YES Presents simple and effective Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology Solutions for Health

Resonant Light Technology


YES Team has been testing, researching and working with various Radionics Devices for well being since year of 1996. 

This is why we have partnered with Resonant Light Tech in order to combine our ARP Tech product developments with the Resonant Light Tech for the best results.

Dr. Mariana has developed her own Health Protocols for the Resonant Light Tech based on her research experience specifically designed for her clients. You can inquire about purchasing and price of those Health Protocols that she has an experience work best directly at:  

Resonant Light Technology is used for research purposes only, and utilizes the therapeutic wavelengths of various groups of specific energy frequencies. YES Team has been experimenting with these frequencies as an effective means of self healing any and all bodily systems harmoniously, to target any specific pathogen or a group, or any health unbalance.

The PERL M+ unit is a broadcaster of the frequencies and the ProGen 3 is the device where all of the pre programed frequencies are stored and operated from. 

The PERL M+ broadcaster wavelengths reach up to 30 ft radius and allow you to multi task, and move freely while in your Radionics Sessions. YES Lab utilizes the ARP Tech Cell on the PERL M+ broadcaster for the enhanced wave lengths' efficacy. The ARP Tech Cells are made by YES Lab, USA and are only available directly from the YES Lab, not from the Resonant Light Tech, and we believe that our ARP Tech enhances the Resonant Light Tech's efficacy.

The ProGen 3 can be used with any of the conductive attachments like belt, gloves, or other, and it can be plugged into a PERL M+ broadcaster.

When on our Golden Ray Liquid Light Concentrate and our Champion C60 WS Concentrate daily the Resonant Light Tech will act much more effectively due to the enhanced conductivity, etc. 


To purchase and receive a Special Discount (already included within the prices) and available exclusively for our YES customers:   

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