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Fountain of Health™ SPA (Hydrogen H2 Medicinal Gas Transdermal Therapy)

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Now you can enjoy infusing your body with even more Hydrogen H2 Medicinal Gas through the Hydrogen Transdermal Therapy in combination with the ARP Tech's Plasma Therapy via our state of an art Fountain of Health™ Hydrogen H2 SPA. 

Click here to find all the Peer Reviewed Medical Studies on the Health Benefits of the Hydrogen H2 Gas Medicine.

Simply submerge the fully charged Fountain of Health™ SPA into your bath, press the button and by only 15 minutes of its use, generate the Hydrogen Medicinal Gas in its Therapeutic Levels of 1600 ppb Concentration. Enjoy the Hydrogen Therapeutic Bath at the comfort of your home, releasing the Resonant Plasma Charged Hydrogen H2 Bubbles, while your body absorbs its deeply soothing, relaxing and healing benefits.

Enjoy the daily Hydrogen Therapy Facials at the comfort of your home by submerging your Fountain of Health™  SPA into the FOH SPA Vessel (provided) and generating the most rejuvenating Plasmatic Hydrogen H2 Bubbles on an instant, applying it externally on your face and body for the wonderful face refreshment, silky skin softening and rejuvenating effects in its purifying and youthing qualities, while you absorb more of its health properties into your bloodstream.

Regular daily application of Hydrogen H2 Transdermal Skin Therapy and whole body rejuvenation has shown to:

  • Lighten skin age or sun spots
  • Revitalize skin elasticity
  • Lighten wrinkles
  • Tighten facial skin
  • Rejuvenate soar muscles
  • Joints, ligaments and tendons support
  • Reduce pain
  • Stimulate the collagen production
  • Soften the skin
  • Help in wound healing
  • Help ease the skin burn
  • Speed up scar tissue healing
  • Dermatitis support
  • Psoriasis support
  • Eczema support
  • Ease the eye tension when applied topically on the face
  • Hair softening, hair growth and volume when applied daily

For additional benefits and taking years off of your face skin use our incredible, Therapeutic Hydrogen H2 rich Skin Care: Golden Radiance Face Cream, which has all the benefits of the Active Hydrogen H2 for skin's health and much more.

You can place your Fountain of Health™ SPA into a special foot soak vessel filled with warm water for a whole body rejuvenating and purifying foot soak. Feet have all the bodily reflexology points that are very important in corresponding to the whole body system, and since Plasmatically Charged Hydrogen H2 enriched water can penetrate deep into those cells and crucial trigger points it will quickly invigorate and rejuvenate your entire body.

Hydrogen H2 Therapy Baths are wonderful for supporting muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. Due to the small nano particles of the Medicinal Hydrogen H2 Gas generated via your Fountain of Health™ SPA, you will  recover much quicker from any sport injuries, or any daily vigorous sports training and muscle strain. Just simply submerge your FOH SPA into your bath after your strenuous workouts, long day at work, or if you simply want to relax and enjoy the quick acting revitalizing, calming and energizing Hydrogen H2 Health Bath's benefits, like no other.

Hydrogen H2 Medicinal Gas Therapy is a crucial part of everyone's health regime, daily!

Make it your number one priority to enjoy all of our H2 Hydrogen Therapy Products. It is the most important Health Assurance and Insurance you can Gift to yourself and your loved ones daily!

You can also use our on demand Fountain of Health™ Counter Top Hydrogen H2 Water Generator and generate 33 oz. (976 ml) of the Plasmatic Hydrogen H2 Water in only 50 seconds for up to 1200 ppb concentration! 

This is the reason why we refuse to offer ANY Hydrogen Tablets, Pills and Powders! The reason for this is that we offer you the best Hydrogen Therapeutic Level Generators and the most efficient technology that can save you and your family tens of thousands of dollars, by not having to purchase the H2 Hydrogen Tablets, Pills and Powder, since you can generate your own high Therapeutic Levels of Hydrogen H2 Water at the comfort of your home from any of our Units for many years to come. We recommend that you solely drink the Hydrogen Water generated from our On Demand Fountain of Health™ Counter Top Unit (takes only 60 seconds to generate the 33 oz of water at up to 1200 ppb Therapeutic Hydrogen H2 Concentration Levesl), or our Health Fountain™ Portable Unit (takes only 3 minutes to generate up to 1200 ppb Therapeutic Levesl, depending upon your water and the Bottle you use). Our Breath of Health™ Units, can saturate your blood stream with the incredible amounts of the Therapeutic Levels of the Hydrogen Gas via breathing or drinking water, etc. that no Hydrogen Pills or Tablets will ever do!

