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COBALT Plasmatic Ionic Mineral-C60 Fullerene Enhanced (8.70 oz) 257ml

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8.70 Fl. oz (257 ml) Bottle

Serving Size: 2.5 ml (0.5 teaspoon)
Servings per container: >102

Ingredients: 99.99% Pure PIL Cobalt, Subatomic Water, 0.01% supporting trace minerals, and C60 Fullerene.  

Other Ingredients: None.

Free of: GMO’s, gluten, soy, corn, wheat, preservatives, coloring, nuts, artificial flavors, alcohol, all animal products and fillers. 

What are PIL Minerals? Plasmatic Ionic Liquid Minerals are the only natural liquid minerals ever created that carry a spectrum of electrical spark charges, or rather Life Force of Plasmatic "Light Substance" within their structure. Not only are our PIL Minerals 100% Absorbable on the cellular level, bypassing the digestive tract, but their effect is Amplified, Enhanced and Prolonged greatly by the natural ARP Tech's Enhancements and the C60 Fullerene in water soluble state. These unique features can not compare our Minerals to any other Ionic Minerals on the market.

Specification: +/- 6 parts per million

Note: Due to the enhanced efficacy and prolonged delivery one will require less of our minerals to achieve superior results. The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) does not compare to our mineral count, due to their unique nature, nor does any other Ionic Mineral, due to the three following factors:

1. Plasmatic Light and Life Force Energy ARP Tech's natural Bio Activation 

This delivers extra electronic force to the cells for a compounding effect of the subject element and releases the extra energetic electric charge to radiate and sustain the vibratory action of that element in an amplified cellular sequence

2. Additional Supporting Trace Micronutrients

No isolated Element, or mineral can ever perform its function in its optimum expression, without the important supporting micronutrients. The micronutrients are present in less then 0.01% in all our PIL Minerals in order to make each and every one of them the most effective in its function. These are the natural bio activated plant based micronutrients from the ancient plant based source and in their plasma state. Note: plasma state is currently considered a 4th state of matter by science; however, our team would not agree with that statement and feels that it is one of the primordial states from which other states have descended as they got denser due to their slowed down vibratory rate, etc., a long subject which we won't go into here. 

3. Additional Enhancement of the C60 Fullerene Molecules in the optimum proprietary proportion in its water soluble state. The C60 Fullerene, or Carbon C60 Molecules are natural Molecules that are found in Nature and Space. It is the most stable Molecule with 60 Carbon Atoms around its "soccer ball shape". It has its own myriad of health properties as one of the top antioxidants ever discovered to this day, and so much more. Studies have demonstrated that this Molecule can help enhance all nutrition. In this application with PIL Minerals it is used in its most supportive function to enable the prolonged interface of an Element used, which means to enable the nutrient to give off of its "information" to the cell in an enhanced and prolonged duration.