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Welcome to our YES! Blog. 

Our Blog is about:

Eternal Laws of Life and fulfilling your Divine Plan in this embodiment without fail!

My name is Dr. Mariana Light and I will be your guide through this wonderful journey!

I will share the Cosmic, Original and Eternal Laws of Life, Energy and Vibration, as well as the Laws of Cosmic Light Substance and Sacred Fire with those of you who are ready to learn the deep Truths of Life through Divine Service, Science, Healing and Illumination, according to the Wisdom of the Great Cosmic Beings of Light, which I term Cosmic Christ.

I will teach you which substances and habits to avoid and transmute if you want true success and happiness in life, and limitless supply of every good thing; as well as what wonderful health habits to cultivate and beyond.

I will also share the Divine recipes that are in balance with the Cosmic Laws of Life and will bring you only joy and invincible health!

Let us enjoy this wonderful journey together in this magnificent school of Life!

~ Dr. Mariana Light