending upon so many life variables. Remember, we do not believe nor claim that it is our products that do any adjusting to the body, but know that it is God's Higher Intelligence of the Self Healing Mechanism that does all the healing once you give your body what it needs and omit what it doesn't.*

  • Pineal Gland Purifying.*
  • Balanced and prolonged energy and endurance.*
  • Helps our bodies eliminate inflammation and pain.*
  • Less need for atomic food (may decrease by up to 1/2 in size and frequency).*
  • Heightened athletic performance and faster recovery rate.*
  • Rebalancing to many metabolic functions.*
  • Weight balancing.* 
  • Establishes an inner Resonant plasma Field for whole body EMF Protection.*
  • Raises the body's voltage and bio photon resonance within the cells.*
  • Cleanses nuclear and all negative radiation, including chemo.*
  • Anti-viral, anti-bacterial (nano), anti-fungal, anti-parasitical, anti-mutation.*
  • Protects the cells against mutation.*
  • DNA and RNA repair and cell regeneration.* 
  • Balancing to all the essential precursors for total body health and well being.*
  • Purifying, cleansing and harmonizing to the body, mind and emotions.*
  • Expanding to the Life/Light (Bio Photons) Force within the cells.*
  • Decalcifying to the pineal gland.* 
  • Cleansing to the brain structure from heavy metals and pathogens.* 
  • Promoting natural inner peace and joy.*
  • Helping the body, mind and emotions rebalance.*
  • Raises the atomic structure's Vibratory Rate.* 
  • Transmuting to lesser dis-ease causing frequencies.*
  • Heightened Connection to the Source.*
  • Heightened Intuition.* 
  • and much more...*

Contains: Plasma Fields of subatomic state of all minerals, trace minerals, amino acids and nutrients known to man, as well as the amplified subatomic plasma of pure 24K Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Keep in mind: Our bodies convert food into gases in liquid plasma subatomic form and utilize that energy, and its properties, while it eliminates the atomic waste. In this process body uses a lot of its own energy to process and eliminate. Golden Ray-Liquid Light™  CONCENTRATE is already in the form of concentrated energy that our bodies can use immediately. 




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