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Peak Performance MINT CHOCOLATE (Mental Alertness) (120 ml) 4.07 oz

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Designed for the Peak Performance of your day filled with endless energy and mental alertness, soothing to your stomach, clearing to your sinuses, supportive for your immunity, skin clearing, nourishing to your nerves, invigorating to your senses, refreshing, so delicious and much more that you would always want to have it around and enjoy daily!

  • Mental Clarity Support.*
  • Energy Generating.*
  • Daily Peak Performance.*
  • Antioxidant Rich.*
  • Gut Health.*
  • Sinus Clearing.*
  • Peace Promoting.*
  • Endurance Support.*
  • Longevity Support.*
  • Cardio Support.*
  • EMF's and ELF's Protection.*
  • Antispasmodic to stomach.*
  • Congestion Blaster.*
  • Skin Beauty.*

Serving Size: 1 teaspoon
Serving per Container: 24 

Ingredients: OG Criollo Cacao,  OG Coconut, Monk Fruit, C60 WS Supreme, OG Truly Raw Almonds, Electrolytes, NMN, NAD+, Silica, Magnesium Orotate+, Plasma of Gold, 16 Probiotics, B Complex, Gamma-tocotrienol, Certified Organic Peppermint, Soothing Frequencies, and Love. 


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