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H2 C60 Golden Crystal Cap, 1 oz Glass Bottle

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600 drops per 1 oz Bottle. 

Used applied on the top and back of the head for Brain Detox, Activation, Clearing, Awakening and Invincible Protection from the projected negative physic forces and discordant energies coming from the accumulated collective mental and feeling world of mankind, including inharmonious EMF's, ELF's, and other destructive technologies. Little goes a long way. Forms an Energetic Shield, like a Cap, when applied as described below.

Use: Rub in 1 drop on Top of the head, 1 drop on the Back of the head, at the center of the base of the head, 1 drop above the right ear, 1 drop above the left ear, daily. This forms an energetic Christ Cross that goes through the brain structure, raising its vibratory action and giving it energetic protection. Then the Resonant Field expands and is connected into what may resemble a Cap, so therefore its name, Golden Crystal Cap. 

Ingredients: 24K Gold Plasma, Frankincense and Myrrh Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in Plasma State, Hydrogen in Plasma State, Bio Activated C60, permanent Custom Jesus the Christ Frequencies.  

Free of: all animal products, GMO's, preservatives, additives, and anything synthetic. 100% Natural and Beyond Organic standards of Purity. 

Supply when used as above: 149 days.

More description coming soon.

Thank you for your patience.