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My Armor (Gut. Brain. Immunity) 36 oz

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Restore your gut lining and gut microbiome, plus cancel out number of  harmful chemicals pesticides/herbicides like: Glyphosate, 2, 4-D, etc. and start protecting your body and your health with this amazing formula.

Helps with proper nutrient assimilation, which is a crucial step in assuring that your good quality health foods are actually utilized by your body.

* Gut Support
* Brain and Mental Health
* Immunity Support
* Anti-viral
* Trace Mineral Remineralization
* Gentle cellular detox daily
* Neutralize Glyphosate and 2,4-D daily

Serving Size: 1 teaspoon
Amount per Serving: 216

Ingredients: Plasma State of Humic/Fulvic Acid, Plasma State of over 92 minerals,  plasma state of amino acids.

Other ingredients: None

How we take: 1 teaspoon before every meal for best results daily, at least 3 times a day.

No refrigeration necessary. 

Did you know that most world's population has tested positive in having metabolites of Glyphosate, the notorious toxic chemical pesticide used on weeds in landscaping, and commercial agriculture, even in those that eat 100% Organic? We advocate eating 100% Organic and Beyond and all of our products are embracing that purity standard, and even though there are lower levels of metabolites of Glyphosate found in Organic food eaters, but yet still enough are found to do the damage to the Gut Lining, your brain and your immunity.

So by all means continue eating only Organic and Beyond Organic in Purity standards, and you will be father ahead in your health then those that don't, but you will still have to address the Gut Lining and canceling of the pesticides in your body, since they and their by products (often more toxic then a parent chemical) are in the Environment and must be addressed if you want your Optimum Health which is your birthright. 

Even if you did know something about Glyphosate issues this world is faced with, since it is starting to gain attention in the mainstream media, you may still not be familiar that there are many other toxic pesticides used in the landscaping, Hwy's and Roadside sprays, like 2, 4-D, Oust, etc. and you can find many of these toxins Factsheets here: ,which is the non biased independent research that was not funded by chemical industry.  Plus you should know that there are many other so called "inert" ingredients which happen to be toxic as well, and plus you may not know that these pesticides are very persistent in the environment, even up to 2 years after their application, depending upon many factors.

Why is this above information relevant and how does it connect to your health and My Armor Formula?

Because the exposure to Glyphosate (under brand name RoundUP, Total, etc.) and these other toxic pesticides can and was proven that it does damage your gut lining and even if you eat the healthiest foods on the planet, those food particles can escape through the damaged Gut Lining and turn into the damaging free radicals and toxins in your body and cause inflammation from which most of today's dis-eases are formed. 

There are many health formulas on the market that are springing up to help with the damaged gut lining and to help curb this problem, but the problem is that some, and not all are only focused on Glyphosate, and not on the other notorious and toxic pesticides, like 2, 4-D, which was a part of Agent Orange used in Vietnam War to defoliate and which has caused so many health issues, even decades after it was sprayed on innocent civilians.

Unfortunately, besides Glyphosate and 2, 4-D, there are many others on the market as weed killers, they are present in Weed and Feed, and are used in spraying of the sides of Hwy's, Roadsides, Agriculture, Landscaping, Forestry, and practically every aspect of mankind's wonder why everyone has some or major health limitations or issues, and no wonder why younger generation is coming up with so many diseases which where not known for older generations in earlier years of ones existence.   

With this challenge presented to our Team, we were successful in have combining several proven methods and Formulas in order to create one product that will address the chemistry of the many toxic chemicals used, and to not only repair and restore the inner Gut Lining, and therefore help with your Brain Health, which is closely related to your Gut's Health; plus to help invigorate your Immunity, but to also CANCEL A NUMBER OF THESE CANCER CAUSING POLLUTANTS.

No other Formula has ever focused on CANCELING THE NUMBER of these toxic chemicals and this is why we have created My Armor (Gut. Brain, Immunity).   

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