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Eagle Eye Night Therapy (1.22 oz)

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The night drops are used as a therapy before bed. They are designed to help with cataracts, various eye dis-eases, dry eyes, etc. They should not be used during the day time. 
*Designed for an overnight Eye Regeneration and Restoration.

Ingredients: Bio Active C60 in water soluble state H2 in plasma state, Certified Organic Castor Oil in plasma state. *plasma state-4th state of matter.
Directions: 2 drops in each eye right before sleep each night.
Your eyes will be a bit oily when you use them so they should be done as a last thing before you go to bed, so that when you close your eyes your vision is not obstructed either. In the morning just wash your eyes with the clean water, that's all.
Applications per container: 114