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Resonant Light Technology


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YES Team has been testing, researching and working with various Radionics Devices for Well Being since the year of 2007. This has included a great deal of research and development of our own Radionics and Resonance Technological Systems which in the year of 2015 have finally merged with the three aspects of Plasma Technology (mainly Keshe, Fusion and Etherealization) into one, which is now called an Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology and is the guiding principle behind all of our products. 

ARP Tech system is designed to produce the most effective wellness products available through the focus of concentrating the Life Force Energy of the Electronic Force into the self sustained concentrated conductive substance, called Resonant Plasma Seed; qualified with harmonious vibratory action and utilized for all of our products in the most appropriate ways. This is one of the technological developments that is ahead of its time, whose time is here and now to be learned, understood and utilized in conjunction with other natural modalities for the uplift of humanity on all levels, physical, mental and emotional, according to ones own acceptance and willingness to self heal, purify oneself, expand ones consciousness and knowledge. 

The below Radionics PERL M+ machine is used in many of our YES ARP Tech Health Protocols, mainly for research and which are not to be confused with our ARP Tech System used for charging and or producing any of our own ARP Tech Products; that is a totally separate and unique custom system. PERL M+ machine has been a part of our Research and Development since the year of 2013, and our findings are that its therapeutic effectiveness is greatly amplified by utilizing our ARP Tech Products. Utilizing our ARP Tech Health Wear and any of our ARP Tech Charged Products have all enhanced the efficacy of the Radionics PERL M+ Health Protocols, and vice verse.

This is why we have decided to partner up with the Resonant Light Technology Team, who we view as the world's leaders in the Radionics for wellness field, and who we feel offer one of the the most effective ways to restore, maintain and expand our wellness in conjunction with our ARP Tech Product Line, as they work so well together. 

What is it

Resonant Light Technology is used for research and experimentation purposes only, and utilizes the therapeutic wavelengths of various groups of specific energy frequencies. YES Team has been experimenting with these frequencies as an effective means of self healing any and all bodily systems harmoniously, to target any specific pathogen or a group, or any health unbalance. It will broadcast its wavelengths for up to 30 ft radius and allow you to multi task, and move freely while in your Radionics Sessions. If you are wearing any of our ARP Tech Health Wear Gear you will experience much greater efficacy. We highly recommend wearing as many of our ARP Tech Health Wear choices as possible every day, and specially while in session. The reason for this is that the Resonant Plasma Seed within our ARP Tech Health Wear has a highly conductive concentrated Electronic Force Substance that can positively amplify the harmonious wavelengths emanated through the PERL M+ in a most balanced way, and especially assist with the emotional balancing while your system is going through the healing process. It is a harmonious substance designed for the rebalancing and expanding of the life force energy flowing through all our bodily systems, especially our emotional body, and helps lessen the negative energetic patterns originating from the environment, including the negative radiation, nuclear radiation, negative EMFs, ELFs, etc.  

We will work with each one of you to determine a sound Custom Health Protocol needed for your own experience to be programmed into your Pro Gen (you can order up to three to be hooked up into the PERL M+ broadcaster) in conjunction with our ARP Tech Product Line. The Resonant Light Technology Team is also here to continue to offer knowledge, guidance and a continual support for their machine in particular (not our products), as we work together to make your use of our own unique products successful.

Your overall wellness is our number one goal

There are 39 Banks of frequency Health Protocols per each Pro Gen (each lasting their certain period of time ranging from 15 minutes to 2.5 hours or more) for every imaginable unbalance that can be programmed into your machine, for your experimentation and you can purchase up to 3 Pro Gens, which means we can have it programmed for up to 117 Protocols into your machine. In this way you can experience and experiment with various frequencies targeting the microorganisms, pathogens, fungus, mold, synthetic chemical detox, various organs' support, inflammation, pain, etc. We have done this for our own bodies and enjoy the added benefits of being able to benefit these wavelengths into our  environment for up to 30 ft radius (via the Broadcaster-the housing PERL M+ box with the Plasma Light Tube Attachment). 


Besides using any of our products and those mentioned above to enhance the efficacy of the PERL M+ machine we have developed and are still testing an ARP Tech Cell HealthTube™, which is an additional simple device that when used as an attachment directly unto to the Broadcaster PERL M+ Box, or simply held within your hand, or placed on any part of the body part needing more attention while in the Session will amplify the effectiveness of the frequency Health Protocol. This will be available soon.


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These devices exist to help you research and learn more about frequency machines, frequencies and PEMF devices that provide such frequencies. The information on, or linked from our website should not be construed as medical advice. The information and products are provided for educational and research purposes only, and by using the information and the products we provide you accept all responsibility for any actions you may take. No claims for any purpose are stated or implied, and we and our partners are in no way responsible for the information supplied or use of the products for anything beyond responsible research.