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The HARMONIZER Pendant (Limited Edition Item)

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Dear ones, 

We have finally reached the LIMITED NUMBER that we wanted this amazing pendant to go to. We are no longer offering this powerful product.

We thank all of you lucky ones that own this amazing health tool! You know who you are!

The HARMONIZER Pendant carries concentration of the subatomic particles of 24K Gold and Resonance of Diamond and Platinum Healing Qualities.

This health tool has brought an incredible and life changing Wellness to all who  have been enjoying it since the year of 2015.

It takes couple of weeks to make this item.

This Pendant has changed so many lives for the better, including our own on all levels: physical (endless energy, metabolism rebalancing, mental clarity, protection from the pathogenic expression in thyroid, thymus gland, etc.-truly we can go on and on), as well as on our mental, emotional and consciousness level.

This is the most powerful tool one can wear for EMF, and electro smog protection  ever created!

We have now reached a max number that was to be offered as a Limited Edition, since to make it is very, very involved, and the price does not even do it justice for what it takes. Most people do not know what was even offered them here and the powerful tool that this is.

We know that those that were meant to own it are very lucky individuals, indeed.


It is very manageable to wear and the size is 1 1/4'' width, and 1 1/2'' height. 







In the above photo Youth Eternal Supreme's Founder Mariana is wearing her ARP Tech Gear and the HARMONIZER, and showing her own Bottle of Health

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