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YES! Coconut Cream (Frozen 4 Pack of 30 Fl. oz each, Total 120 Fl. oz.) Certified Organic

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Total of 240 Fl. oz (Frozen) 4 Pack of 60 Fl. oz each).


Shipping Zone: Only Available within the 48 Continental States within the USA. Please do not purchase if your zone is not within this. Thank you.

This item ships separately from any of your other order items and via 2 day air service every Tuesday of every week. All orders placed on and after Tuesday ship the following Tuesday. 

Free of Xantham Gum, Guar Gum and Carageenan, so everyone can enjoy! 


Welcome to the yummiest, freshest, mildest and the best dairy alternative Certified Organic YES! Coconut Cream!


Are you ready to experience what we know is the most delicious Coconut Cream and plus create the most amazing healthy plant based delights that are sure to win all hearts? 

The only Certified Organic Coconut Cream that has the mildest dairy like taste, free of all preservatives and gum thickeners and ARP Tech energetically harmonized for increased Life Force. 

Shipping Zones:

Only Available within the 48 Continental States within USA. Please do not purchase this item if you are out of the Shipping Zone. If you purchase this item in error, the 5% restocking fee will apply in order to cancel your order. 


How to work with YES! Coconut Cream

The Cream is shipped frozen with an ice pack in 4 pack pouches, each one containing 30 oz of Frozen Cream.
The 4 vacuum packed pouches are BPA/BPS Free. By the time it reaches you, it will thaw out, depending upon your location.
You will need to store it in a freezer, unless you open that day and use it up to seven to ten days (depending upon the temperature in your fridge) in which case you can store it in the refrigerator.

A) What will happen if you store your cream in the refrigerator for longer then seven to ten days instead of freezer as recommended?
  1. If you leave it in the bag unopened in the fridge it will likely start to just naturally culture itself into a cultured cream simply because there are good bacterias in this cream found naturally which will start turning it into a sour cream.
  2. If you open the pouch you will need to transfer it into a clean sanitized vessel. If the environment in your fridge is clean, meaning there aren't any pathogenic bacteria it may last even past 7 days after opening it, before turning into a sour cream. If the environment is not clean or your storage vessel was not clean it may spoil. 

How to re-texture the Cream and smooth it out after it has thawed out?

Please note: Once you receive your frozen cream, it will already be in its thawed out state. You will need to store it in a freezer until ready to open and use. Since there are no gum thickeners in this 100% unaltered Coconut Cream the small coconut solids start to separate naturally once its thawed out completely. In order to smooth it out all you need to do is shake the pouch before opening and place the amount of content you wish to use in a blender on low to medium speed (depending upon your blender) and the texture will smooth itself out into nice and creamy consistency. Now you can use it to make all kinds of delicious recipes.