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15 Immunity Mushroom Extract and Pine Needles-Extract Powder (50 grams) (Certified Organic and Wildcrafted)

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We utilize the most advanced method of growing mushrooms on the Organic Medicinal Herb Mix instead of woodchips or logs for the prime medicinal effect and potency, and add Wildcrafted mushrooms from our Forest, too. 
Our advanced method of extraction is non alcoholic but mineral based, which makes our Extracts most effective medicinally. 
Health Benefits:
  • Immunity and Longevity.*
  • Anti Fungal.*
  • Brain and Memory Support.*
  • Good Mood Support.*
  • Endocrine Health.*
  • Energy Enhancer.*
  • Stamina Support.*
  • Strength and Endurance.*
  • Nervous System Support.*
  • Lung and Cardio Support.*
  • Respiratory Health.*
  • Weight Management.*
  • Anti-oxidant rich.*
  • Arthritis and Joint Health.*
  • Spike protein Antidote.*

Certified Organic Ingredients grown with Medicinal Herbs and Wildcrafted:

OG Reishi Polysaccarides Extract 30%, OG Reishi Broken Shell Extract, OG Chaga Extract, OG Cordyceps Militaris Extract, OG Lion’s Mane Extract, OG Agaricus Blazei Extract, OG Tremella Extract, OG Maitake Extract,OG Oyster Mushroom Extract, OG Shiitake Extract, OG Poria Cocos Extract, Wildcrafted Lepiota Procera Extract. Ganoderma oregonense Extract, Sparassis crispa Extract, Ganoderma applanatum Extract from a non-alcoholic method, and Pinus washoensis.

Other ingredients: None.

How to use:
Mix into Immunity Mushroom Lattes, Hot Chocolates, Herbal Teas, Smoothies, Soups, Drinks, Elixirs, Chocolates, Salad Dressings, Cereals, plant based milk, veggie and fruit juices, and how ever you like.

We ENJOY it every day and would not be a day without it!
Serving Size: 1/2 teaspoon
Serving per Size: 1200 mg
Size of container: 50 grams
Serving per Container: 40