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YES! Coconut Cream (NON FROZEN) 676 Fl.oz (5.28 Gallon) Certified Organic

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Total of 676 Fl. oz (5.28 Gallon)


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Free of Xantham Gum, Guar Gum and Carageenan, so everyone can enjoy! 


Makes a double amount (1352 oz) of YES! Immunity Yogurt! Recipe sent with the package.

Welcome to the yummiest, freshest, mildest and the best dairy alternative Certified Organic YES! Coconut Cream!

The only Certified Organic YES! Coconut Cream that has the mildest dairy like taste, (not coconut-y in flavor) free of all preservatives and gum thickeners and energetically harmonized via ARP Tech, which increases its Life Force.

Our Story:

Besides making unique natural health developments our team has been on a mission for many years to bring forth the most diverse plant based alternatives to dairy.

Our founder used to own her two pet milking cows as a hobby and loved to make the most delicious raw milk cheese, butter, yogurt, etc. She fed her girls best grasses, herbs, minerals, and the most incredible health supplements. These were the most pampered cows on the planet. She built the state of the art barn and multiple grazing pastures for her pets, and loved it all.

However, after so many years of consuming what would be thought of as the "correct type" cow's milk in its most healthiest raw state and from the heirloom Jersey cows, she had to face herself since her health was not better off then when she was on an all plant based lifestyle. As an integrative health professional she saw many health markers that pointed out that even the best dairy milk and its products had their toll on the vitality that she was after. Though so much has gone into it all and she loved every bit of it she made a firm decision to move on from consuming dairy in any form, since being devoted to her best health was the most important.

She went on a search to bring forth the most delicious dairy cream alternative so she can resume to making yogurt and cheese in a way that was not only healthier, but satisfying to her taste buds, since there was nothing on the market that could come close to the perfection she was after… Fast forward to now after many years later and she has found the answer for the most delicious cream suitable for all kinds of dairy like incredible plant based creations.

She has formulated and developed the most incredible multiple dairy like recipes, that you will not find anywhere else and which will be available in her Books and Courses. She will share the basic recipes with you here to get you started on your own creative journey, but you will definitely not want to miss her Courses to learn all of her secrets that she has been developing and perfecting since the year of 2011.

There's nothing like this! It is the only NEUTRAL TASTING COCONUT CREAM that is suitable for the use in so many recipes instead of dairy.

Are you ready to experience what we know is the most delicious Coconut Cream and plus create the most amazing healthy plant based dairy like delights that are sure to win all hearts? 

Produced via special tech that naturally makes its taste the freshest, mild and its texture most suitable for myriad of non dairy options in baking, cooking, in smoothies, sauces, creamy drinks, yogurts, soups, ice creams, puddings, non frozen and frozen delights which are healthy and out of this world delicious.

Note: This item ships separately from any of your other order items and only ships on Tuesdays of every week.


This is the freshest, most delicious, 24% Full Fat Coconut Cream suitable for making the best and healthiest plant based dairy alternatives like YES! Immunity Yogurt, Cheeses, Whip Cream, Butter, Puddings, Custards, Cream Cheese, Ice Creams, etc.

For every oz of YES! Coconut Cream you can make double of that of the YES! Immunity Yogurt! Recipe comes with the Cream.

How to work with YES! Coconut Cream.
When you purchase this Cream you will receive recipes on how to make delicious:
1. Immunity Yogurt
2. Shredable, Meltable Mozzarella Cheese
3. Whip Cream
4. Ice Cream
5. Pudding
6. Spreadable Butter
7. Frozen Fruit Milk Shakes and so much more...
Please be on a look out for Dr. Mariana's Recipe Book and Courses on the most incredible dairy like cheeses, and creations that you will not find anywhere else. Even businesses that are into making plant based dairy alternatives will want to learn from her! 

You will need to store it in a freezer.
Not enough frezer space? Then team up with your family and friends and divide it up so that you all get to enjoy this delight!

How about making your own plant based Butter, Cheeses, YES! Immunity Yogurt, Kefir, Milk or Milk Shakes that are actually healthy and full of Life Force?

We know you are going to LOVE it!

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