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ARP Tech YES! OPTIMUM Health Consultation (1 hour) with Dr. Light

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The ARP Tech YES! Health Consultation is a one hour maximum Zoom Meeting Consultation.

Once you purchase your space, you will be contacted by one of our ARP Tech YES! Health Team members and you will be sent a Questionnaire to fill out first.

Dr. Light has over 24 years of experience in Holistic Health, Natural Plant Based Nutrition, Vibrational Medicine, Light Energy Medicine and Science and is Licensed for this service. She is also an Energy Healer and you will be receiving the Energy Healing Support while in Session.

By purchasing this Consultation you are consenting to all of our TERMS OF SERVICE AND CONDITIONS.

Please Note: We can not Cancel this appointment for a full refund and there's a 15% non refundable Merchant Fee if you decide to cancel, therefore when you purchase this Consultation you are consenting and agreeing to this charge. 

Once you purchase your Consultation, we will also send you a schedule. Normally, Dr. Light is booked 2 -3 weeks in advance, but we can look into scheduling you sooner if this is a time sensitive need.


This Consultation does not include any of our Remedies and Formulas, and it does not include a Written Protocol. If you wish to have the Protocol Written for you with all of the dosages and other important info given during the consultation, you would need to purchase a 3 hour Consultation, instead.

This Consultation offers an Education guidance and which steps you need to take to your invincible health and transformation.

Purchase this Consultation only if you are ready for change into a whole new level of your well being!We wish you Optimum Health and Well Being! ~YES! Health Team

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