Use our Portable Health Fountain™ on the go and while traveling to assure you are never without infusing your body with the Therapeutic Effects of the Hydrogen's Antioxidant, Anti Aging and profoundly Healing Properties. Use our Hydrogen Active Golden Radiance Skin Line and Infuse yourself with this incredible Medicinal Gas, while taking years off of your face!

You can never overdose on this Medicinal Gas! We solely drink H2 Water from our H2 Hydrogen Generating Fountains and use all of our H2 Units every day! We would never drink any other water, but H2 Water! Why drink any other water and not get the 100% Hydration on the Cellular Level which is necessary for the optimum health of every single bodily organ, and every single bodily function that can benefit greatly from the H2 Therapeutic Properties? It feels so good to offer you the most effective technological developments in the world, that can literally change your life and your world when it comes to achieving the deepest health effects from the Hydrogen H2 Gas Therapy through the most advanced and the most effective devices period!

There are over 600 peer reviewed medical studies on the endless benefits of the H2 Hydrogen Gas. The Molecular Hydrogen Foundation is the good source of scientific studies and the latest updates on the data. Of course there are always payed critics, already in place since it is not in their own money pocket interest that something so simple, so great, and so easily available to use daily can eliminate so many number of diseases.

Here are just some of the scientifically proven benefits of the H2 Hydrogen Therapy via drinking and inhaling the high Therapeutic Levels daily:

  • Helps TRULY Alkalize the Ph of the blood (unlike the Ionizing Alkaline Water Systems that cost 5 times as much, but actually do not cause the change in your blood's Ph, despite the hype! Trust us, we spent long years of testing and research on this subject and a large investment over the course of twenty years, so we know what we are saying).
  • Selectively removes the harmful disease-causing free radicals
  • Provides the body with more energy as H2 fuels its ATP engine that powers every cell in the body
  • Maintains the homeostatic levels of our body’s own antioxidants
  • Improves cellular function and health 
  • Protects and rejuvenates our DNA for its cell signaling, cell metabolism and gene expression
  • Anti-inflammatory/anti-pain (silent killer that causes many chronic diseases)
  • Modulates Th1 and Th2 cytokines to reduce inflammation and pain
  • Detoxifies cells by converting the harmful hydroxyl radicals in your body into water
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Enhances nutrient absorption and digestion
  • Helps burn excess fat
  • Improves muscle and joint function
  • Reduces and prevents the constipation
  • Aids in lowering the bad cholesterol
  • Improves hormonal and overall metabolic function
  • Aids in workout and injury recovery
  • Lubricates the joints and muscles
  • Improves skin’s health, elasticity and hydration (see our H2 Skin Care here)
  • Properly Hydrates all bodily cells
  • Crosses the blood brain barrier with its Antioxidant and Rejuvenating Action 
  • Improves memory and keeps the mind alert
  • Used for cancer adjacent treatment erasing the harmful radiation side effects
  • Reverses and slows down aging
  • Anti-obesity and anti-diabetes
  • Boosts, protects and regulates the immune system
  • Prevents and reduces cancers 
  • Enhances athletic performance by reducing lactic acid and increasing energy
  • Helps normalize the blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, in cases where toxic chemicals, and or heavy metals, or wrong diet are the culprit of the unbalances (otherwise, it is important to combine our PIL Magnesium and PIL Potassium, if the deficiency in these important Minerals are the cause)
  • Reduces lymphocyte proliferation and over excretion of the antibodies in the so called autoimmune conditions (all autoimmune conditions are just body's over toxicity , caused by synthetic chemical, heavy metals, EMF, ELF pollution, etc., and therefore chronic inflammation, easily re balanced with Hydrogen H2 Water, correct diet and remineralization)
  • Support and strengthens the Nervous System 
  • Healing and Peaceful to the Emotional State of Being due to the ARP Tech 24k Gold's Plasmatic Fields charged into the Hydrogen H2 Water