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Topical C60 Magical Oil (8 oz)

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Welcome to our new addition product! Three years in Research and Development and finally ready!

Got long standing and overdue chronic pain? Got temporary pain? Try our H2 C60 MAGICAL OIL for Topical Application only. 

This oil can be used as a Poultice or simply applied to the area of need.

  • Muscles Pain relief
  • Joints Pain relief
  • Ligaments Pain relief
  • Liver Rejuvenation, Detox
  • Brain Detox
  • Back, Neck, Shoulder Pain relief
  • Headaches relief
  • Knee Rejuvenation and Pain relief
  • Kidneys Rejuvenation, Detox

Directions as poultice: Dampen a natural cloth the size of your need with the Magical Oil. Place on the area of your body needing rejuvenating effect or healing. Wrap with plastic  wrap to prevent the oil getting unto your clothing. Wear until the desired effects are reached. Keep adding the Oil when needed.
Directions for pain relief: Take as much oil as needed and rub into any area of the surface bodily pain. Reapply when needed.

Ingredients: Proprietary mix of 100% Natural Plasma State Minerals, Hydrogen in Plasma State, 24 K Gold in Plasma State, 99.99+% Solvent Free C60 Fullerene, Therapeutic Grade Organic Peppermint, Proprietary Mix Castor Oil in Plasma State, Subatomic State of 21 Organic/Wildcrafted Herbs.

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