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YES! C60 Vanilla Soothing (6 oz) 99.99+% C60 Fullerene (2 mg per gram) 100% Solvent Free, Hydrogen H2 Reinforced

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This is the MOST DELICIOUS WAY to use our C60 daily! Reinforced with Hydrogen H2 for optimum health effects!*
Sweetened with Certified Organic Monk Fruit Extract.

For Research Use Only!
99.99+% C60 Fullerene 
2 mg per gram
100% Solvent Free!
72 day supply (at 0.5 tsp)
36 day supply (at 1 tsp)
Best time to take:
First thing in the morning, or any time in a day.
Before or after a workout (effects are felt right away).
Before any event needing athletic performance or sustained endurance.
Any time you need an emotional uplift or something to help sooth your soul. 
Made at YES Lab in USA.
Possible Health Benefits: 
(As experienced by our Team, our clients, several studies and clinical trials):
  • Incredible and prolonged Endurance*
  • Amazing Energy and Stamina*
  • Feeling of Happiness* 
  • Sustained Calmness*
  • Cellular metal detox*
  • Cellular pesticides detox*
  • Liver Support*
  • Heightened Immunity*
  • Better Sleep* 
  • Brain fog lift*
  • Radiation, EMF, ELF reduced sensitivity*
  • Better memory*
  • Better mood throughout the day*
  • Repopulation of gut's flora*
  • Gut's Lining Support and Repair*
  • Heart Health Support*
  • Feeling lighter and younger*
  • May prolong life span and slow down the aging process*
  • Suports over 300 biological functions* 
  • Super antioxidant action of the synergistic effect (over 100 times higher then any other antioxidant on its own)*
  • Anti-viral*
  • Emotional uplift and support*
  • Confidence support* 

 Ingredients: 99.99+% C60 Fullerene, Plasma State of Hydrogen, bio active Certified Organic  Coconut, subatomic Gold, natural Electrolytes (from  Certified  OG Coconut Water), Certified Organic Vanilla Beans, plasma state of Magnesium Orotate, plasma state of Magnesium L-Threonate, subatomic DHA/EPA Omega 3 (from micro algae), Probiotics, SBO, subatomic  Vitamin K2 Spectrum from MenaQ7® (from fermented chickpeas), plasma state of PectaSol-C® Modified 

Citrus Pectin, Certified Organic bio activated MCT Oil, Certified Organic Sunflower Lecithin, Cert. Organic Stone Ground Sprouted Cashew and Certified Organic Monk Fruit Extract.
Free of: Soy, Nuts, any and all artificial preservatives, Gluten, any and all animal products, BSE, Corn, Yeast, Lactose, Wheat, Pesticides.
Now we can enjoy taking our C60 in a whole new and soothing way with all the added benefits of other amazing and supporting ingredients!
Description of our process
We utilize the 99.99+% C60 Fullerene made at our own YES Lab here in USA at the higher then the "norm" levels at 2 mg per gram in this Formula. What is normally found on the market in oil is anywhere from 0.6mg-0.8 mg with percentage at anywhere from 99.50%- 99.95% with only one to two companies with 99.99% grade, that we saw.
With YES Lab's YES! C60 Vanilla Soothing Formula, now you can receive more then double the amount for deeper health effects, plus the highest and purest isolation form possible.* 
Each and every nutrient used to create this one of the kind Formula is carefully selected and sourced from the entrusted and many of them patented and purest nutraceuticals which are then bio activated through a natural and proprietary method of our ARP Tech. They all have their own incredible medicinal properties and an amazing synergy in combination with our C60 Fullerene for the maximum health effects. These nutraceuticals are used as supporting and reinforcing agents that do enhance the C60's biological action and vice verse.*
Most importantly our C60 Fullerene used in this formula is not produced with any Solvents, from beginning to the end of our process. 
This means that it was not mixed with any Toluene and therefore did not need to go through the chromatography process in order to separate it from other Fullerenes and amorphous, and therefore did not need to go through double baking and subliming to purify the solvent.
This makes it more of a pure C60 Fullerene; and actually we believe and have positively concluded that it is a much more powerful C60 in its heightened and enhanced cellular expression; especial through the additional ARP Tech's natural bio activation it has been shown to be a far more superior to the regular C60.
Enter the YES! Lab's C60 Vanilla Soothing to sooth your soul!
The BEST WAY to start, sustain or end your day!
You will never be the same!


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